Areguling Beach

A few years ago when I wanted to go along the beach on the southern island of Lombok, especially the destination, I wanted to find out the beach objects that existed between Kuta Beach and Selong Belanak beach, which had been registered in my mind. I never know Areguling Beach.

I have to visit Mawun beach, which for decades I have gotten information about its beauty through tourism pamphlets or brochures, to be honest at that time I did not have a motorcycle, at that time, if I wanted a motorcycle, I had to buy cash or buy without credit, at that time almost all the people difficult to have a motorcycle if it is not helped by financing through credit or “finance”. OK, it seems like I want to have a motorcycle at that time.

Areguling south beach of Lombok

After I could have a motorbike like people in general, with credit it seems like my curiosity will be answered, all of the newly opened lanes I followed were no exception to the path that goes from Kuta beach to Selong Belanak beach, the first time at that time I failed because there are improvements to the road from the direction of Kuta beach to Selong Belanak beach.

I saw a number of heavy equipment (excavators) on the hill dredging the ground in the area of Areguling beach, I could not pass because the road was made up of dusty soil and there were piles of unused leveled dirt and finally I turned back towards Kuta beach because my cousin that I was reluctant to also want to continue the journey because of the unfavorable terrain conditions, even though the motor we use a large CC with P220 type as I recall was in 2012.

A year later I tried again to cross the path I was referring to, but this time I entered through the Penujak village route just after the Penujak market about 100 meters there was a bridge with an Australian steel frame model, there was a lane to the right there was also a road map belonging to the Department of Transportation with an arrow reading “Belongak Belanak.”

Because these instructions I see too often when I go take tourists to Kuta beach (Areguling). This path was once the main route to Kuta beach before there was access to the supporting road to the direction of the Lombok International airport, I say for people who have recently visited Kuta beach this route might be unfamiliar to him.

From Penujak village to Selong Belanak beach at that time, it was still dominated by corn or tobacco plants, the condition of the asphalt road was good but it was bumpy because under the road there was clay so that there was a shift in the structure of the soil. I drive up and down, but not all such roads are only a few km (about 2 km)

Selong Belanak Beach, west of Areguling Beach and still one village

Road conditions also go up and down but more likely to rise because we will go to the hill that appears on the mainland of the southern island of Lombok if the weather is sunny. Along the road there were no restaurants or even restaurants, unlike 2 days ago on October 15, 2017 we and the team explored had to stop by at Missile Meatballs and next to him there was a simple restaurant with a rather modern menu.

There have been a few changes in this path over time accordingly: Demands, Needs and Prospects will affect the movement of the local economy, many houses have also been seen with brick wall construction, small kiosks, motorcycle repair shops already exist in several places. we see on the side of the road.

Back to the beginning of the story until I approached the Selong Belanak beach until at the fork in the road if going to the right will go to the Selong Belanak beach and if turning left will lead to several beaches that become tourist destinations, including: Mawi beach, Semeti beach, beach Mawun, Areguling beach and up to Kuta beach. At that time I only knew he wanted to go to Mawun beach and at that time I had a chance to visit him.

After a few times I crossed this road, at that time there appeared a path to the hill that had just opened but at that time I was not interested in visiting it because it was still in the form of a dirt road with wet conditions, because at that time it was just pouring out and it seemed visible slippery and there are some lumps of soil not yet cleaned.

After a few more passes there are directions that read Areguling with arrows but have not been paved, in my mind I must explore in that direction because at that time I was with tourists and I was the guide, until this location I first saw in a post on Facebook, who posted is not friends with me but one of my friends was tagged and appeared on the homepage of one of my friends but I have forgotten the name of my friendship who was tagged because I was focused by paying attention to the pictures.

Until Sunday, October 15, 2017 I invite my friends NGELAMANG TRIP to come to this location (Areguling), before I have searched on google map and got two alternative paths, namely via the Penujak route or via the Tanak Awu line in front of the Lombok International Airport, the closest route is shown with the Tanak Awu route through the same village as the Penujak route but certainly the scenery is different, I prefer the path both so there is also knowledge for My Team.

Our first path went through the Penujak route in other words the main route to Selong Belanak beach until we reached the Areguling beach, we were both the first to enter this area, from the main route up to the top with pretty good asphalt road conditions which used to be just a road narrow land, after reaching the top there are also some residents living above, until the asphalt is cut in the village not to the edge of the beach and along the dirt track.

After entering the Areguling beach area I was a little confused I wanted to take it to where the first My Team, to the left or to the right up to the hill where there is a paragliding dive activity, but I chose just left according to my instinct to go to the rock cliffs that posted on Facebook first, if you go straight to the beach, you can see a car and motorcycle parking lot, and it looks like Mushalla is being built.

If you want to get in just for a short time, 1 motorbike can pay for parking 5,000 x 3, it is better to just turn left until the fishermen’s village, we stop for a moment to take pictures, it just so happens that there seems to be a Gili or a fairly large island with hilly contours, the person said called Gili Nusa and not too far from the beach, about 50 meters.

