Lingkoq Datu Cliffs

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Lingkoq Datu
Lingkoq Nine or vagina well, Because it is considered to resemble a Vagina

OK, thank you for opening this blog, and I know what information you want to get here Lingkoq Datu Cliff, of course you want to know where is the cliff “Lingkok Datu right?

Before we go to the main topic to discuss the location of the Lingkoq Datu cliff natural park which said this person is a tourist location that is not “main stream” or anti main stream.

Of course “Main stream that is meant here is, tourist destinations that are already known by people in general or the tourist location-that’s all or tourist attractions commonly known to people- people in general or just translate it alone means yes, you like it already because of the problem of English translation I prefer to guess the mix of instinct.

What if your version. “it’s up to you, if you say Javanese. Now I guess again the language is right, so we emphasize the word “anti” which means no, so the location of the tourist attraction “Lingkok Datu cliff is not a common tourist location that means, so if you traveling to this place means very different or other than others.

old mosque Lingkoq Datu
If you come with a four-wheeled vehicle park around this mosque then walk as far as about 1 km straight follow the path do not turn left.

From my habit of guessing sometimes I often misinterpret the meaning of words, including the word Lingkok Datu which in the language of the Sasak Lombok tribe “Lingkoq” means well and “Datu” means ruler or government.

The word Datu is more popular during the kingdom or in the past in Lombok to “Lingkoq Datu” can be interpreted as a well owned by the royal government, even though it was not in the days of the kingdom remote people in Lombok still used Datu’s words to refer to the government.

“So I initially, assumed the word Lingkok Datu was the word Kingdom to refer to its location majestic spacious and large, so if people come to the cliffs look down like people see a well and this is a royal well until the local people give it the name with the title “Lingkok Datu (royal well), because of the magnificent things will be symbolized by words that are respectable or elegant.

Lingkoq Datu area
This is my full box motorbike also up to the top of the cliff, the side box is full of cold drinks because we are preparing to get the heat on the site.

Apparently, my assumption was wrong after I came to the location and wanted to know the location of the Lingkoq Datu cliff turned out to be 1 km before entering the cliff site there were many Lingkoq or wells made by Datu or the government which numbered nine wells for the purpose of taking drinking water for buffaloes and cows.

The water is a little brackish because it is not too far from the beach, coincidentally not far from the location where we stand a lot, especially with cows under a shady Sengon tree, this is a statement from one of the people we found on the location, I don’t know exactly well keeper or shepherd.

Why do I say that because there are two wells lined by logs in one location which is approximately two acres wide and there are 2 large paruga, said the 65-year-old old man who just woke up from his sleep in gazebo in around this location.

There were nine wells scattered not far from the location of the main well which was lined with these logs, in other places there were some that had been stockpiled as well, he said. Then I asked again, why are these two wells being sacred with some people sir “I asked, he said there were oddities from these two wells.

The one was named the “Mame” or Male well and the other was named “Sumur Nine” or (female ) while I observed the location around there were potpourri from the pilgrims that still smelled of animism.

Other in the area
The beach is white sand but not too wide and seems to be rarely visited

It turned out that the more interesting the question, I asked again why was that name given, there was a Mame (male) well and a Nine well (female) ?

Yes, what is strange in this Nine well or the women’s well is a well that cannot be rounded when it is made or when dug to be given a round shape.

Until Tuan Guru (pastor) also witnessed the making of this well, it turns out that this one who can’t round him said, and this resembles a woman’s pub, sir ?

I stressed, he said yes. “In my heart I said yes it’s natural because the soil structure consists of rocky soil mixed with rocky soil.

This lump of rock must be sorted out, because the rock separates hard to form a structure with its own shape and the chunks of stone when removed are the easiest to form an oval and slightly pointed on one side to resemble a female vagina so that people around call it a well “Paws or Vaginal wells.

Ah, you know, I’m the basic guess worker. So, where did the name Lingkoq Datau come from? The Sekaroh villagers are only some people who know the term Lingkok Datu cliff but generally if you want to go to this location, people people are more familiar with the Penyisok beach.

I know again because not far from the shoreline there is a rainwater swamp that was dry at that time and the local people must often look for snails there because Sisok in Lombok means Snail.

Lingkoq Datu Cliff
We can still carry motorbikes to approach the Lingkoq datu cliff location.

Access to this location from the city of Mataram is still one lane with the aim to go to Pink beach just the same way on the Aro Inaq rural village.

The road to Pink beach must walk straight and lean towards the left while the path leading to Lingkoq Datu turns right at the hamlet fork ” Aro Inaq “with the characteristics of a transmigration settlement, the Aro Inaq rural village is very easy for you to recognize.

