Yacth Party

Dragoon yacth “One and Only” is the promotional language used because the only and only one is a new generation of innovation from a yacht model that is thicker to emphasize the wooden matrial on the body of a 40-meter long yacht.

10 meters wide and 380 HP motorized and with a maximum speed of 10 knots, above the center of the yacht is equipped with a small pool or easier to understand. This pool in Europe is called a Jacuzzi consisting of 6 cabins with bathrooms in it also available 2 public bathrooms, there are bar and kitchen open, there are also 9 crew ready to liven up this yacth atmosphere.

With a capacity of 120 passengers, the Dragoon yacht activities every day except Monday, if you want to know exactly, we invite you to join the menu which is more highlighted in the western life style, especially the party that is most sought after by young people who are vacationing on Gili Trawangan.

Not only that, you can rent a Dragoon yacht specifically for certain celebrations such as, celebrations, birthdays, weddings and other events according to your purpose with a description of the rental price of US $ 9,000 with a capacity of 100 people and anything included in the rental price please contact us and we will email the offer.

Day Cruise

Day Cruise is a dragoon yacth activity on Saturday which has been packaged nicely by the management team, especially the most priority participants who are in the Senggigi area as seen from the itinerary of yacht departure is more complete than the departure from Gili Trawangan.

In other words participants who stay on Gili Trawangan will only get a portion of the program, for that participants who are from Gili Trawangan can participate in half of this program as well as the price will be half that is $ 50 / person.

The package price of the Day Cruise is set at $ 100 / person including transportation back and forth from Senggigi area to the port of Nara bay, lunch & bicycle rental on Gili Trawangan as for the departure schedule starts at 08:30 -08: 45

Pick up around Senggigi area at 08:45 am – 09:00 am pick up around the Medana and Sira area at 09:30 check in at the port of Teluk Nara at 10:00 am take a boat then head towards the 3 Gili at 11:00 am

Arriving at Gili Trawangan at 11:30 am cycling or snorkeling at 01:00 lunch at the beachside wave villa hotel at 02:30 pm cycling or snorkeling at 04:00 riding on the Dragoon yacth to go around 3 islands .

05:30 pm anchored to wait for the sunset when accompanied by a thumping music, canape and cocktail at 6:15 pm returned to the port at 06:30 pm back to the hotel.

Fun Sunset Cruise

Under the same management as the Day Cruise program offers snorkeling activities with a model that is more elegant than normal snorkeling that only uses a small boat is almost similar to Day Cruise activities only do not include lunch.

Start time is 3:00 pm by boat at Nara Bay the ticket price is set at US $ 60 for departure from the Senggigi area and if you take part from Gili Trawangan the ticket price will be $ 50

For details of this program itinerary at 01:30 pm – 01:45 pm pick-up in the Senggigi area at 01:45 pm – 02:00 pm pickup in the Medana and Sira area at 02:30 pm check in time at the port of Teluk Narajam 3:00 p.m.

Take a boat and head to 3 Gili at 04:00 pm snorkeling at Gili Meno at 05:00 pm anchored at Medana beach overlooking Gili Air at 7:30 pm anchored anchored while waiting at sunset and accompanied by chill out music, canapes and cocktails at 6:15 pm back to the port of Nara bay at 06:30 pm back to the hotel.

Yacth Party

Dragoon Yacth Party is operated by western young people with a rented boat system then organized together in such an alluring way for young Caucasians who happen to be vacationing on Gili Trawangan.

They are more knowledgeable and understand the party concept adopted from their country so that the party schedule is operated 3 times a week ie Wednesday, Friday and Sunday more lively or in other words there are always many participants in the Dragoon yacth.

Each male participant will be charged Rp 350,000 / person and women will be charged half the price of Rp. 175,000 / person. Check in starts at 01.00 pm in front of the Gili T resort hotel. At that time each participant will be checked for tickets and given a bracelet as a sign of the participant. .

Boarding to the top of the Dragoon yacht at 02.00 pm all participants were confirmed to have been on the Dragoon yacht while accompanied by party-style music departing in circles around the 3 Gilis while enjoying the surrounding scenery.

Around 04:00 pm participants are invited to jump into the water swimming an hour after that sailing towards Gili Trawangan while enjoying the sunset, the program ends at 06:30 pm all participants will be dropped 0ff to Gili Trawangan then participants from Senggigi have already transport back to the hotel in Senggigi or the Medana and Sira areas.