♥ Sukarara Weaving Village
♥ Selong Belanak Beach
♥ Mawun Beach
♥ Lombok Traditional House

♥ Air-conditioned car
♥ Tour guide 
♥ Entrance ticket to tourist attraction
♥ Parking fees
♥ Bottled drinking water

PRICE OF IDR 900,000 / 2 People


Participants can determine the location not to be visited as stated in the package with the intention of being able to stay longer at another location or for unattractive reasons to visit, an additional Rp 250,000 / person for each additional number of participants and the type of car to be used. adjusted for the number of tour participants. In this case we do not offer packages but we provide the freedom to package packages as you wish. All our tour packages illustrate departing from the hotel location in Mataram city or in the Senggigi area.

In the daily tour that we made, we did not involve ourselves in hotel matters or places to eat because we wanted to give flexibility in choosing the style according to the budget or the desired class, but instead of having a we could not help packing everything from your planned visit in Lombok, of course in this case we are ready to help to recommend hotels that are comfortable, cheap and as expected. Likewise our dining place is ready to help organize if your arrival is a group.

For visits in certain months at the height of the peak season our tour package prices increase by 10% because operational costs on each line have a significant increase especially in August (peak of European holidays) and December 25 to January 5 (year-end holidays) When -When all prices can change except for those who have made a deposit payment of 50% of the agreed package price.

Kila Senggigi Resort, Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort, Jeeva Klui Resort Lombok, Santosa Senggigi Hotel, Novotel Lombok, Villa Ombak, Ombak Sunset.



We combine this package by visiting Lombok’s traditional weaving craft center because the path is still in the same direction as our tourist destination so it is not monotonous, that is, we go to the village of Sukarara, Jonggat sub-district, 10 km closer to the capital city of Central Lombok, namely the city of Praya, here we go around the village.

Door to door to see from the manufacturing process to the woven fabric that is ready to sell not only that if you want to pose as if weaving you can ask here or ask the shop owner to use traditional sasak clothes while posing for a photo with a house background or the iconic Lombok rice barn.

But if you consider this unattractive, we can skip from Sukarara, we take the rural route to get to the main route to Selong Belanak beach, then at Batu jai intersection on the south corner of the road there is the Jami mosque “Ummul Huda” west Lombok Central Praya subdistrict. right towards the village of Penujak if we pass 10 km to Lombok International Airport (LIA).

This path is constructed of a good road but quiet traffic along the rice field view dominates more than the house building until soon to arrive at Selong Belanak Beach road increasingly up to the height we will see the beauty of Selong Belanak beach from the top of the hill here can ask to take pictures .

Arriving at the beach can be relaxed while ordering young coconut and taking pictures on the beach or we can enter through the hotel resort Sempiak to make it look more exclusive here we are safer and more comfortable only if the hotel if you want to eat they hope you enter the restaurant but if not no problem.

Next we go to Mawun beach to the east about 7 km of beautiful beaches but visitors are more quiet compared to Kuta beach entrance tickets are charged Rp 10,000 for motorbikes but no loss to enter the beautiful beach is enough to take pictures and sit for a while buy a drink or order a young coconut here, then we must immediately go to Kuta beach to find a lunch place about 4 km to the east again.

After a quiet stomach, we continue the journey to Sade hamlet to see the old Lombok here, we will see the civilization left behind in Lombok by watching the form of a traditional Lombok traditional house with 150 heads of family, you can enter the village accompanied by a local guide but remember the local guide must paid in the range of Rp. 30,000 and paid donations accordingly.

In the neighborhood of traditional houses as much as you can, the photos in Sasak Sade village, finished here immediately go to the hotel. If there are other agendas, such as dinner outside the hotel location, shopping for souvenirs, medical visits, health clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and others, we are ready to accompany you until the event is an additional form of our service.

For a minimum 3 day tour, we also can prepare a language guideFrance, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korea, Chinese, Arabian