bandara Lombok

For those who want to visit Lombok for tours or for other purposes, they can use Access to Lombok by transportation through the main access via BIL (Lombok International Airport) or by other names, namely LIA (Lombok International Airport) and is currently BIZAM (Zainudin Abdul Majid International Airport) which is a name taken from the name of a national hero from Lombok.

Located in Central Lombok right in the heart of the island of Lombok slightly to the south on Jalan Tanak Awu, this airport (Main access) was first operated on October 1, 2011 operated by PT. Angkasa Pura to convert the function of the old airport located in the city of Mataram, namely Selaparang airport.

By serving domestic and international flight routes, the airlines operating at BIL include Garuda, Citilink, Merpati Nusantara (already collapsed), Lion Air, Wings Air, Transnusa, Sky Aviation (non-regular), Travira Air (non-regular). International routes are served by Air-Asia and Silk Air. The flight schedule is only until 12 at night, after which the main airport access is closed until the morning, flights start at 6 am.

As long as the main access to the airport is automatically closed, activities at the airport are quiet, there is no transportation operating anymore such as taxis, shuttle transport and other transport will only operate until the last flight.

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After that, activities at the airport became quiet because the location of the airport was far from the city of Mataram or other cities such as the city of Praya (Central Lombok district city) in the area around the airport, which is only a residential village whose building concept resembles rural houses and is located sporadically.

Likewise, the local population still looks modest like the villagers, the practice of village thugs has also occurred at Lombok International Airport, there are several youths who claim to be part of the airport community who commit extortion on transportation vehicles that enter the airport.

Especially travel vehicles are subject to security money only for personal use so that they are safe from being disturbed by local youths because previously vehicles were often scratched by hard objects, but for now they don’t dare anymore after being dealt with firmly by officers in uniform, until now we are still here. see army officers on guard at the airport.

The road to Lombok International Airport is 4 lanes

BIL/LIA is still relatively new or still in the process of working on supporting buildings and gardens in the airport area because there are still empty lands that resemble bushes inside the airport yard fence.

Not many foreign airlines have landed directly at this airport, perhaps in line with the improvement of infrastructure, the NTB provincial government remains optimistic to make BIL able to compete with other international airports.

Therefore, infrastructure development was then encouraged, especially the construction of freeways using the two-lane method separated by a road median arranged by planting road shade trees and ornamental flowers planted in the road median.

In addition, this two-lane road is made wide and there are even new road sections that are being worked on by adopting a concept like in big cities by building several flyover roads at each intersection so that road users do not have to wait for red lights to pass again.

To overcome congestion on the Lombok International Airport route, it is fully supported by adequate road widths and roads, especially this route is free from traffic jams because there are no traffic signs, 5 flyover areas have been created and this is a concept. the first Flay Over road on the island of Lombok.

On the other side of this path, it is still agricultural land, especially rice plants, so if you cross this path it will be very pleasant because there are still many rice fields that can be seen on the left and right sides, but recently there have been several buildings standing which in the end Later it will be the same as in Bali, the roads will be filled with art shop buildings.

This road section is divided into 4 sections, especially from the direction of the Cow Statue to the city of Mataram which can be reached in only 10 minutes and is approximately 6 km long. On the other hand, there are roads that are being repaired.

Excavation of the old asphalt to remove the clay contained under the asphalt or under the body of the road which resulted in the road surface being smooth and straight but now smooth and bumpy which makes it inconvenient to use, especially in the position of the vehicle when driving at high speed.

Now the next section of the road has been repaired with a more luxurious construction concept because the basic foundation of this road has been dug very deep and after that it was given a plastic layer on the bottom of the road, maybe it means that clay elements no longer contaminate the highway foundation structure.

Ferry crossing across Bali – Lombok

Then sea access you can use the ferry which regularly serves crossings from the Padang Bai port (Bali) to the Lembar port (Lombok) with a schedule every hour for 24 hours, the crossing time is 4 hours and the ticket price for ordinary passengers is around IDR 38,000. you could say the Back Packer tourist trajectory from Bali to Lombok.

By using public transport or shuttle buses that have been organized for a long time but this access has been replaced by many back packer tourists using fast boats from Bali to Lombok, as more and more fast boat agents operate and create competition, up to fast boat ticket prices. only slightly more expensive when compared to using a shuttle bus transport ticket from Bali to Lombok.

Likewise, the ferry that operates across Lombok – Sumbawa operates 24 hours from Kayangan Harbor (Lombok) to Poto Tano (Sumbawa) for a 2 hour crossing, ticket prices range from IDR 25,000 for an adult passenger.

Tourists are on the island of Bali, occasionally there are also some foreign tourists who are seen crossing the possibility to go to Labuan Bajo (Flores) Lakei (surfing spot in Dompu) Maluk (West Sumbawa) and others.

Usually sea crossings will have problems in February for a week the ports will be closed due to bad weather, usually this happens throughout the waters of the archipelago in ports, the phenomenon of trucks transporting goods across islands will be seen lining up to fill the port area.

Another access can be using a fast boat or fast boat from the ports of Padang Bai, Serangan, Sanur and Amed in Bali which is operated mainly for tourists from Bali who want to go to the island of Lombok or the three Gilis (Trawangan, Meno and Air) with the destination port of Senggigi , Kodec Bay, Nara Bay and Bangsal.

Ticket prices range from IDR 350,000 – IDR 690,000 including pick-up transportation from hotels in the Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran areas.

The difference in ticket prices depends on facilities, comfort and depends on the departure from the port of origin, especially those departing from and the destination of Serangan, the price is more expensive but it saves time and alternative ways to avoid traffic jams in Bali. Ticket prices also depend on the visiting season when the visiting season is busy, especially in July and August the price is very expensive for that time it is better to reserve a fast boat 2 days in advance.

Fast boat brochure with variable prices

It’s not a question of price anymore but thankfully there is still a korsi because the previous experience of Caucasian guests was furious because they felt they couldn’t get out of Gili Trawangan because all fast boat agents were full and I tried to keep calling other fast boat agents.

But unfortunately it’s still full even though the Caucasian insists he will pay how many times he can as long as he can go to Bali that day but unfortunately there is still no fast boat agent who is willing, his frustration is directed to the front office at the hotel because he feels he was not informed of what will happen when that.

For certain schedules, there are crossings for large PELNI ships such as Tilong Kabila, Kelimutu, etc. that cross the archipelago’s oceans anchoring in Lembar to the port of Bima, Labuan Bajo (Flores) Kalimantan or Sulawesi, for this shipping route it is usually once a week but for more details please contact the nearest PELNI office and you can buy tickets there.