Kedis island

Gili Kedis

Kedis island or in the local language Kedis means small, indeed the size of the Gili or the island is very small, it is estimated to be around 10 acres which currently has gazebo facilities to relax, a simple prayer room, swings, bad sand and a canteen there too.

Where Kedis Island Is At

Gili Kedis is located on a group of islands in the waters of the West Sekotong sub-district which lined up adjacent to Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong and Gili Sudak on the south side just south of Gili Sudak, approximately 300 meters away, also on the south side of Gili Kedis close to the island mainland Lombok is approximately 1 km.

Gili Kedis is 100% white sand, on the southern side there are rocky rocks and there are lush trees, wild bushes in the central part of the island but nowadays it is more organized, this location is great for shooting or taking pictures because if we aim the camera at which direction it will be

Kedis island
There are many Star Fish on the island of Gili Kedis beach

Beautiful panorama, as if we were aiming northward to look like Gili Sudak, to the east there were green rocky hills if it was in the rainy season and it seemed dry if it had entered summer.

To the south there was the West Sekotong land with hilly contours the hill and seen a number of hotel resorts from a distance if we aim the camera to the west then that will be seen Gili Turtle from a distance with a shape like a giant turtle while Gili Nanggu is not visible because it is behind Gili Tangkong.

Kedis island
View to the east on Gili Kedis

The atmosphere of the water surface is very calm and shallow, until at low tide people often walk from the direction of Gili Sudak to the mainland of Lombok, with their feet dipped to their knees.

Usually crossing here employees working in restaurants on Gili Sudak if the water is in low tide and if not they will be seen using a small motorboat to pick up all the restaurant needs that are owned by one of the elders who have been in the world of tourism namely Mr. Awan Aswinabawan.

Mr. Awan who has high posture with slanted eyes indicating from Tiong Hoa , he is the owner of A & T Tour and Travel as well as all transport agent owners of Wahana Loka who are on the road to Adi Sucipto in Ampenan sub-district along with his newest office.

Foreign tourists who like Kedis island

Like simbol love
The island of Gili Kedis looks like the heart of the symbol of Love seen from above

This small island is very idolized by tourists from Italy, France and the Netherlands because every time I guiding to this location there are always people from that country that I often bring, around the island there are very many Star Fish or Starfish stranded everywhere.

If the visitors who come to Gili Nanggu seem like this island must be visited as an extra destination because it is indeed a shame to miss it as the last destination.

Don’t forget to take pictures here because there are now worn the cost of a tourist entrance ticket on this island, then after that the Guide will invite you to return to the mainland to Tawun harbor, Cemara beach tour or to Lembar Harbor.

In the afternoon
Gili Kedis in the afternoon
Gili Sudak

Gili Sudak

Gili Kedis
The Gili Kedis island covered by boat trip

Gili Sudak is one part of a series of 3 islands located in Sekotong waters lined from west to east starting from Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong and Gili Sudak the easternmost of the island is actually no less beautiful than Gili Nanggu.

Needs to be recognized for its Gili marine park Nanggu did not lose this, according to information from tourists who I took at the time took time to try snorkeling in Gili Sudak.

Here there was just lodging accommodation and there was a simple restaurant but this place was very quiet from the arrival of tourists in large numbers or amazed.

Gili Sudak

Nirvana Sea Food restaurant on the beach side of the east side of Gili Sudak island

This island is truly extraordinary for people who are looking for silence, surely bad sand that is placed on the beach under a pine tree will deliver your beautiful dream to heaven.

Honestly, I myself always long to want to come to Gili Sudak, wanting to lay down on bad sand while seeing the almost undulating sea water while looking at steep hills that are not far from Gili Sudak, besides that there are floating rooms that are rented quite expensive because of the unit only 2 pieces.

Floating bungalow
Nirvana Rumah Air on Gili Sudak

Previously this floating hotel was placed in the Batu Kijuk hamlet on the beach by the manager but on the basis of marketing considerations it has now been placed on the beach of Gili Sudak on the south side.

The island of Gili Sudak which at times is pulled to the beach when the winds and waves are unfriendly around August Nirvana Rumah Air is the name referred to as the two lodging units will be pulled to the edge and will not be operated for a while.

Gili Sudak
Nirvana bungalow on Gili Sudak is not far from the location of the restaurant
Gili Sudak
The location of the PLN Power Plant in the Bins appears from Gili Sudak
Gili Sudak
Restaurants in Gili Sudak “open air” on the beach