FIRST DAY: Pick up – Senaru Village

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

The first day of pick-up to be taken to the village of Senaru. Because 1 day before climbing is very good to spend the night in the village of Senaru for preparation.

Senaru village besides starting points, there are also 2 well-known waterfall locations: Sendang Gila Waterfall and Tiu Kelep Waterfall which is the most beautiful waterfall on the island of Lombok.

The location of the Sendang Gila waterfall, which is closer to the entrance to the waterfall, is higher than the Tiu Kelep waterfall. So you can do soft trekking 1 day before to the location of the two waterfalls.

SECOND DAY: Senaru Village – Sembalun Lawang – Rim Sembalun

After finishing breakfast. From the hotel we pick up at 7:00 for us to take to Sembalun. The journey from Senaru to Sembalun is approximately 45 minutes.

Next terrain (savana) toward Bawak Nao

Before making the climb we will reserve all participants first and then we start the climb from the gate of Rinjani Geo Park Sembalun. Our climb starts at 08:00 am. For our target to arrive at Rim Sembalun, the time we will take is around 6 hours.

Medan’s initial ascent of Sembalun
Going through a number of resting posts prepared by the manager of Gunung Rinjani National Park (TNGR) sembalun is a plateau.

This means that we have started our climbing position at a height that is quite high at an elevation of about 1,100 m above sea level.

Rim Sembalun or Pelawangan Sembalun. First day camping place

For the initial stage, a stop at post 1. We will take it for 2.5 hours. Here we can relax for a moment to take a breath and to take shelter. Our trip at the beginning of the first day’s climb was not too heavy.

Some terrain conditions are very flat but unfortunately there is no tree where we use to shelter on this track because it is a very wide savanna and is dominated by grass that is green when the rainy season and will appear yellow when the dry season.

Next we proceed to Post 2 with the condition of the road going up a little and some of the flow of the former river flow that there will only be water when it rains or more accurately we might call it not a river but this is the flow of rain water, which is forwarded to the times in the plains low in Sembalun village.

Segara Anak Lake looks less perfect when we go down from Rim Sembalun

With just 30 minutes to go until we arrive at Post 2 to take a rest at all to cook and serve lunch, we arrive here at 11:30 am and we allocate 2 hours to finish resting and having lunch.

Next we will go to Post 3 with a steeper terrain with a slope of 30 degrees and we need 1 hour, to arrive at Post 3, upon arriving here we can take a short break while looking back.

Here we can see a good view. Seeing Sembalun village, which is under the Pergasingan hill, can also see a water holding pond for the purposes of watering the agribusiness project land owned by PT. S K E (Sembalun Kesuna Emas) obtained from drilling underground water.

Pendakian Gunung Rinjani 4H/3M (Danau) dari Senaru

Then we will continue the journey to Rim Sembalun with an estimated take 1 hour to post extra and from Post extra 2 hours until we arrive at Rim Sembalun for the night.

THIRD DAY: Rim Sembalun – Lake – Rim Senaru

At midnight at 2:30 a.m. after finishing breakfast we travel to the summit of Rinjani with an altitude of 3,726 m above sea level with a quite heavy journey due to the sandy terrain.

Terrain to peak

This is the view that is presented on the way from the lake to Rim Senaru
We will travel to the summit. It will take 3 hours to travel, meaning we will arrive at the summit around 6:00 to see the sunrise.

It is often difficult to wait in line for people to get down from the top of Rinjani at a distance of 30 meters because the area of ​​the peak is very small which can only accommodate about 7 people.

Then we go down faster with just 2 hours of normal time, we have to try at 11:00 pm, we have arrived at Segara Lake because if we are slow then we will take the dark before arriving at the rim Senarau or Pelawangan Senaru.

From Pelawangan Sembalun go down to Segara Anak Lake

After arriving at Segara lake, our child has 2 hours to rest while soaking in the Aik kalak or warm water bath for 1 hour.

After that, a little relax while enjoying the scenery around the edge of the lake.

Next we continue the journey to Rim Senaru over a steep cliff. Participants are advised to stay focused and always be careful.

The target time of 3 hours the participant must have arrived. The slowest at 5 pm in order to enjoy the sunset behind Mount Agung, which is on the island of Bali.

Cooking atmosphere in the Segara Anak lake area

The second night we will camp or stay at Rim Senaru while enjoying the beauty of Segara Anak lake and mountain “Baru Jari. From an altitude of 2,641 m above sea level.

“After dinner. The group can enjoy the atmosphere outside the tent, depending on the weather if possible or can also go straight to bed.

The temperature is usually very cold, we recommend getting up at 6 in the morning to be able to enjoy the morning atmosphere while enjoying the sunset, of course after that we prepare breakfast and drink hot tea, coffee or warm milk.

FOURTH DAY: Rim Senaru – Senaru Village – Transfer

Mount Rinjani from Senaru village, seen the building of climbing organizers.

This last day is a lighter challenge, at 7 am or 8 o’clock in the morning we continue our journey back to the village of Senaru. At 2 o’clock we have to arrive at Senaru village. “But we will serve lunch at post 2 at an altitude of 1,500 m above sea level with a thick forest atmosphere as shown.

After arriving at Senaru, please clean the body, a pickup car to take you to the final destination is ready to wait. Of course we have prepared luggage in the car.


Overnight at: Homestay, Rim Sembalun & Rim Senaru

2-4 people IDR 2,250,000 / Person

5 people up to IDR 2,100,000 / Person


Illustration of food and menus during Ascent
Fried Rice Lunch or dinner menu in the style of camping Rinjani
  • BREAKFAST; Pancakes, flour Martabak, fried banana and fruit salad
  • LUNCH; Boiled noodles with vegetables, chicken, fried potatoes, fried chicken and white rice.
  • DINNER; Special fried rice, omelet, fried chicken and white rice.
  • DRINK; Bottled mineral water, Tea, Coffee, hot oranges, Canned milk (choice after meals)


  1. TRANSPORT: Pickups from all places on the island of Lombok and transport back and forth in all places on the island of Lombok.
  2. MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner (at any time drinking coffee or tea we also serve food as a class of biscuits or bread)
  3. DRINKING: Drinking water is very important during the climb, when we start the climb we provide bottled water 1 bottle 1.5 liters but after we run out of drinking water we get it from the source of water because it is not possible to supply water from the beginning of the climb.
  4. TENT: For one tent for 2 people (this equipment is carried by the porter)
  5. SLEEPING BAG: Very important when sleeping on a mountain because the weather is very cold.
  6. PORTER: Porters play an important role in climbing, for 2 climbers will be assisted by 1 porter and already a guide.
  7. STAY 1 NIGHT IN SENARU: Before climbing, participants must prepare themselves in the village of Senaru 1 day in advance to prepare everything including meeting the Master of the track in order to communicate and ask questions about the terrain of climbing on Mount Rinjani.
  8. INSURANCE: Each participant gets insurance.


  1. ENTRY TICKETS: Each climber is required to pay an entrance ticket Rp 150.000 / day for administrative and registration purposes.
  2. Other personal needs
  3. For other personal items, you must use porters or extra extras.


  • The package listed above is very heavy for beginners, so those who feel physically less trained should make a longer reques package to take the climb so climbers can enjoy the trip and enjoy the scenery.
  • All things about climbing Mount Rinjani can be consulted because what I report above is only an outline description of the procedure for climbing Mount Rinjani and if you are a group participant of course we can adjust the price again.