stick fight

Peresean Performance

Stick fight performance One of the performances in Lombok that made it amusing for those who watched it was the show ”Peresean”, a Peresean performance was very enjoyed by certain people in Lombok, although this performance looked very violent.

stick fight
Not to forget Caucasians-Caucasians also want to try it.

Actually this show stick fight performance highly upholds sportsmanship in fighting using a bat rattan which is given asphalt at the end of this rattan, in the competition can already be imagined if a piece of rattan that is both ends lined by highway asphalt material material landed on the head or on the back.

Lombok stick fight performance

This game consists of 2 Pepadu or 2 fighters who are freely chosen by a Pekembar (Promotor) or leader group or can also  as a trainer, match opponent who consists of one person in each corner or group of fighters and one referee who leads the match by blowing out the referee whistle for the start of the match or stopping,

Pekembar can be interpreted by the committee who also helps a referee to find a fighter by bringing Ende or Shields and rattan sticks or sticks to someone while hitting a shield or ende.

Once appointed with a ruler or rattan stick, a fighter who is ready to stand after standing shield is struck once, meaning that he has found someone who is ready to compete, then offered in the other corner by another pair in the same way.

stick fight
Pertarungan Peresean di alun-alun kota biasanya pada peringatan hari kemerdekaan yang dipertontonkan secara gratis bagi para pengunjung

Usually the enemy or his opponent will be considered the same big physical form, but not infrequently there is also one of Pepadu who is not brave with the opponent appointed by the pekembar,

Pepadu who is ready to compete will stand until he gets his opponent after the deal then the two Pepadu or fighters will be told to come to the front of the arena to undress then fitted with dodot or custom cloth and the head tied with a Sapuk or blankon in Java.

The match consists of 3 rounds of participants will be declared KO losers if hit by the head and bleed or participants drop the stick 3 times, if the participant wants to end the match or give up having to let go of the stick, the rules in the game are not allowed to hit the opponent by sticking the stick or back hand position like in badminton games, the match will be led by a referee using a signal and whistle sound.

Each winner will be given a prize depending on the committee’s agreement but in general the prize is usually in the form of a towel or cloth and the loser will be given an envelope containing a modest amount of money.

stick fight
Terkadang pertunjukan ini bisa digelar di pulau Sumbawa dalam acara pentas budaya

The Pepadu can consist of camps that stand in the corner of the ring that mingles with the audience before the match the pair starts around to see the people in the front row so the people sitting in front of the ring must be ready to be fighters.

Because when 2 pieces come towards him the one who sits at the front will prioritize. These events or competitions are usually held at the celebration of Independence Day or before the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday, it can also be at certain celebrations.

the game will be accompanied by the sound of the Gamelan or Traditional Orchestra to increase the more lively atmosphere as well as to give more enthusiasm or enthusiasm to Pepadu or fighters. Besides that, the sound of the Gamelan will also be able to entertain the audience.

Who come flocked to buy admission tickets, usually the audience room that buys tickets will be fenced off with woven bamboo beds, the matches are generally held on the soccer field and can also be in the hall.

Some fighters aside from demonstrating the skill of dancing while hearing the accompaniment of Gamelan as well which certainly shows the technique of playing, and which certainly must be able to entertain the audience.

It is not uncommon for fighters to be aroused in competition and this is where the referee’s role must be meticulously leading the match and having to stop matches, matches as well drown is assessed for the assessment of the referee and will be given a prize immediately after the match is valid for all matches that either drown or end in losing or winning.

It is not uncommon for participants to finish competing with bruises or bleeding on their backs or other limbs, except those affected by bleeding heads will be considered KO. Participants are strongly required to compete by not wearing clothes.

Must use Sapuk or Blangkon and must use Dodot or cloth like traditional cloth, for true fighters it is very visible how to play, can entertain while dancing, can be funny with gestures and which is definitely rare sapai injured, some there are also participants who are trusted to use kanuragan but this is difficult for us to discuss.