Mekaki Beach in Sekotong

If we call Mekaki beach to anyone even though they are Lombok people they might be a little surprised. Well that’s how it might be, maybe while staring blankly or while twitching your forehead especially if they are a travel driver, or maybe someone knows it too but I’m sure it’s not too much, but if you happen to meet me surely then you are lucky because the location I’ve visited this often and can tell a lot about this location.

Gili Gede is very close to Tembowong beach

To go to Mekaki Bay beach, the most popular word is Sekotong Beach, Sekotong is divided into 3 regions, namely: East Sekotong, Middle Sekotong¬† and West Sekotong. Mekaki bay beach is included in the West Sekotong sub-district, if we compare Lombok to the shape of an octopus, the northern part is the octopus head and the southern part is the octopus’s foot, the Mekaki bay is located at the western end with the sub-district named Customer.

It appears Gili Gede, Gili Rengit, Gili Layar, Gili Asahan

The location of the city of Pelangan or may not be feasible for the city but, the location of the market and the crowd is in Pelangan, not far from the center of Pelangan there is a traditional gold mine in Tembowong hamlet, Kedaro hamlet and there are also those located not far from the Mekaki bay.

Tembowong has a ferry port to some of the surrounding dyke including crossings to: Gili Gede, Gili Rengit, Gili Layar and Gili Asahan. The most regular boat transportation to Gili Gede is because there is a group of people while the other Gili can be considered uninhabited even though on Gili Layar there is a bungalow.

Along the way, you will be presented with a beautiful white sandy beach

At the intersection of Pelangan there are two lanes in the middle of the junction, to the right towards the beach of Bangko-Bangko 25 km and to the left towards the bay coast of Mekaki, in the middle of the intersection is marked by a statue of a farmer and fisherman monument.

When heading to the coast of the Mekaki bay the asphalt road is very supporting although there are some at the end of the village there are roads damaged by rain scouring because many road drying channels are clogged by material landslides, from the junction to the coast of the bay of Mekaki a bit of Balinese nuance because there are some villages that embrace Hinduism originating from Bali there may be immigrants at the time first because the mainland part of the island of Bali is very close to the tip of the mainland of Lombok in this part of the island, especially Nusa Penida in Bali is very clearly visible from the west end of the mainland of Lombok island from Pemalikan desert point near Bangko-Bangko.

Along the way, you will be presented with a beautiful white sandy beach

Access to Mekaki beach from Mataram city in the direction of the port of Lembar, which is the Ferry port that accesses the island of Bali, the port of Padang Bai with a 4-hour crossing. From the city of Mataram to the port of Sheet approximately 25 km, before entering the port area there are road signs with arrows bearing the name Sekotong.

The road body is quite adequate with hot mix asphalt, until after 2 km entry there are 2 choice lines, namely if we choose our fast can access through the Gerepek Gorge, there are three sharp turns so that we can be at an altitude of about 100 above sea level because this path crosses the hill or the term cut the compass, the distance is very significant if the path is over 3 km and if it passes under 8 km.

The choppy Sekotong beach is very calm

If not in a hurry, usually I always choose the bottom lane because I like the panoramic view of the coast, even though it is far away but I enjoy it, the road turns around the Sheet bay while looking at dozens of Ferry parking spaces sporadically, seen also by fishermen cages, the most striking in coastal areas, namely mangroves, there are also places for food stall tents for visitors on the beach which are deliberately made in such a way by the West Lombok district government. This area is included in Middle Sekotong sub-district until later it meets with the line via Gerepek Gorge, turn right until later you will get another intersection if you turn left will go to East Sekotong sub-district and if you turn right it will go to West Sekotong.

Gili Penyu and tanjung Elak-elak from the top of the Kedaro hill are also seen as Gili Lontar covered in Gili Turtle and half of Mount Agung in Bali will be seen in clear weather.

After turning right we will cross several villages including crossing Batu Kijuk village, from here there are 2 famous Gili island, namely Gili Sudak the far right and Gili Tangkong while Gili Nanggu does not appear to be covered by Gili Tangkong because it also only Gili Tangkong has a hill.

After arriving at Tawun village there is a ferry port to 3 dyke with a travel time of only 10 minutes to Gili Nanggu and the rest of the island is certainly longer, then the Gili Genting village is located at the Department of Marine Cultivation. Marine and Fisheries. Along the way across the white sandy beach from Batu Kijuk to Pelanagan village you can also have lunch on the beach as a culinary feature of west Sekotong.

Before arriving at Mekaki bay we will be faced with quite steep asphalt roads

If we have arrived at Pelangan it means that our journey is 60 km if we depart from the city of Mataram, then we turn left towards Mekaki beach as far as 10 km, before arriving at the coast of the bay of Mekaki we can see from above the height covered by a thick coconut tree with the road is very steep, the coconut groves are a plan for the construction of hotel resorts, there are already portals and some buildings that are not maintained, these conditions have long been neglected, the development has not been continued because there are still cases of land disputes with residents.

The left side of Mekaki bay

At that time a travel driver friend who had visited the beach location with 2 tourists was suddenly surrounded by a crowd of people from the surrounding village with convoy using motorbikes shouting loudly “Burning Burns … Apparently they misunderstood after coming to interrogate my friend, they thought that came was Mr. Bambang a land broker, the trust of investors who bought the land, finally someone told my friend that Mr. Bambang who was meant was a person who ran away the money paid for land while the investor had handed over the mandate to Mr. Bambang Until now the construction of this hotel cannot be continued, aka it has been sheltered for decades.

Mekaki maraton 2017

Maybe we don’t need to intervene too far about the land dispute, we just focus on the tourism, yes, the Mekaki bay has a beach which is a big bay with white sand, if the wind season here looks very fierce, I don’t recommend bathing in This beach is because if your big waves can be rolled up the waves while the beach has rocks that will threaten your knee when dragged by waves, not just white, this sand contains a variety of coral colors that crashed to the shore.

Mekaki has now begun to look at the evidence with the national level Mekaki marathon event held in 2017 which is sponsored by BRI bank with the aim of promoting West Sekotong tourism which is supported by the West Lombok district government, some participants coming from outside the region including also enlivened by attendees which is sine-tron artist.

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