Lombok Pottery
Lombok Pottery

Lombok Pottery is a production of basic materials made of clay which is then burned after being formed into a ceramic art.

Then after it is finished from the combustion process, then to the finishing process. by involving several ornaments.

Usually placed with eggshells, Ketak webbing, Cukli (from clam shell) and then colored with paint, varnish or polish.

In Lombok there are 3 places for pottery craftsmen, including: Banyumulek Village in Labuapi sub-district, West Lombok regency.

Penujak village in Pujut sub-district, Central Lombok district and in Masbagik sub-district, East Lombok district.

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Lombok Pottery
Banyumulek pottery collection in art shop Berkat Sabar

The focus of this review is the pottery craft from Banyumulek village in West Lombok district.

“Why is that. Because of the location, besides being close to the Lombok airport, the collection is very varied and very much.

In other words it is very massive, produced in this village, besides to see the manufacturing process in Banyumulek village you can see, you can also practice the process of forming this craft in certain art shop-art shops.

Lombok Pottery
The process of burning pottery in Banyumulek village, Labuapi sub-district, West Lombok

I call it like in Rismunika and Berkat Sabar. In the art shop there are several employees who are specifically placed as trainers or tutors for several hours.

The process of burning pottery in Banyumulek village, Labuapi sub-district, West Lombok
The shape of the shape later you can see for yourself at the location, according to taste and needs.

Most visitors or tourists are more likely to make souvenirs or cenderamata.

Such as: kettles, ashtrays, wall hangers, candle holders, Fast flowers, Kentong and so on, in very many forms and variations.

If you buy this pottery craft product, in a fairly large form, you can ask for help from the shop owner.

To send it through cargo services which will be managed by the owner of the art shop by calling the cargo agent.