Custom & Culture

Culture in Lombok is very visibly influenced by the culture of Bali when viewed from traditional clothes that use kebaya, the sound of gamelan music that almost sounds the same, traditional dances that are liuk-liuk and the beat are similar to Balinese dance utterances which are considered subtle by using uptake language from language language that is considered to be a fine language in Bali. Culture in Lombok which is not a culture of absorption from outside cultures, namely, Lebaran Topat, Rebo Bontong, Mulut, Merarik, Belangar, Midang.


After fasting a month in the month of Ramadan, the sasak Muslims or Muslims in Lombok partially after a week of Eid al-Fitr festivities, some do the sunnah fast for a week now during the week after the Eid al-Fitr celebration, Muslims in Lombok hold another Eid which is popularly called lebaran topat or Lebaran Ketupat every family head is almost practically obliged to celebrate Lebaran Ketupat.

Usually the preparation of ketupat one day before had been prepared including making side dishes for ketupat in the form of vegetable ointments and there was usually just a chicken slaughtered for an additional opor side dish for additional sauce for the ointment served with ketupat usually ketupat eaten for breakfast which was thought to at 8 o’clock in the morning after that people in Lombok usually take a trip that usually goes to distant relatives or to the beach to spend the day until evening.

Celebration of Eid al-Fitr is very crowded, more crowded than Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations, people are flocking to places of tourism in Lombok so that the local government is very concerned about this Ketupat Eid activity by holding music concerts in public places attended by community leaders and regional officials to the moment of Lebaran Ketupat police officers have been prepared to guard the traffic.

The possibility of congestion in mama-where especially in the Senggigi area for this matter we need to remind you that if you are in the Senggigi area you should be aware if you have a flight on Lebaran Ketupat day, usually my experience as a guide in a guest travel agent guest room who has a flight during the day around 12 noon before 7 o’clock in the morning we were midfielders to the airport to avoid congestion which was really jammed.

Activities carried out by visitors are limited to convoys using private vehicles, open trucks usually come from remote villages but the most dominating is that motorbike riders can imagine if you drive 500 meters for an hour, most visitors also bathing at the beach, canoeing, hiring buoys that are used to tires in four-wheeled vehicles.

Various impromptu street vendors also flooded the beach area, rubbish trash scattered everywhere this activity usually ends until around 8 pm the people who come to Senggigi beach come from all over Lombok island there are also people who live in Mataram city they are more choose to go further places like to Kuta beach, Selong Belanak beach, Pink beach and others.


The current term Rebo bontong is not too transparent for foreigners to celebrate not in the past. Rebo means Wednesday, bontong means buntung yang which means in celebrating the last Wednesday before entering Ramadan because next Wednesday people will fast so Today is usually celebrated as Lebaran is topat but not too popular and not too transparent when people celebrate it.


What is meant by the mouth here is not the mouth of the body that we use to digest food or what we use to talk but mouth to mention the people of the Lombok Sasak tribe Mouth = Maulid Prophet Muhammad. SAW a birthday celebration for the birth of the great prophet Muhammad SAW which was celebrated by the Sasak people in a massive manner in almost all places throughout Lombok.

The month of Mouth in Lombok for a month will feel the feel of the celebration because the celebration of the Mouth is not celebrated simultaneously with the village – a different village for one month, the month the mouth falls in the month of Rabiul Awal (Hijri calendar) is also often termed the month of nutrition improvement by Sasak tribe people.

During the celebration Mouth food and fruits will be very abundant during the Mouth at the mosque , one family will be happy to bring 3 meals a day, the first bone is the Trash or a breakfast tray in the form of various types of cakes in one tray.

The second period of invited guests will come to the midday prayers after the Dhuhr prayer guests will be served with a luncheon consisting of luxurious food filled with chicken meat, beef which is processed with various variations of dulang even spices if left over can be brought home for families of invited guests.

