Night Party

The party on Gili Trawangan has been organized for a long time and got permission from the head of the Gili Trawangan hamlet. As for the party on Gili Trawangan, there are various versions that are regular in rotation between several pubs such as Tir na noq bar and restaurants, Rudy’s Pub, Blue Marlin Dive, and the same Reggae Bar and D Harbor.

Those who want to know the exact schedule of the party implementation in Gili Trawangan you can ask directly to the places mentioned above or you can ask the island security or island security guards because they are always guarding security when the party takes place.

In addition there is a party on the name of the full moon that is a full moon party which is held once a month located surf bar pub beach side about 800m from the public port road to the left, this full moon party is coordinated by the young Gili Trawangan with a tempo of distance once a month.

Yacht Party in Gili Trawangan

It seems like waiting too long for an event like this is agreed again to make a Dark Moon party by teenagers with the concept of lighting a campfire and being matched with fire game attractions and lately popular there is now another yacth party held above the Dragoon yacht which began from 02.00pm to 06.30pm, the schedule is every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, coordinated by young German men who are deliberately hired by these Italians.

party TrawanganIt is said that the owner named Sergio works as an architect in the Middle East and is filled with Javanese locals who live in Bali and design their own forms of Dragoon yacth but between them there seems to be a dispute until the organizer who is commanded by German Caucasians escapes from Dragoon management and share again with the new yacth owned by Samba Caffe which is smaller in size in the form of a catamaran and more dominates in getting visitors because they are more in control of the internet media and get recommendations from “Trip Advisor”

The fate of Dragoon has now been eliminated, although it needs to be recognized that its form of construction is better when compared to Samba Caffe’s. Dragoon can only rely on guest bookings from the website that only once and more often go back and forth to Bali to receive chartered guests, but for those who interested to hire a Dragoon yacth can also contact me for the purposes of a wedding, birthday, photo shoot or other.