mangku kodeq fall

Mangku Kodeq

Mangku Kodeq fall is located in Sembalun Subdistrict, Sajang village, which is 106 km from the city of Mataram through the crossing of North Lombok regency or even through the crossing of Central Lombok regency.

Why is it that it is equally 106 km away? because this was intentionally I once measured it through Speed ​​meter on the motorbike that I used turned out by going through the main road (provincial road) crowded lane with heavy traffic from the city of Mataram.

To the east through West Lombok, Central Lombok and East Lombok Regencies (Masbagik, Aik Mel, Lemor Tourism and Pesugulan to arrive in Sembalun sub-district) exactly up to the Gate Welcome to the location of the Mangku Sakti waterfall Speed ​​meter shows 106 km. then if you go north (Mataram, Pass, Winner, Tanjung, Bayan and end at the gate while coming) Speed ​​meter will show 106 km if you are not sure you can try it later?

Mangku Sakti Fall
Mangku sakti Waterfall in Sajang village

Why did I mention the Mangku Sakti Waterfall gate? because the location of the Mangku Kodeq is still one gate with the magical Mangku Sakti waterfall which is still a stream of Segara Anak lake overflowing in the crater of Mount Rinjani at an altitude of 2,000 m.

The flow of water from the overflow of Segara Lake The child forms a small river whose water flow culminating in the sea estuary on the north side of the island of Lombok.

It’s forming a number of beautiful waterfalls including waterfalls: Penimbung, Mangku Sakti, Mangku Kodeq fall, Kuda Semberani, Mayung Putek, Honey and Umar Maya waterfalls until there will be new objects that will following from the continuation of Segara Anak lake water.

The color of the water is rather yellow-brass in color because of this effect of sulfur mud carried by currents from the crater of Mount Rinjani, even though at a glance this water is like the color of water that is still boiling from volcanological effects but apparently the water is very cold maybe because the cold temperature from above the height influences this water flow to be quite cold.

Had I asked the names of the waterfalls mentioned above with a local person who was born and raised not far from the location of the series of waterfalls, “Mr. Rody,” He was also an organizer of Trekking Mount Rinjani.

At that time seemed confused when I asked the origin of giving the name of her waterfall above, only answered the actual names recently given with their respective reasons or philosophies because at this time a lot of visitors came to the location but were confused about what name?

I think there is an origin of this name as well as the addition, because as far as I know, before being visited by many people there are no names like that, said Mr. Rody, even had time to ask each other friends near his village, mas Robdy, from Sajang village while Mr. Rody came from from Lelongken village 2 km from the second gate of the waterfall, namely Mangku Sakti Waterfall and Mangku Kodek.

the route
After arriving at the parking lot we walked down 10 minutes to Mangku Kodek

At that time the two of them talked in front of me about the location in question, they said that we had searched the location but about the name in question, which one did he say?

While looking at each other between doubts and confusion, but whatever it is this is a new story formed from Sajang village that I once knew was very quiet and rarely passed by motorized vehicles.

The location is very remote far from the frenzied atmosphere of the city crowd houses even though it still seems traditional.

There are only a few houses with wall constructions besides 50% are still roofed with weeds, almost all residents work as garden farmers because the land in this location consists of many coffee gardens, cloves, cocoa and others.

We forget about the problem, the origin of the names of the waterfalls above, now that we have to go to the Mangku Kodeq, we go straight to the entrance gate which has the gate from the entrance.

Even when it was made wrong in 2015, but if you want to know exactly just ask at the Sajang village office, the entrance ticket is IDR 10,000 / person (including parking fees) but if you are a foreigner or not an Indonesian the entrance ticket is quite fantastic IDR 150,000 / person because the location we are heading is already in the scope or zone Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR).

Malaysian in Mangku Kodeq
Aida Said Family from Malaysia

I can guess the origin of the name of this waterfall, the word “Mangku” is taken from the word Mangku Sakti next to it and the word “Kodeq” because of this waterfall slide Kodeq (Sasak language) or small in national language.

Mangku Waterfall waterfall Kodeq only about 3 meters high with the same volume of water as the waterfall above it.

The Mangku Sakti, the distance between Mangku Sakti and Mangku Kodeq is about 300 meters, the road to the location is very clear, but there are a few newly formed turns because it is access to the vehicle into the plantation, if the dry season of the road will be very dusty and if the rainy season will be a lot of mud puddles and very clear Rinjani peaks if the weather is sunny.

If you bring your motorbike to the location it is fine if the type is Trial but if the type is Matic and still new I suggest to use a rented motorbike at the gate that is ready to be damaged with a rental price of IDR 100,000 per unit.

The road that we are going through is a lot of terrain rocky slopes and derivatives are loose and many holes are covered with dirt, not infrequently the motorbikes passing by here run aground, you can imagine right?

Mangku Kodeq trek
Apparently the water is quite cold

After arriving at the location of the parking lot you have to go down again across the rocky bush corridor approximately you have to walk 10 minutes until later you will meet at the intersection of the path to the right to Mangku Kodeq fall and to the left to Mangku Sakti.

After arriving at the edge of our river go down to the water to the rock cave to the left, the water flow is only as high as the average knee.

After turning slightly to the right then you can see the Mangku Kodeq fall glide please go up on the rock for an artistic pose, don’t go any further towards this slide appeal because the round of water is quite dangerous if you are less or less strong, hehehe …