tour Gili Nanggu

Gili Nanggu

For Nanggu beach lovers who are looking forward to your arrival the island which is only about 12 hectares wide will offer its charm, beautiful surroundings that consist of hills that wall the beach from a distance, clear sea water showing off the coral contained in it , the gusts of the wind and the whispers of the waves that will bring peace, the island is still neighboring 2 other islands, Gili Tangkong and Gili Sudak, even one of them is often approached by visitors, Gili Kedis.

The gate on the Gili Nanggu pier

Actually, Gili Kedis does not belong to the neighbor category because only a small island covering 10 acres and there are no inhabitants but very exotic to take pictures here. To get to this island, there are many boat ports that we can access from the city of Mataram, among them can be through Cemare harbor not far from Lembar Harbor, from here visitors from Mataram city will be faster or not too long to drive a car or motorbike, only around 30 minutes from we can also see the Nanggu harbor, we only have to cross 15 minutes to arrive at Nanggu.

Sisi Timur pulau Gili Nanggu

Alternatively, you can go through Lembar port as well, as visitors don’t spend too much time driving cars or motorbikes, but from Lembar Harbor to Nanggu dyke it takes longer to work because the boat starts from inside the bay and will spend 30 minutes now the closest port to Gili Nanggu is the Tawun port from here it only takes about 10 minutes to arrive at Gili Nanggu.

Public toilet in Nanggu

Unfortunately from this port, if we are from Mataram city, we will spend around 1.5 hours because we have to go around the bay and cross the coast to the south of Gili Nanggu or in Sekotong Barat sub-district, but the cost of crossing to Gili Nanggu is cheaper, of course around Rp. 300,000 for charter, a maximum of 10 passengers, can also visit 3 islands, namely Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong, Gili Sudak and the extras to visit Gili Kedis, for sure the price of the boat charter is more expensive.

Not far from the beach is very shady if you want to play and walk on white sand

After arriving on this island, every visitor will be visited by a coast guard to pay a tourist entrance fee of Rp 5,000 / person because your used food waste will be handled by the manager and it is emphasized by the manager not to dispose of garbage, especially foreigners. many who travel to this island here you will be safe from the pursuit of souvenir traders or hawkers.

While waiting for the others to snorkel you can relax while playing swing

Such traders are not allowed to enter this island. Only one resort and no local residents living in this place are only inhabited by hotel employees who work in Gili Nanggu, not infrequently foreign tourists who come to this place are amazed by repeatedly saying this island is paradise island ‘paradise island’ ‘crystal-like white sand we occasionally see crab-type animals running around leaving traces of footprints, turtledoves flying low and running on the beach while looking at you like looking like you are astonished to see you at its location.

Gate to Gili Nanggu Cottages hotel area

Arriving at Gili Nanggu there is a choice whether to be alone or to play swing, but I suggest that you better get snorkeling equipment or maybe you have prepared snorkeling equipment before, because you rent snorkeling equipment in Gili, the rental price is too expensive because you are not competing. rather than just rent it because I am sure you will never count the rental price after seeing Gili Nanggu marine park, around Gili Nanggu waters there is a prohibition to fish here is very sustainable, coral reefs are very beautiful colored fish colorful in large numbers that flash in front of you when you snorkel and don’t forget to bring bread to eat fish, the fish here are very friendly with people who snorkel because everyone snorkeling is always coming to feed him.

Notices written on the beach area