But the irony on the side of the invited guests is religious leaders and anyone who has carried out the pilgrimage to Mecca, which means that this is a group of economically capable people while the poor who have never been pilgrimage only as host and never invited to the maulid celebration by a neighboring village.

Once finished serving the luncheon, the guests will go home and must return to the mosque to pray Ashar after that there will be more dulang penamat or finish dulang or the last trays consisting of a pile of various kinds of fruits: pineapple, apple, banana, jackfruit, guava and will be stuck on the fruit on it paper money as an addition to some people who donate culinary to the guests of the mosque which value from each bone will be valued by the committee who is the most luxurious and precious decoration and trunk will be a pride to be given to the honored guests at that time.

Likewise, it will continue with other villages to invite each other on the contrary with the same treatment, the honored guest here who is the first speaker, the mosque head, the village head and the RT heads from another village, is very wrong in the mouth which is the most it’s important that it’s about the affairs of the mouth. This celebration will not reach there the event will last for one week. Parade or carnival around the village, jurakan or pinang climbing, kepeng kepok or bite the coins inserted in a breadfruit that has been given soot so that the participants who take part in this money between the mouth and nose turn black.

Then the last acra that is ” rebak jangkih ” rebak means to lay down Jangkih means that the stove to cook this term is the end for the maulid celebration, this event is in dire need of very large funds so people have to pay annual debt.

Not just that for his son who happened to be sunatan had to be paraded with ‘Peraje’ which was a replica of an object made with paper and then paraded to the road accompanied by a gamelan orchestra until now it had deviated because the craftsmen were also carried or scrambled by young people who were drunk again liquor really forgets the meaning that is celebrated strange indeed.


Midang in sasak language means ngapel or wakuncar (when we visit our girlfriends we realize that times will change over time which will affect civilization over time as well as ethics and codes of conduct will be influenced by demands, circumstances, conditions and environment, I will discuss fundamentally about the matter of Midang to date how far has the shift in ethical change developed in Lombok. Basically the culture of Midang in Lombok to my knowledge in the sense of the word I will not discuss Midang before I was born.

Approximately around the 1980s, the Midang or Ngapel people in Lombok were classified as unique because for anyone who could come to the girl’s house or be a widow for Midang, would the reader be confused by this sentence? Midang in Lombok in the 1980s may be for anyone who wants to ngapel by means of a queue to be able to talk to a woman who is estimated by the procedure of the girl sitting in the living room.

Men can enter anyone from a crush on the girl to later become a wife but with full take turns with the men who have been waiting in the girl’s home page by giving the first priority to enter talking to the girl if someone grabs ahead of the person who comes earlier then is ready that night there will be a fight.

Anyone who gives a gift to a girl who is being hospitalized or who is given a gift may be allowed to pay attention so that later she can be chosen and the gift in the form of bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and most especially the watch, so when That person can see the girl using 2 or 3 watches in her hand.

The sign of a quality girl, or in other words, the girl who is much estimated by a rich man who comes to his house and is a pride for the Lombok girl, again we discuss Midang about the procedure of taking turns Entering the living room by sitting cross-legged and the girl in the sitting sitting far away in the corner of the living room.

The standard should not change cross-legged positions – if the foot feels like it’s tingling then the other turn comes in, there’s no such thing as Midang again heard to the corners at this time.

In other parts of Lombok, there is a more unique way that a girl sells food and drinks and there will come a young man – to shop later among young people who come to shop must show their identity by shopping and wasting their lessons so that the girl knows that the man have a crush on a lot of money even some weird and funny things that destroy all the sales by breaking and destroying all the merchandise of the girl.

With the intention of showing her identity that she is able to pay for all the things that are destroyed and she will get a confession from the girl that she is a poor person worthy to be chosen and such behavior is considered great for its competitors does not mean that other men should be offended.

