Snorkeling Trip

Snorkeling Trip

Gili Trawangan Snorkeling Trip. This trip seems mandatory for those who linger on Gili Trawangan. It’s a shame if you don’t try this trip, because Gili Trawangan is small, with a wide beach and sea. Do you want to go to mom? And what is beautiful is the marine park.

If you want to try to do Gili Trawangan snorkeling activities, of course you will be confused if you don’t enter this blog page. I make sure the information you will get is complete here. Because the author of this blog has been on Gili Trawangan for a long time and has been involved in organizing a Gili Trawangan snorkeling trip.


  1. Snorkeling Equipment Rental In Gili Trawangan Rp 75.000 / Set
  2. Public Snorkeling Trip In Gili Trawangan Rp 150.000 / Person
  3. Alternative Snorkeling In Gili Trawangan Rp 150.000 / Person
  4. Special Snorkeling Trip On Gili Trawangan Rp 300.000 / Person
  5. Private Boat Snorkeling On Gili Trawangan Rp 1.000.000 / 3 Person
  6. Private Snorkeling Trip And Cycling In Gili Trawangan Departs From Teluk Nara Harbor


Snorkeling TripSnorkeling is a beach or marine park tourism activity that is quite fun by using simple tools such as “Mask” or google like glasses for water that covers most of the face including the nose so that it does not enter water.

With this object you can literate in a drowned head in the water, “Snorkel” is a breathing tube connected through the mouth up (air) on the snorkel there is a kind of grip in the mouth by being bitten.

So that it is not easily released from the mouth, you can also dip it into the water to the end of the hose Connecting to the air entering the water while holding the breath to dive to a depth of several meters depends on how long you can hold your breath.

For the purpose of getting closer to the object in the snorkeling spot, after that when you connect it back into the air, the water that enters the snorkel hose can be blown until the water that comes in is blown out without having to remove the snorkel, from the mouth to remove water in it.

This can done for people who are used to snorkeling. Now these two things are the most important in doing snorkeling activities, while other additional tools such as “fin” or more easily understood are referred to as feet-frogs.

Because when people use it looks like a frog with a long leg shape with a wide foot fin shape easy pedaling, this tool is additional so that when snorkeling is faster to do movements in all directions: left, right, front and bottom.

That is for people who are used to using this tool, if not used this tool will only make it difficult even sometimes resulting in legs becoming cramps.

Snorkeling Trip
Fin is very important if you like to maneuver in water

In doing snorkeling activities, it is very supportive for those who have often snorkeled and there are even some participants who are very disappointed if they do not get fin facilities or are disappointed to not be able to rent fin because for snorkeling sharing on Gili Trawangan fin does not include the facilities provided on the boat and to get it you can rent with a rental price of between Rp 10,000 – Rp 20,000 per pair, the price depends on the condition because fin also consists of various classes with various brands, shapes and prices that adjust the quality.

“Lift jacket” or called lift vest, this is very needed for participants who cannot swim or are not good at swimming but snorkeling using a life jacket you will not be able to maneuver like going into the depths with the intention of wanting to get closer to the fish or want to be close when you see a turtle that is more blank on the reef, see the marine park and the fish contained in it, using a life jacket it looks like the fin doesn’t need to be used because the benefits are not maximal.

Diving Gili Trawangan
Diving Activities

Snorkeling is a very cheap alternative when compared to diving activities because the tools used for diving are very expensive and use more prepared tools such as wet suit, oxygen canisters and other knacks, participants must have a license to be able to do fun dive besides All equipment in general is outside production. For one diving, it only lasts 45 minutes for one spot and costs more than US $ 35 / person or one dive + Rp 50,000 for coral reef conservation costs managed by the foundation, “Gili Echo Trust” developed by Caucasians, Caucasians, instructors diver on Gili Trawangan, but also needs to be recognized that diving provides a sensation that is much different than snorkeling

Snorkeling Trip
Snorkeling Route Simulation for 3 Gili

For those who have never snorkeled, I suggest you try it, the theory is very easy, on the boat, please ask to be taught how to use the right tool to guide the snorkel on the boat before splashing into the water, but wait for the other participants to come down to the water to snorkel. The most important thing to take into account is that there are things that we never expected, namely: If people are not familiar with this trip, they will experience seasickness with an indication that the head feels dizzy, cold sweat and will end up vomiting, removing all stomach contents, but there is some people also can stand without feeling this complaint.

Targeting people who will experience vomiting or seasickness is usually for those who are trying to be on a boat without going to snorkeling, another thing that needs to be avoided when snorkeling is not to get sea water into the nasal cavity or mouth especially until it can swallow it in.

Into the throat, this will usually make the head feel dizzy and will lead to seasickness, this will trigger our mind to immediately edge to stay away from the boat.

If we take part in trip sharing or public snorkeling because the participants consist of around 50 people , it is very unlikely that just because a few people feel dizzy or get seasick then we can ask the snorkel guide to steer the boat aside, but if our boat status is leased, private or chartered certainly no party will object.