fishing trip

Fising Trip in Lombok

Fishing trip in general, people are familiar with fishing activities in the sea and on land (lakes, rivers and ponds) with simple tools or with more modern tools with the aim of earning a living and all the fish they catch are brought to the fish market or to the market – traditional markets in other words commercialized, but there are for some people fishing is a means of entertainment to be able to forget all the affairs of work whether in the office, factory or home industry work.

There are certain people who have a large income or in other words people who have excess money who are certainly fishing hobbies they form a fishing community with the aim of being able to gather or be able to share to discuss this hobby by holding a meeting to discuss their purpose of going fishing until from here can entered into an agreement to share rent a motorboat or boat with a route that has been determined in the discussion and fishing together.

Fishing Trip in Gili Trawangan

To buy happy sometimes is not comparable with the fish that will be obtained, as well as fishing on Gili Trawangan for hotel guests who happen to be hobby or like fishing they will dare to pay dearly even though in the end they only get one small fish, not even getting fish at all. There are two preferred fishing methods on Gili Trawangan namely fishing by means of trolling fishing, bottom fishing and spear fishing

Trolling Fishing trip

Trolling Fishing must be run by a boat engine

Trolling Fishing means fishing by using a plastic bait that resembles a fish by slowly being pulled by a boat to trick big fish as if the artificial plastic is a fish that is roaming, usually fishing in this way targets big fish such as: Barracuda, Mahi-mahi, Marlin, Tuna and others. It is common in Gili Trawangan some tourists get catches with a very large size for the thigh of an adult.

In Gili Trawangan this trip is sold for 3 hours including boat and fishing equipment and Rapala (plastic that resembles fish) the price is quite expensive compared to the fish you will get which is IDR 2,000,000 including trolling fishing equipment and guide guides who are used to fishing with a trolling system for people who do not like fishing will definitely count hard with costs that will be issued also in case of fish if not ready ready to be disappointed.

Because fishing with the trolling system is really pitting luck because there are certain seasons the fish hordes that we are looking for are in the zone of our boat trajectory but I have seen people get 4 barracudas two of them are very large with a length of about 1.5m which is certain travelers who look a little arabic face is very proud to lift the fish – the results of the bait and pose to take pictures after that the fish is yours it’s up to you whether you will burn it later together with friends next room where you stay or even you can sell it in restaurants on Gili Trawangan.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing is a fish fishing theory in general, only floating boats

Bottom fishing means that as we usually see people carry fishing rods and bait and then stop in a place that is considered a lot of fish and release the bait in a boat engine condition is not alive.

There is also a bait that is used which is raw fresh fish cut into pieces transported to the hook and then thrown to the water usually the fish that will be obtained are not like fishing with the trolling system because the target of bottom fishing is basic fish such as Snapper, gropper, grouper and others whose size is less more around the palm of the hand and the price of this trip is offered Rp 1,500,000 with a duration of 3 hours wow honestly if I myself do not like fishing seems very expensive.

Fishing trips are not too popular on Gili Trawangan only for certain people who really like fishing but for those of you who really like fishing but want cheap prices I suggest not organizing on Gili Trawangan, Meno and Air because of the location in this tourist area there are no Gilis who want to make money by fishing and then sell it to the market in the past.

The arrival of tourists has changed the pattern of how to make money Gili people you can rent a boat across or on the edge (Teluk Nara or Teluk Kodek) many boats can be rented at much cheaper prices and you can fish in the same place around not far from 3 Gili

Fishing Trip In Sekotong Area

Fishing trip (jigging)
Only Rp 2,000,000 facilities
Coffee break
Local guide
Fishing Boat
8 hour max trip
Up to 4 participants
Tools and metal jigs not included

fishing trip

fishing trip

Spear Fishing

spear fishingThis method certainly requires expertise in terms of diving, especially breathing resistance when chasing fish as a target to be shot because people who do this activity only use snorkeling equipment, wetsuits and arrows.

To be sure this activity must be supported by a boat or similar ship because the spot for archery is not haphazard, but for this activity if it is carried out around the area of ​​3 Gili, the location is very limited, therefore this trip should be organized to other places, far from the island Gili

spear gears
Fish arrow Jabut production

Why is that? Because the location of 3 Gili has been claimed as a marine tourism destination that is not permitted to exploit fishing, what if you break it then get ready to deal with coast guards on Gili Trawangan.

The rules in spear fishing are also not arbitrary because spear fishing in Lombok has a fairly solid community, they have determined which fish should not be caught or which types of fish should be caught.

Generally, spear fishing enthusiasts consist of teenagers or young people who are physically capable of swimming, this activity is dominated by archers who give their group the name “Jabut spear fishing.”

Later if anyone is interested can contact me and Mr. Spear Fishing master. Jabut will guide you, in addition to that he also produces his own arrows which have been ordered in large numbers to the islands of Bali and even very in demand to be ordered by archery lovers in Lombok.

Mr. Jabut
Mr. Jabut on action