Bangko-Bangko is a beach located in Sekotong Barat precisely on a mainland at the southern end of the south that resembles a tail or octopus on the island of Lombok. This place is already known by foreigners who like to surf when they want to visit this location from the city of Mataram.

A distance of 75 km this location is still in the form of dry coastal plain which has a coastal contour filled with rocky rocks and consists of large rounded rocks on the coastline affected by abrasion from this place visitors can see the mainland of the island of Bali with the closest distance especially the island Nusa Penida.

Actually Bangko-Bangko is not the right place to play surfing only Bangko-Bangko is easier to be known by many people or the mention of Bangko-Bangko is more popular for beach locations where to play surfing.

Especially for Caucasians who like to surf the actual location to play surfing it the next part of Bangko-Bangko is not far from there, namely on the beach “Turning” which is about 2 km when the road turns.

I need to remind you that in this area the road was never repaired consisting of loose stones which were the basic construction of the road that had not been worked on or had been delayed.

It had been going on for quite some time until now there were some people living in this place. this could happen as according to his statement it was concluded because the Bangko-Bangko area is a disputed land between the local government and the people who live around the Bangko-Bangko area.

Cases of mutual claims regarding land ownership in the Bangko-bangko area because the local government itself wants to develop the Bangko-Bangko and Pemalikan areas to become tourist destinations.

People who claim these lands do not want to receive compensation payments which are considered too cheap other than that The community already understands that if the land is to be formed for tourism purposes, it will be of very high value.

Several times the local government tried to use government Police power was not able to come up with a solution, it only ended in clashes with the authorities, therefore the road leading to this location is very unfriendly.

In certain parts there are some steep and dangerous climbs, especially when using a motorbike because the climb consists of loose stones and holes due to the impact. rainwater runoff.

When you arrive in Pemalikan after passing through a damaged road and the road looks narrow because the bushes widen to the shoulder of the road you will find a shack hut which is also a simple restaurant.

Here you can buy young coconut drinks of course at a fairly expensive price because they seem brought it from a place some distance away because here there were no coconut trees.

Besides that, you can also order food with a very limited menu of choices, while eating while enjoying the waves and also Caucasians who are surfing, it is not uncommon for those whose backs are bruised and bleeding, some are bleeding calves, maybe on the beach a lot coral, this beach is not very long and the sand is black but not pitch black.