That kind of thing all if done at this time will surely be a laughing stock only what is considered taboo and not to be done at that time, holding hands including shaking hands or wanting to hold it carelessly can be a problem with a large family of women because the Assembly in Lombok is like people watching TV on many open places are coming and anyone can come to Midang if they are ready to wait in line for their turn and how to get married we discuss it in the session of pulling or mating.

As time shifted in 1985 a girl could be approached by playing letters with the matchmaker intermediary shifting for another 5 years the girl could be invited to walk – but not until evening and if it passed from 10pm the family would not accept her child to go home to the house and man or the boyfriend must be responsible for marrying the girl because he is considered to have been stained.

Shifting for another 5 years the girl can ride on a motorcycle, move 5 more years there are married hamdan (pregnant first) and until now there are dating to 5 – 10 years but have not been woven into marriage ties until now the Lombok people are more obsessed with getting a good career and have just dealt with the issue of courtship, everything I have revealed is only a vivid description or not absolute for the entire Lombok community.


In the language of Sasak or Lombok, it is defined as marriage, which in national rules is very contradictory but traditionally considered normal and regarded as local wisdom because in the culture of Lombok society the process of being kidnapped is considered part of a cultural tradition that can be accepted by all layers. Lombok sasak people or maybe in other areas this is considered very taboo.

Shameful or disgraceful that brings shame to family members, because the process of kidnapping or fleeing this girl for people outside the Lombok sasak tribe will assume that this girl has pregnant because in the tradition of pregnancy outside of marriage is a sin that violates the norms of custom and religion of Islam.

Bridge Nyongkolan (parade)

The process of marriage by kidnapping is actually based on liking among those who want to stretch or mate but why does the young man not immediately come to apply to the girl’s parents even though the parents of the girl already know who their children relate to even people old does not know at all with whom his daughter is related or dating then suddenly his child does not go home after passing from 10 o’clock at night usually it has been concluded that this child was taken away to marry and contradict the reaction of a dazed family to ensure the departure of his child.

Usually tomorrow morning or noon there will come with traditional clothes to greet the news or called their “Selabar” which usually consists of Kadus or hamlet heads, uncles or close relatives of the man to convey the news or the news that his daughter is already in his family for the purpose of pulling or mating and for the next thing there will be a second period for as soon as possible to come to convey “pesuke”

Or the origin of the word “like” which is intended to discuss “surrender” or interpreted as “submission” which in this process will discuss costs marriages in Lombok custom all the costs of marriage will be delegated to the bridegroom usually regarding this surrender will be adjusted to the level of social status.

Then what if the men cannot fulfill the request from the women’s family? There will be negotiations until the woman’s family agrees, but what if there is no agreement until many times have come for negotiations ?

well, this is the worst of this process, although it is rare but sometimes it has to happen until the girl is considered to be thrown away by the family and the marriage will be resolved through the judge’s guardian.

Because a girl who has been taken away is very abstinence to be brought back to the family because it is considered tarnished in the eye this community and risk will have a negative impact on the image of a girl like this even the image is lower than that of a widow.

Talking about the process from the worst of the “Selabar” agreement, namely talking about the technical implementation of the wedding date, “Nyongkolan” or the marital custom march process paraded on the highway using traditional Sasak clothes accompanied by traditional music and “begawe” or event parties marriage.

The nuance of this event depends on social status if the married one is the child of the sodagar rice with the child from the sodagar sapi, of course, it will look luxurious and lively, but if the married child of the farm laborer with the child mason will adjust the budget quite even if very unable to do enough just with the Ijab Kabul program with a makeshift dish.

Speaking of other things about the ways in which the marriage process was actually recognized and felt that this method was very lagging behind because of the many bad effects of maintaining bad things so many young couples whose marriages were very short because the foundation of the marriage that preceded the previous getting to know each other to cause a lot of divorce.

This has been recognized divorce rates in Lombok are very fantastic when compared to other regions, besides that most of the bride and groom are less materially prepared, even though the man never wants to bother Regarding the preparation to take a household life.