We also took photos to the left and right, the object was both the view of the cliff and after a couple of times when I looked down at the feet one of my friends was mining the sand, he said to make it to be placed at the bottom of the aquarium he said while putting sand grains in bottled 1500 ml bottled water, his sand was quite unique as in Mandalika Resort or in several other beaches such as Tanjung Aan beach, Seger beach, Semeti beach, Mawi beach and others because on the island of Lombok is very many places choose this form of sand.

Merese Hill beach Just to east from this beach

The shape is like a roundabout of pepper also there is almost the same as pepper grains (varies) then after drinking our bottled water also feels fresh again and we proceed to the cliff that we mean, at that time there appeared to be 3 girls driving motorbikes to in the direction we are going, we are both giving light but they don’t go along the beach just taking pictures a few minutes later returning, we were too impatient to scoop up a cell phone camera before parking under a tree, we didn’t expect it to be a tree This is great for photo objects and we immediately act.

After completing our shelter we must immediately go explore to the coast and for motorcycle safety one of our friends must be prepared to sacrifice at the location where we parked the motorbike so that My Team is calm, it seems we find it difficult to walk quickly along this beach, eeeeiiittt … !!! for a while this was caused by too many good objects to take pictures so while walking while taking photos and finally we found fishermen’s hut exactly facing Gili Nusa.

It is said that Gili Nusa is being offered with a number of hectares of land, well the location is in the form of rocky hills and in the distance on the hill the traditional miners appear, also suitable if we look at the color of the rocks in front of us like the color of iron rust and the color of sand- here there are jet black and there are white sands separated, while stopping taking pictures well, we just enjoy this trip.

My Team see on Facebook: Iwan Keongracun, Tigor Jeeva, Qirin Rin and Supardani Dan

Until the second time we found a fisherman’s hut with a total of about 5 heads of families, we continued the journey until we found a towering rock as you can see in the cover picture above, the shape is very beautiful with whitish color, this is something I have never seen before , we were very comfortable in this place.

It seems that the water is receding maybe if the tide is likely our feet will be wet with a knee but unfortunately the time is not possible to linger in this last place also we cannot continue the journey to the next location and finally, let’s go home let’s go home together and finally around 18:00 we arrived at our respective homes.

Seger beach

Seger Beach

According to native dialect Seger beach mean is Fresh beach, from the name it is interesting to hear, it will even build the perception of how beautiful this beach is to visit. But it is also not wrong with this name, this beach is really as fast as its name.

It appears on the left of the hall open for the Bau Nyale event

The location of Seger beach is located at the end of Kuta beach, or I can say neighbors near Kuta beach. The beach panorama is very full of charm if taken from many angles. On Seger beach there are many hills that adorn this location.

In addition to decorating these hills we can ride for a place to take beautiful pictures on Seger beach. There are 3 hills, 3 of these hills have no special names, only there are high-pointed shapes, some are short not too high and some are moderate but have plains on the hill.

Seger beach sightings in the afternoon

I recommend taking photos on all the hills, because everything is good, but the best in my opinion is on the highest and sharpest hill. But just be careful because the slope is very steep and quite draining.

At Seger beach location there is an open hall, here is an event place that is always held in every Nyale Odor event or sea worm catch event which is said to only appear once a year in February during high winds and heavy rains. Well after the storm passed then this worm will come out.

I don’t want to change the topic to talk about the smell of Nyale or this worm catch event. I will focus on reviewing this tourist location. This location is very close to one of the famous resorts in the Mandalika Resort area, which is the Novotel hotel, which has the concept of the Sasak Lombok house.

If you want to come to this location I suggest to come at 10 am. Yes, because around 10 o’clock in the morning the water is rising. If the water is high and the sun is bright, this place will only look maximum. because in the morning the water is in high tide, while in the afternoon the water will be cloudy, the coastline looks less beautiful.

In addition, if the afternoon sun is in the west position. So our focus on taking pictures towards the Novotel hotel will be against the sun, well if you bring a professional camera set may not be a problem, but if most tourists come by carrying and using the camera from the smart phone.

Well the point. If you want to come to take pictures to this location, you should come in the morning, go up to all the hills around Seger beach. On the east side it can be seen clearly that the Merese hill in Tanjung Aan and on the west side will be clearly visible in Kuta beach but if you take a photo from the hill.

Buwun Mas

Buwun Mas is Lombok nice panorama like a spark of firecrackers in the ears of the local traveler today, how is that not what I like it. The village of Buwun Mas, located Lombok nice panorama in Sekotong Tengah sub-district, West Lombok district, is a place where green savanna is very pampering, so it is more complete, people call it more popular as “Savanna Buwun Mas”

Lombok Nice Panorama Buwun Mas Location

Lombok nice panorama
The Nambung coast line, when searching from Selong Belanak beach

Buwun Mas Village is no stranger to me because 3 years ago I crossed the path to this location but frankly for the Buwun Lombok nice panorama savanna location I did not know the exact location, when a friend of mine sent a Buwun Mas savanna picture via chat WhatsAap.

I just called his name bro Iwan then under the picture there is a chat, “Don’t know where is this location?

