♥ Bukit Pergasingan or Bukit Selong
♥ Mangku Kodek Waterfall
♥ Mangku Sakti Waterfall

♥ Air conditioned cars
♥ Tour Guide (If More Than 5 Participants)
♥ Entrance Ticket Attractions
♥ Parking Fee
♥ Lunch in the style of Sajang Village
♥ Bottled drinking water

For extra foreign Touris IDR 150,000 / person

PRICE OF IDR 1,300,000 / 2 PEOPLE


Participants can determine the location not to be visited as stated in the package with the intention of being able to stay longer at another location or for unattractive reasons to visit, an extra Rp 250,000 / person for each additional number of participants and the type of car to be used. adjusted for the number of tour participants. In this case we do not offer packages but provide the freedom to package packages as you wish. All our tour packages illustrate departing from the hotel location in Mataram city or in the Senggigi area.

In the daily tour that we made, we did not involve ourselves in hotel matters or dining matters because we wanted to provide flexibility in choosing the military according to the butget or the desired class, but that did not mean we could not help packing all the plans of your visit in Lombok , of course in this case we are ready to help to recommend hotels that are comfortable, cheap and as expected. Likewise, our dining or buffet is ready to help organize if your arrival is a group.

For visits in certain months at the height of the peak season our tour package prices increase by 10% because operational costs on each line have a significant increase especially in August (peak of European holidays) and December 25 to January 5 (year-end holidays) When -When all prices can change except for those who have made a deposit payment of 50% of the agreed package price.

Kila Senggigi Resort, Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort, Jeeva Klui Resort Lombok, Santosa Senggigi Hotel, Holiday Inn Resort, Novotel Lombok, Villa Ombak, Ombak Sunset.



This trip is far enough to approximately reach 230 km by car to the district of Central Lombok, East Lombok, North Lombok and 4 hours walk, 1 hour hiking on Pergasingan hill and 3 hours hiking to Mangku Sakti waterfall, tourist we begin this journey through the city of Mataram – Narmada – Lingsar – Suranadi because here besides avoiding crowded lanes this route presents a stunning panorama towards Mount Rinjani, it can also go down and steal when just taking photos but if possible don’t because the journey is still long, upon arriving at Aikmel crossroad we escaped just off the main route to a narrower lane to the village of Suela at the T-junction we turn left towards the Pesugulan gate which is the gate of the Mount Rinjani national park.

This route climbs to an altitude of 1,600 m above sea level across plantations and dense forests until we arrive at Sembalun Bumbung village, Sembalun district which is a garlic-producing agricultural area, on the road we will see a garlic monument as a symbol of this garlic-producing sub-district. Close to the monument of the onion there is a road to the right here we enter the Pergasingan hill for us to climb to see the panorama of rice fields stretching from the top of the hill.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be too high until we are allocated 30 minutes of time to go up so we can see the maximum view down the hill, because later we will walk again allocating 3 hours to the Mangku Sakti waterfall or can choose another location to Selong hill because of the terrain the climb is better too from here you can see the expanse of rice fields as we see from Pergasingan hill.

After climbing we take a lunch break in the village of Sajang, which is not far from Sembalun Lawang because there is still one sub-district about 10 km past the village of Bawak Nao, Lelongken. We will serve Sajang village in the village of people’s housing for your lunch with fried chicken. with vegetable soup and sambal in the style of the village of Sajang, simple but we are looking for a different impression in our adventure this time.

After finishing lunch, we continue our adventure to the Mangku Sakti waterfall as well, if you want to stop at the waterfall that is not too far from Mangku Sakti, you can visit Mangku Kodeq from the asphalt road we walk 1.5 hours to Mangku Sakti waterfall but before we have to reserve and hire a guide lokak because remembering the trip is very far and important also for comfort besides that you can also rent a Rp 100,000 motorbike / person to get to Mangku Sakti waterfall (ojek fees are not included) but we have to control the time too because of Sajang to Mataram city, the distance of 100 km is approximately 3.5 hours.

If we have time when we return we visit Tebing beach in the direction of the beach’s return lane not far from the highway to the location of just 300 m just to take pictures because the back ground is quite unique and good for photography backgrounds, we try to arrive at dusk on Malimbu beach to rotate here after we finish we go to the hotel. If there are other agendas such as dinner outside the location of the hotel, shopping for souvenirs, medical visits, health clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and others, we are ready to accompany you until the event is an additional form of our service.