The MTB trip route up the Bengkaung hamlet is not suitable for beginners, this route is only for people who are trained and really have strong knees. Do not even try. If you are a beginner, you should choose another route.

Our cycling route this time is not far from the city of Mataram, we will go to Gunungsari sub-district, West Lombok district. Our starting point is from the front of Alfamart as in the map above. for a clearer route that we will take you can click the red writing yes.

Our path is exactly in the hills that appear to the north of the city of Mataram, 100% asphalt road. At first we will ride a few kilos with flat terrain, then we will go uphill, “crazy.

At this location the incline is very extreme but not too long about 5 km with the contour rising steadily at some points there is a slight descent before reaching the top of the top hill.

Don’t try this route, this is the most frightening route for an MTB trip, this route is specifically for professionals. In this route we were not able to find a physically strong guide.

Those who really have to be strong must be participants who are already in the class of cyclists. On this route you will be presented with views of the coast from the top of the hill. You can see the Ampenan coast and the Bengkaug valley, Pelolat Hill, Seraye coral and Batulayar hills.

The length of the route is approx 7 km, not suitable for beginners. Our participants urge to be careful, especially when descending from the hill.

The terrain is very steep and will be slippery after the rain. normal travel time of 4 hours including resting while taking photos.

Once again this is very extreme, don’t try it, we recommend it for those who are used to cycling or cycling athletes. The view that you will get from the top of the hill will really pay for your energy.

There are several places for us to stop while enjoying the charming view from the top of the hill, for more details I just added a link about this Bengkaung hill, → See here

On this trip we do not provide lunch, as compensation we will try to get an adequate bicycle class, Extrada 5 or Extrada 6 from Polygon.

On the hill there are many places where we can buy snacks, but don’t worry, the loading car will also join the fiber to go up the hill, bring logistics and ready to help the overwhelmed participants.


IDR 300,000 / Person

(Minimum 5 Participants)



  2. Bicycle Helmet
  3. Attraction Entrance Ticket
  4. Unlimited Bottled Water
  5. Lunch + fruits
  6. Bike Lifter Pick Up Car


  • Pick up from hotel to start point and back to hotel again
  • Cycling Guide
  • Marshal (for group participants)


The cycling route will be conditioned according to the participants’ physical abilities or you can choose the route that we have displayed on this page, if it can be considered according to the information we have written.

In the implementation, participants must not be divided into several parts. To make it easy to control the Guide and avoid wrong lanes.

For equipment we only provide bicycles, helmets, Pick Up Loading cars for other purposes such as carrying spare bicycles and other logistics.

For other equipment is the initiative of the participants, because this is a place to relax and relax while traveling.

Minimum of 5 participants if less there will be other things that must be taken into account. In this adventure trip package we illustrate the departure location from the city of Mataram.

The starting location is very flexible which you can request from anywhere, especially from the Senggigi area, Kuta beach, Bangsal Harbor and others because there are so many hotel locations for tourists to stay.