As soon as I click on the image that was shot on from the Instagram account then there appears the words Buwun Mas, Lombok nice panorama in Sekotong, West Lombok. I immediately answered that Buwun I know but regarding the location of the savanna in question I don’t know where the location is.

The end of a long conversation ended with the conclusion of Sunday, December 23, 2018 that we agreed to visit the Buwun Mas savanna location.

The Way To Lombok nice panorama Buwun Mas

Parking Lot
Parking space in residential areas

The route to Buwun Mas can be accessed through 2 selected routes from the city of Mataram, this is what I know: The first alternative can be reached via the same route to the beach of Selong Belanak, before arriving at the Selong Belanak beach about 4 km before there is a junction with directions Pass to Selong Belanak and the lane turn right towards Sekotong, you have to follow the path that turns right towards Sekotong until the speedo motorbike shows the number 74 km then it will find the entrance to the Buwun Mas savanna.

Alternatively, you can travel to the two locations of Buwun Mas via Lembar Harbor in the direction of East Sekotong then at the T-junction of the city of East Sekotong sub-district, take the path to the Sepi highway until you show 49 km. You will find a land path going up to the right towards Buwun Mas savanna where Lombok nice panorama is here.

Lombok nice panorama
Savana Buwun Mas and Blongas bay in Sekotong Tengah sub-district

So if you drive from the direction of the city of Mataram as good as through the port sheet line this alternative is closer, so when we explore the location of Buwun Mas with Mas Iwan we trace it from the direction of Selong Belanak beach, because to my knowledge Buwun Mas is very close to Selong Belanak and it turns out The village of Buwun Mas is very wide including covering the hamlet of Nambung which is famous for its salty waterfalls or the beach of Nambung. We also had time to stop at Nambung beach but unfortunately because of the wave season and small winds we did not get the Nambung beach as we wanted.

Buwun Mas Savanna In Sekotong 

Lombok nice panorama
The stretch of thatch at Buwun Mas savanna is soothing to the eyes

On the way to find the Buwun Mas savanna location, we kept asking anyone on the way until we found a signboard on the left side of the road with the writing TOURISM OBJECT OF BUILDING then I realized that if we knew the location here we would come through Lembar Harbor, and stupid again we don’t think about using the Google map application.

I just think about this location that has not been touched by tourists massively, as soon as we go to the parking lot it turns out visitors are like a market atmosphere.

After we parked the vehicle then walked up or climbed to the savanna location people went up and down with boisterous atmosphere, there were some visitors who were still desperate to ride using their motorbikes but I suggest that you don’t love the motorbike.

Select the typical motor bike to take the hill

If your motorbike is trial type or type of off road is okay, just need to be careful at some points the terrain is very extreme or very heavy if you are not good at controlling a motorcycle.

Track to Buwun Mas
The path goes up to the Buwun Mas savanna which is still OK for motorbikes

The journey will take about 30 minutes 2 km because the terrain is slippery, narrow and climbing, which surely you will arrive with sweat pouring, clothes wet with sweat, at the location there are impromptu traders using tarpaulin tents that sell bottled drinking water there are also those who sell Magnum class ice, there are also those who sell young coconut ice at a cheaper price compared to buying it in Mataram for Rp 5,000 but the portion is more expensive.

Lombok nice panorama
The appearance of visitors is very crowded if during the holiday season

This location is very wide, well it’s called savanna if you explore this location you can spend 2 km to find a good location for photo objects, I suggest if you arrive at the resting location just 15 minutes to lower your heartbeat while enjoying the charm of Buwun savanna Mas. It would be even better if you came to visit here by avoiding the holiday season or holiday, because if on holidays there were too many visitors who came to this location but another case if you like the crowd.

Lombok nice panorama
The other side of the Buwun Mas savanna

If you are not a Lombok person there will be questions in your heart about the meaning of the word Buwun Mas. Buwun means above and Mas means Gold is the literal meaning of this location or the content of this land contains Gold, this is not just a name in this location there are traditional gold mines which are located sporadically or mining excavation points separate.

There are some residents in When I asked Belongas Bay at a coffee shop about a luxury house in a remote village, he said that the luxury house belonged to a liquid gold owner or who succeeded in gaining gold mining around the hills in the village of Buwun Mas, so it was not just name but this region contains gold mining minerals.

No signal for mobile Phone here

Lombok nice panorama
If the rainy season doesn’t forget to bring a raincoat

Besides that I can inform you at this location that there is no signal for cell phones, no rice stalls especially restaurants, no public toilets and no water sources, if there is oblique news about security to the location you should not be too trusting because the community the local people really do not like the assumption.

At least do not cross alone after night to keep the possibility that is not desired. Too bad our arrival at that time when it was cloudy so the sea water looked gray.

The sky was like that, when the rain fell there was no shelter at least you brought a raincoat made of crisp plastic bags that you can buy at Indomaret or Alfamart. At that time I had asked since when was this location visited by many people to the people where we bought young coconut ice, he frowned slightly thinking a little longer, about 2 weeks ago but he denied again with the word “sorry” already 3 weeks ago sir, he said again.