Mangku Sakti fall

Mangku Sakti

Mangku Sakti fall lately is no stranger to travelers, not least among domestic tourists and even many tourists from Malaysia and Singapore who know it, this waterfall is located in Sajang village, Sembalun sub-district, East Lombok district.

Mangku Sakti fall has recently been popular to be visited by young people of Lombok because previously the location was only known by the local community.

From the asphalt road located very far around we walked more than 1 hour to reach the location, when I first visited there was no access the road only resembles a former footpath and crosses large rocks about 300 m2.

When it happened to be drizzling causing the surface of the rock to become slippery and had fallen slipped because the surface of the stone was soaked by raindrops delivered by a friend who happened to he now lives and farms in the village of Sajang.

Waterfall in Sembalun
Mangku Sakti fall in Sajang village Sembalun sub-district, East Lombok

When meet my friend, before being escorted to the waterfall, I first chatted while enjoying a coffee dish from the surrounding garden plants planted by Mr. Garti (my friend) coffee-coffee while asking each other as long as we never met, about a year ago I had searched for it but at that time he went to Sumatra to migrate.

He said working on an oil palm plantation, not long after he offered me to visit a waterfall that was quite far about a journey of more than an hour by breaking through the plantation and forests, this offer is certainly very interesting for me because it is very concerned with my profession as a tourism actor.

Not long after we packed up and I saw “the friend pinned a sharp machete at the waist, I asked spontaneously for what to bring a machete? He just said who knew on the way we met the deer boy later.

Wow in my heart I said this must be a trip which is very interesting but immediately I thought what if we did not find a deer or a deer and instead met with a snake piton, wow that would be very terrible because I am indeed a phobia with snakes.

Mr. Garti
My friend Pak Garti or Amaq Feby with his son Dani

On the way to the waterfall by crossing the coffee, clove, jack fruit, coconut and other plantations and then crossing the forest consisting of wood trees that I did not know his name and once in a while my friend drew his machete to cut wood branches.

That obstructs the path we are passing and in fact it resembles a former footrest but one that is not too often trodden by people passing by here.

Which is certainly in addition to crossing the terrain bushes the road is so difficult with a slope of approximately 20 degrees (very tiring) for sure we bring water to drink.

Approximately after we came out of the wooded trees and found a field consisting of weeds from here the location of the waterfall was near and from a distance there was a roar of water flowing from the rocky crevices, and at that time I asked the name this waterfall.

My friend said his name was “Montong Kaliaga” Montong means baldness and Kaliaga was the name of many wooden trees around the waterfall and my friend said it was only this month the group of East Lombok regents had visited the location of the waterfall.

The discourse of this waterfall will soon be made road access and will be promoted to become the destination of waterfall attractions.

mangku kodeq fall
Mangku Kodek, kodek means is small

In this trip we did not find a snake or Piton snake which must have been very tiring, sweaty and had been paid for by seeing the Montong Kaliaga fall, which had a slightly different appearance than what I normally see, which is usually clear but Montong. tend to be whitish like water that we usually see coming out of the cracks of rocks in mountainous areas.

The source of this waterfall is abundant water from the crater of Segara Anak lake which is a canal leading to the flow of Kokok Putek, I could ask if we take a shower at the waterfall this friend of mine said yes it’s okay if you don’t take a shower when it rains again he says.

Later on from the top source of the top waterfall there is often rock material which is washed away by the flow of water, God imagine what will happen with your head.

savana in sajang
The path to the Mangku Sakti Waterfall is not friendly

After about a year later several times I passed in the village of Sajang and for the last time there was a sign on the entrance gate that resembled a dirt road.

Could be traversed by a 4-wheeled vehicle where it was written the MANGKU SAKTI Waterfall with finil along with pictures of the waterfall then I am sure that what is meant is the Montong Kaliaga waterfall.

Which has now been renamed the Mangku Sakti, so I really feel like knowing the real path to the waterfall by inviting the same friends to us to try the path together. the new one and according to my friend’s information now access to the waterfall has been organized, to get to the location visitors will be charged an entrance fee and parking fees.

After getting ready to make the 2nd visit, we first bought bottles of bottled water that cost the same as we bought in Mataram because my friend told him last time to the waterfall when we went together he said he was- also seemed enthusiastic to explore the main route to the Mangku Sakti waterfall.

Then we headed to a house that resembled the place where people register and information, but unfortunately the answer we got was unsatisfying because the people in the house were chatting again in terrace and just said just come right there now they were at the location repairing the road to the waterfall.

savana in sajang
Motorcycle taxi to Mangku Sakti waterfall

Without much thought, we immediately stepped on the gas along the partly rocky dirt road – this sedan vehicle could not be traversed but if for the Avanza or Xenia type it could still be up to 1.5 km on the way in about 1 km to the direction of the waterfall we saw the residents building mostly architecture houses in Bali and there were places to put food in front of the yard which meant this village was a Hindu religion.

After that it resembled a slippery dirt road and was a little bumpy but a left view the right really makes anyone be fascinated, here I also kept forcing to get to the location but in the middle of the trip met someone who was repairing the road and they advised me to replace the motorcycle he said dear sir the motorbike does not fit this field he said.

ojek transport
Motorcycle taxi to Mangku Sakti waterfall

Finally I parked the motorbike at the hut house and replaced it with a rented motorbike that was ready to be damaged or ready to fall because the condition of the motorbike was just alive and the fish had often fallen also seen from its appearance, we continued on along the muddy, rocky road , bumpy and lots of holes.

Must be extra careful and occasionally when the engine can die because it is not strong enough to compete with the terrain that we went through until we arrived at the parking lot there was already a transit station and met several visitors who were lying there looking tired face.

From the motorbike parking lot we still have to walk again about 15 minutes to go to the waterfall by crossing the path which is a little steep and slippery because the water flows from the remnants of the ground wall that we passed.

About 10 the minute we were able to get out of the woods and be greeted by a view of the grassland which was then not far from the river lip.

mangku sakti fall
Mangkun Sakti Waterfall

As soon as you arrive at the location, you can see the Mangku Sakti falls and to get closer to that direction we have to walk along the big rocky river bank which is sure the beauty of this place is not only located in the waterfall.

Visitors will be presented with views around Mangku Sakti fall . Again, I have to ask about the previous name change to become Mangku Sakti waterfall, the reason is simply because around the waterfall there is a group of Mangku families who are considered influential in the place.

Mangku in the local language can be interpreted as equivalent to the traditional leader or head tribes that do have a hereditary inheritance to be Mangku in that place, and its purpose is to have kanuragan knowledge or knowledge that can dispel magical powers.

post mangku sakti
Post on the location of the parking lot as well as the rest area

When we headed back to the parking lot we had a chance to talk with the manager that currently the manager is working on 20 horses as a means of transportation to post 2 for climbing Mount Rinjani because from here it is also a climbing gate to Mount Rinjani.

With transport this horse can only deliver until post 3 including some of the horses will be operated for visitors who want to go to Mangku Sakti fall.

Recently Mangku Sakti has been visited by celebrities of the German blooded miss Universe of 2006 who has just been edited by fellow soap opera artist Dimas Anggara. Nadine Candrawinata, a tall, beautiful woman, is certainly beautiful who loves adventure-style traveling for shooting.