Lombok Surf Course, Maybe you need to know this before arriving in Lombok. You come to Lombok suddenly and immediately want to find a place to study, it’s a bit of a hassle and will waste time.

There are many surfing spots, especially on the south coast of the island of lombok. As I know, surfing locations in Lombok can be done at Gerupuk beach, Kuta beach, Mawi beach, Mawun beach, Selong Beanak beach and Bangko-bangko beach.

What I mentioned above is classified as a place for masters, not for beginners, if you want to learn to surf you can also try the 3 Gilis in North Lombok. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.
So, let’s focus on our current topic.

Where is it if you want a surfing course in Lombok? There may be several places but unfortunately what I know is only one place to learn to surf on the island of Lombok which is well organized. There are instructors from local people and there are also Caucasians.

A well-organized surfing course in Lombok on Selong Belanak beach “Eva Surf”, I have attached the price for the package below. Aside from being a provider of surfing or surfing lessons, this place also provides a menu for lunch, such as a beach side restaurant.

OK, no need to elaborate. If you want a surf course, just contact us, I suggest well in advance so that we can prepare for your arrival, especially those who have already deposited so that we don’t hesitate.

Surf Course

– Surf lesson
-Surf beginner lesson
-Surf trip
-Rent board
-Surf package

Lombok Surf School

Surf Lesson
– 2 hour duration
– Twice down
– Break 15 minutes

Surf Lesson Beginner
– Explain or theory The instructor is given for 20 minutes
– Surf lesson beginner
– Rest
– Surf Lesson Beginner🙏🙏🙏

Price IDR 300,000 / Pax

Surf Trip 
– Selong belanak beach (First level)
– Serangan Beach (Second level)
– Mawi beach (Third Level)
Prince: 750,000 / pax (Include lunch and water)

Rent Board Charge:

  • 75,000 / pax (2 hours duration)
  • Prince’s rent board: 150,000 / Pax (Full day)


  • Explanation of the basics of surfing surfing》》》》 20 minutes
  • Surfing 1st》》》》》 60 minutes
  • Break time and lunch》》》》》 30 minutes
  • Surf 2nd》》》》》 30 minutes

Lombok Surf School

Lombok Surf School

Lombok Surf School

Lombok Surf School

Lombok Surf School