If you have ever been to Pink Beach, pay attention to the asphalt road, from the cut off asphalt road, about 3 km, continue to Pink beach turn right at the location of the transmigration settlement but do not forget to make sure you have lots of people constantly because you will be a little confused with the access to the beach.

Pay attention to the big road that can be traversed by the car but the condition is more damaged by the road the transmigration settlement boundary after that dusty road if it’s rainy season is sure this road will be slippery when viewed from the soil structure containing clay.

The location on Kaliantan beach, is still less well known to the city community, so that less visitors come to this location.

With this condition I am sure you will continue to stray if you do not diligently ask the locals, the local people look very good, friendly and always look excited showing the location of Penyisok beach.

So if it is still far before approaching the circle location, I suggest you ask where is the optician beach location because the name of the browser is better known as “ask” or ask both of them.

The location characteristics if you want to find a Prisoner of the mosque which looks old-fashioned which is not yet made, in this mosque there is a narrow left and can not enter the car straight with the characteristics of the Sengon tree lush and this is the road to the Lingkoq Datu beach.

At that time we were fooled by the width of the road and we turned left, if you came by car, park around this rock-walled mosque, lots of roomy locations but no shady places, when we turned left following the big road because there the four-wheeled vehicle just came out of the road.

The location we were aiming for seemed to be thudding as in the pictures until we were even more eager to be sure and finally circling on the hill like an overheating worm and finally we had to lower the ego to turn to the hut We passed by someone who was seen in the hut.

Then we went there to ask, when arrived at the hut came out a hooded mother with a very friendly welcome, I noticed you were passing by and I am sure you were wrong the way she added.

Lingkoq Datu of road
The path to the location is still a rocky land line.

Oh yes, we want to go to Lingkok Datu cliff madame, that’s where, said Mr. Helmi Subhan, who I was behind, the mother said, oh my God, if there was a road there, it was deadlocked when I pointed there.

Pointing to the rocky hill where we were circling earlier We went through this, pointing towards the Sengon tree again, the location was there, there was a small entrance, said the middle-aged mother.

“We also said goodbye, and thanked this friendly mother and then crossed the path.

Not infrequently our motorbikes ran aground in the dry rice field and on the wheels of my motorbike there were a lot of thorny bushes wrapped around the front wheels.

Even after arriving at the shady Sengon tree we were still confused and this was wrong for many times so my experience was enough to be a lesson because if I explain how many times wrong it seems it will frighten you to come here and finally we also have to take shelter and drink immediately.

The throat really feels thirsty, we see Gazebo seems right for resting at this location we met the old man 65 years as I mentioned above, so it seems like the mother showed us the location to the location of the well called Lingkoq Datu instead of showing us the location of the cliff we are looking for or what we are heading for.

My motor bike
As a result of the path of bushes of thorns, they also wrapped around the motorbike wheels.

After we finished chatting with the old man, we were also directed to follow two small children riding a motorcycle carrying water with a hallmark in one of the nine wells.

“After we passed, finally we saw the presence of some wells mentioned by the old man, sorry we forgot to ask the name of the father that.

Then we followed in the footsteps of the motorbike motorbike races which were not too often passed, then after we arrived at Penyisok beach to take pictures.

It was very unpleasant because there were a lot of rubbish sent from the river, then we struggled to control the motorbike to climb up the thick hills and in the end it was fun because the location we were heading to had met. We had to log on the cliff and we share it on YouTube.

You can watch it with a search with the title LINGKOQ THE COOL BEACH IN LOMBOK, after we finish here we return with another destination towards Cemara beach in Seriwe hamlet which is still adjacent to Kaliantan beach but we had to turn back towards the village in Aro Inaq hamlet until we ran the asphalt again for 3 km and turned left towards Kaliantan beach.

Kuta economy zone
The action paid for stress on Kuta beach, because to find Lingkoq Datu really had to struggle.

Before arriving at Kaliantan beach, we relax first on Cemara beach for a while, enjoying the wind and the sounds of the birds perched on the pine trees, which we certainly are hungry.

In the vicinity of the location there are no stalls or restaurants, finally we only eat the snacks we bought at Alfamart before, before leaving we had a chance to take pictures on Cemara beach and then visit Kaliantan beach which is not far from Cemara beach about less than 2 km.

After that we went home happily through the alternative route to Kuta beach because we wanted to know to what extent the development of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), the lane was very quiet from motorized traffic.

So we enjoyed the trip because it crossed the Ekas bay and Awang bay until arriving at Kuta beach it was already around 5 o’clock in the afternoon and we were only here for an hour.

The Paving Blog installation project was running and the atmosphere was still a bit chaotic and it was finished here finally we paid Rp 5,000 parking / motorbike then Bye Bye THE MANDALIKA.