lombok landmark

Likewise, in Lombok there is a landmark building which is a building of a mosque that is being built very large (Lombok Landmark) which has been running from 2009 until now is still in the process of approximately 75% physical construction.

Which seems to have finished the construction phase of the dome and several towers because this mosque will be facilitated by the construction of the university which is one in the mosque’s courtyard.

The construction of this mosque is located in the heart of Mataram which is well known by the nickname 1,000 mosques and mosques which are the mains of mosques in Lombok and the names are not mentioned as other mosques are simply called “ISLAMIC CENTER MOSQUE” of course if In terms of the name.

This mosque will be of international standard and surely the students who will study at this university will consist of students from abroad. But recently there is another name besides the Islamic Center, the Great Hubbul Watahan mosque which means Love of the Motherland.

lombok landmarkThe construction of this mosque is Lombok Landmark sure to engulf the NTB provincial government budget because at the stage of construction it frees KONI Field, Mataram 6 Junior High School, the plantation office, the fisheries office and will follow the market of Dasan Agung Village which is still active as usual. northward. Udayana, eastward Jln. Pejanggik, to the south. Erlangga and to the west Jln. Langko the position of this mosque is located on the corner between Udayana and Langko roads.

This mosque is Lombok Landmark, The initiator of the construction of this mosque is the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Dr. KH. Muhammad Zainul Majdi M.A. or better known as TGB (Tuan Guru Bajang) Pouring Teachers in Lombok means that Kiyai and Bajang means that in Lombok language is young, which has taken office since September 8, 2008 until now.

It was the second term of office and his representative in the first period was Mr. Ir. Badrul Munir period (2008 – 2013) the figure of the governor was the grandson of the founding figure NW (Nahdatul Waton) of the great or famous cleric in Lombok. TGH. M. Zainuddin Abdul Madjid, as governor who graduated in Egypt.

Took part in politics from the Bulan Bintang party and finally moved to the Democratic party which is still in office, the second period representative is Ir. Muhammad Amin and once received the title of the youngest governor in Indonesia who was elected since the age of 36 year old

lombok landmarkThe source of funds for financing the construction of the Islamic Center mosque also involved donations from the salaries of civil servants in the NTB province cut shortly as participation in charity, worship and building for the benefit of the community because the majority of almost 90% of the population of NTB province are Muslims.

Who has a characteristic lifestyle of people who are very religious to the island of Lombok is well known by the nickname 1,000 mosques because it is proven when you arrive in Lombok you will find many mosques lined up along the road with a distance that is close to the physical building which is very large on average, then how to can this be the case?

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In Lombok, the community prioritizes mosque buildings rather than house buildings, even though the income of the per person community is still relatively low compared to other areas and it is highly unethical by the rich people.

To build houses higher than mosque buildings, you can see a thousand mosque monuments when you Lombok airport drives to the city of Mataram where it is exactly at the intersection of a statue of a cow in Gerung sub-district, West Lombok district, right in the middle of the roundabout.

lombok landmarkRecently on July 30 2016 Hubbul Wathan mosqe was trusted as the venue for the 26th national MTQ and this series of grand events was opened by President Joko Widodo and of course this atmosphere was very warmly welcomed by the people of Lombok in particular and by the people of NTB In general.

The presence of caravans from various regions greatly made the atmosphere of Mataram city suddenly colored and the committee had anticipated everything to avoid congestion so that the implementation of MTQ was as expected.

Until finally the implementation was successful because there were no obstacles and symptoms that we did not want, implementation the competition consists of many categories but sorry the details I do not understand for that if you want to know more please ask Google.

Mosque TowerThe mosque building consists of a 3-store core building, the first floor is a 4-wheeled vehicle parking space, the second floor is for the pilgrims’ room and the top floor is for women worshipers.

There are two escalators connecting the first floor to the third floor. Tiong Hoa ethnic Muslims outside the core courtyard, in addition to the core courtyard there is a page of mosque which is 2 meters higher than the outside courtyard of the mosque.

There are 5 mosque towers, one of which is the highest located in the middle of the 99 meter high entrance as a symbol of “Asmaulhusna, location The highest tower is used for religious tourism.

Visitors can enter the tower by paying Rp. 5,000 / person for a ride using the elevator donated by the Batu Hijau gold mining company on Sumbawa island PT. New Month other than that the building consists of a landscape courtyard which is part of the garden which is in the process of paving and arranging flowers and there is a fountain in the corner of the building.