Beautiful hill top Lombok

Beautiful hill top Lombok
Recently a wall has been built on which there is a BATU IDUNG leter

There is an asphalt road entering which still uses simple asphalt violence, there is a simple stall at the edge of the irrigation water flow with a 3 meter wide concrete bridge, where you can ask the location of the Batu Idung hill.

Approximately 700 meters into the village settlement on the edge Our rice fields must stop if we use four-wheeled vehicles, then you have to walk through the concrete rebate road which is only 1.5 meters wide with a slope of 35 degrees.

If we use a motorcycle we can go up to the parking lot provided above near the location Batu Idung then to go to location which we mean to walk 200 meters up a little to the north until we arrive at the location there are 2 large gazebos where visitors sit resting also there are cold drink merchants and light cakes of bread and so on only 20 meters from the top of a nose-like stone, which is the core of the object we are going to visit.

Beautiful hill top Lombok
It appears the silhouette of Mount Rinjani in the Northeast and will be even clearer when the sky is clear

Besides being able to see the charm of the hills on the southwestern side of the island of Lombok and the green expanse of rice fields below the foothills that are squared squarely in a square.

There is also the city of Mataram with the Lombok “Land Mark” in the form of an Islamic Center Mosque building or the “Hubbul Wathan” mosque which is located at the Udayana crossing to the north, Erlangga Road to the south, Pejanggik road to the east and Langko road to the west, almost closed with a hillside in the vicinity of Gerung sub-district.

Even Mount Agung is not To be defeated, it seems that his arrogance from the next island (Bali) seems to challenge the pride of Mount Rinjani on the mainland of the island of Lombok, especially when the sky is clear, Mount Agung is clearly visible with thick gray silhouettes.

This amazing charm Beautiful hill top Lombok can be felt at sunrise or at sunset, for those who like photography I recommend it, for this location it is also often used by sports fans a kite, besides that some national television had come to cover this location.