Mayura Temple

Mayura hindu temple is a legacy of the Mataram kingdom which was built since the 17th century which is located in Cakranegara which is included in the municipality of Mataram, currently a historical and religious tourism destination.

Especially very closely related to the history of the formation of Lombok’s multi-ethnic community, especially the presence of Hindus in Lombok.

Which previously began with the arrival of Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem and his soldiers to expand the kingdom’s territory in Bali.

There is no resistance from the kingdom that has existed in Lombok before as well as the Selaparang kingdom because it is found in East Lombok, even stories from parents when the first troops from Bali came to set foot on Lombok through the west side of Lombok island and had time to camp in the Dasan Agung sub-district.

The name Dasan Agung is taken from the history of his camp, Anak Agung, the Dasan in sasak means place and Agung which is defined by Anak Agung until the word Dasan Agung, which now means “the place of Anak Agung” means camping.

Mayura Park, which used to be called the Kelepug Park, means the sound of water falling because there is a water source coming from the slopes of Mount Rinjani until its name is changed to Mayura, which means peacock because it is said that there are many snakes and a king’s friend from Paskistan.

Advise solutions to overcome the many snakes in the park by bringing peacocks so that snakes can be preyed on by peacocks and this idea is considered successful by the king until the king rewards his friends from Pakistan by making a statue now in the garden resembling the Pakistani news source I got it from the Lombok TV program.

There are still some statues that resemble the Chinese and some other statues, but for more details, let’s come and for more details, we can ask the Local guide there, there is a name, Mr. Agus whose posture is big, Mr. Agus will invite you into and invite you to the hall Kambang and from here will be explained about all the objects in the park but actually every visitor must wear a red scarf and how to tie it is not arbitrary depending on status.

If you have a partner or are married the scarf ties must be on the left side of the waist, if it’s still a single, the scarf ties around under the navel and if you already have a candidate you should tie the right waist about the intention of coming to ask Mr. Agus.

The atmosphere is now the most up to date beside the Mayura Park wall, near the parking lot there are many people who market agate which seems to be less attractive because the stone traders putting up a tarpaulin placed on the garden wall also create a traffic jam when city people return from the office where they work.