aneka kerajinan Lombok

Ketak Handicraft

Bags made of woven fiber

What is Ketak woven ? Ketak is a type of plant whose length is like a rope, with a diameter range of 3 mm.

Then this material is dried to have a strong, decent texture like rattan in a very small form.

Craft materials made by Lombok people, processed or made with various forms of quality crafts.

“Such as bags, wicker jars or pottery, glassware, stalls for the kitchen and so on).

Almost all woven bags for women’s fashion

where to buy ketak woven

Wicker craftsman can you find in the district of central Lombok, the east. In the village of Beleke.

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The community here, making plaits together as a discussion, apart from farming. now residents of Beleke village in the era of Lombok tourist visits.

Almost all woven bags for women’s fashion

The more motivated to develop this type of ketak woven craft, the handicrafts are in great demand by art and craft shops to sell not only in Beleke village.

If you visit an art shop on the island of Bali, you will find Ketak craft materials too.

To get the ketak woven craft, “you can get souvenirs, souvenirs from your hometown in Mambalan village, Gunungsari sub-district not far from the northern city limits of Mataram.

These products appear to be juxtaposed with Gunungsari bamboo handicrafts in various forms.

Ketak woven in other village

You can also get it in the village of Lendang Re in Sayang-Sayang sub-district, in the village of Jangkuk, this product is compared with wood carving.

Because most of it is also a woven ornament, to beautify the carving artwork in Lombok.

Besides that, it can be obtained in Banyumulek village which is combined with pottery and pottery.

Ketak has a distinctive style in every combination of handicrafts, every craftsman in Lombok uses ketak as an additional ornament to beautify the appearance.