Lombok traditional house

Traditional Houses

Lombok traditional house of Sade sub-village is part of Rambitan village, Pujut sub-district, south central of Lombok which is currently packed into a tourist destination.

For those tourists who want to know how the Lombok people in the past are still left with a picture of the Sasak that can be seen from traditional building architecture. consists of thatch roofs whose skeletons are only bamboo sticks that are not nailed only tied with palm fiber or rope made of bamboo rope.

Lombok traditional house condition

The walls are woven bamboo or called Bedek, the floor consists of ground floors whose surfaces are covered with buffalo as a substitute for cement, shiny and also to harden the surface of the floor or as a function of cement he said that if you sleep on the floor to be warm and the mosquitoes do not dare to approach.

Lombok traditional houseThe building consists of as fast, Sekenem (6 post gazebo), Lumbung, houses where they live with terraces, even though there is electricity the traditional house of Sade which consists of 150 family heads still use traditional lighting to maintain the authenticity of traditional houses.

Even the location of this hamlet in front of the slippery asphalt road to Kuta beach for that when coming to visit this place do not mind to give donations as low as possible so that the village of Sade can be preserved and the shape of the building is very well.

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Maintained right if there is a part of the head of the family who wants to make a house with a modern architecture concept must be outside the environment of this traditional house.

Lombok Traditional house today

Over time there are some that have been contaminated with city life that is watched through television media they are also no longer able to occupy this heritage house but they use it to sell souvenirs within this traditional village.

From Lombok International Airport, it is only about 8 km away and from Kuta beach it is about 7 km away.

So anyone who wants to visit Kuta beach can stop by here because of its location on the side of a big road there is a large parking lot across the road and now there is Indomaret next to the parking area.

Later if you enter the traditional house it will be guided by a local guide into their village but beforehand will be explained first the procedures and history of this traditional house then the local guide will introduce everything contained in this village and Don’t forget to pay donations for a local guide, you have to pay.