Beautiful hill top Lombok

Batu Idung

Beautiful hill top Lombok Batu Idung tourism park can be said to be not too well known by the people of Mataram or Lombok people in general, it is not even well known by some tourism actors in Lombok, I myself really idolize this place because there are many things that can be served right from above Batu Idung hill which is included in the West Lombok regency and not far from the West Lombok regent’s office.

Beautiful hill top Lombok Location

About 5 km to the west which is included in the Gerung Twin District village area. The location of this location has no sign from the highway or from the main road to the port of Sheet from the direction of the city of Mataram, so from the intersection not far from the West Lombok regent office about 2 km take the route to the port of Pelabuhan that connects the ferry crossing to Bali Island.

Beautiful hill top Lombok
Recently a wall has been built on which there is a BATU IDUNG leter

There is an asphalt road entering which still uses simple asphalt violence, there is a simple stall at the edge of the irrigation water flow with a 3 meter wide concrete bridge, where you can ask the location of the Batu Idung hill.

Approximately 700 meters into the village settlement on the edge Our rice fields must stop if we use four-wheeled vehicles, then you have to walk through the concrete rebate road which is only 1.5 meters wide with a slope of 35 degrees.

If we use a motorcycle we can go up to the parking lot provided above near the location Batu Idung then to go to location which we mean to walk 200 meters up a little to the north until we arrive at the location there are 2 large gazebos where visitors sit resting also there are cold drink merchants and light cakes of bread and so on only 20 meters from the top of a nose-like stone, which is the core of the object we are going to visit.

Beautiful hill top Lombok
It appears the silhouette of Mount Rinjani in the Northeast and will be even clearer when the sky is clear

Besides being able to see the charm of the hills on the southwestern side of the island of Lombok and the green expanse of rice fields below the foothills that are squared squarely in a square.

There is also the city of Mataram with the Lombok “Land Mark” in the form of an Islamic Center Mosque building or the “Hubbul Wathan” mosque which is located at the Udayana crossing to the north, Erlangga Road to the south, Pejanggik road to the east and Langko road to the west, almost closed with a hillside in the vicinity of Gerung sub-district.

Even Mount Agung is not To be defeated, it seems that his arrogance from the next island (Bali) seems to challenge the pride of Mount Rinjani on the mainland of the island of Lombok, especially when the sky is clear, Mount Agung is clearly visible with thick gray silhouettes.

This amazing charm Beautiful hill top Lombok can be felt at sunrise or at sunset, for those who like photography I recommend it, for this location it is also often used by sports fans a kite, besides that some national television had come to cover this location.

Batu Idung top
A cool place to relax while waiting for the sunset

Not only that, the port of Ferry (Lembar) that connects the islands of Bali and Lombok appears to lurk our existence on the hill of Batu Idung, seen ferry boats line irregularly anchored in the bay of Lembar.

Beautiful hill top batu idung Lombok views

The coastline that limits the blue sea and green the rice fields, in the back there are still villages that look as if they are led by a mosque dome, far from the other side there are 3 tourist destinations: Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong and Gili Sudak seem jealous because they feel they will be rivaled by Batu Idung hill tourism, if being in this location all the moments we want to try for us to visit Batu Idung hill because a certain time will bring its own hue if we are in this location.

Beautiful hill top Lombok
Those who have land privately spend funds to make a location for taking pictures because those who have land sell on location

MTB bike lovers at least want to miss this location because the sensation of climbing to this location is very challenging but very many fail to ride bicycles to the location of the parking lot because the incline is very extreme or too sharp and very long, mostly they carry bicycles to the parking location but for bicycles it is not difficult for us to take them to the Batu Idung location because it is very good for us to be a symbol of conquest.

It’s really rude if I have to tell this place because I realize the traveler will be very hearty when reading news about this location because the brain is not able to record a story of a beautiful place because it must immediately invite the eyes to treat it, let’s come to the Batu Idung hill especially the townspeople Mataram because this location is not too far just 20 km from the heart of Mataram. The lane is not too difficult.

You just have to follow the main line to Lembar Harbor, it is ideal to come by motorbike and just walk 200 meters to the location of the parking lot, 400 meters from the asphalt road to the motorbike parking lot and certainly cars are not allowed to go up to parking location.

The latest information besides having to pay for parking at the Batu Idung location will be charged an entrance ticket of Rp 2,000 / person. so you have to pay for parking and the entrance ticket.

Sunset point Batu Idung
Those who have land privately spend funds to make a location for taking pictures because those who have land sell on location

The latest information on the location of the Idung rock hill has changed a lot with the nameplate WELCOME by using the image that I uploaded on this blog, there are several meters of BUKIT BATU IDUNG on location and there is a swing on it that reads BATU IDUNG SUNSET of course on the west side of the hill this, curious? I am also curious to see the current situation at any time.

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