Even a penny does not have them, they have the courage to take the risk to marry and for their fees, they rely on family contributions, especially parents, including the decision to marry using this method. the back doesn’t have a fee.

The next process after the Nyongkolan event is “Bejango” which means visiting the female family for the purpose of knowing each other among the closest relatives of the bride and groom, usually the bejango process takes place after the most late a week at 8:00 a.m.

With simple dressing and neat, usually the woman wears a hooded dress and a simple groom with a shirt and uses a cap or skull cap. Likewise, from the women’s family, they have prepared their daughter’s arrival to go home at that time and after that, when else to meet parents, sodara and family because the bride is fully owned by the male family and the possibility of returning at some time certain.

As for the way that has shifted to follow the influence of the era that is not backward again that is by following the ways – people in general or we can say the national way by applying after the two families together – blessing to see their children continue to the marriage.

This applies to intellectuals of Lombok people who firstly (those who want to get married) prepare themselves financially and prioritize future views after undergoing household ark, they usually first prepare themselves by getting a job that is well established or promising enough to plan to make a house feasible or by mortgage loan.

The cost of marriage has already been prepared by saving money from the results of work, as well as the marriage process is more lively with a wedding reception even the event can take place in a building that is expensive and luxurious dang government officials or respectable people generally marriages or marriage events like this apply in the city of Mataram, or the city of the district but that does not mean all because some of the city residents are also middle socioeconomic status.


Belangar in the sasak or Lombok language, that is, the death of a person who dies or bersilaturrahmi visit a grieving family, when someone is declared dead as soon as possible, it will be announced in the mosque through loudspeakers or speakers after the bodies are laid in, families, relatives and neighbors will come to the house sorrow to negotiate the burial place.

While the young as soon as possible to try to make bamboo as a corpse, besides the relatives of the closest friends and relatives, the woman will come with a basin containing rice called “pelangar rice” which will be used as preparation for baking during the event prayer reading for a week, while the man will donate a sum of money put into an envelope for the cost of the salvation event which will be processed by the family after the body is buried.

The ritual after the funeral will take place one day after the funeral which is usually done by the Sasak tribe or the Lombok people generally do a one-week commemorative event which is held after the evening prayer.

kerandaThe families and the nearest neighbors flock to come to the usual place of thought. in the front yard of the house using a tarpaulin roof cover with adequate lighting (simple) the dish after the thought program is very simple, usually in the form of cakes with ingredients made from processed rice and just tea or coffee.

In addition there is a salvation event with a prayer reading for 3 days after passing away, namely “Nelong” or telu, which means three, usually the program is held during the day by inviting the closest family and neighbors to be held in the living room to the funeral home terrace with lunch with a marinated side dish means not a sour vegetable side dish, sauteed or with anchovies, all costs are handled from broken rice and a sum of money from the family, relatives, friends and neighbors.

There is also the next event after nine days of funeral, the “nyiwak” siwak event or nine of these shows is less than the “Nelong” program because it usually involves inviting families or relatives further away.

This event depends on the family agreement can be exaggerated if you want more inviting relatives or distant relatives, but the essence of this kind of event tends to party without remembering the meaning of the actual program usually from the outaga side will issue their own pocket money.

Acara kematianFurthermore, there was a 40-day commemoration of the burial of this event called the “Metangdase” event or forty days but this event took place, it could be like the Nelong program was not too lively enough to just invite the family

Relatives and neighbors next to a dhikr in a funeral home but there were also residents Wahabi people who do not celebrate events like this because they consider bid’ah or things that are not recommended by religion because the essence of prayer besides the children themselves from the deceased will not be accepted referring to the hadith of Muhammad. but in the community of Lombok the tradition is more powerful in dragging things that have become habitual.

Furthermore, there will be a “Nyatus” event to celebrate the hundredth day after being buried and the event “Nyiu” or siu or a thousand days after being buried but is usually not carried out but some are carried out depending on the emotional level of the family who still love the departure of the family. has died.