aneka kerajinan Lombok

Ketak Handicraft

Bags made of woven fiber

What is Ketak woven ? Ketak is a type of plant whose length is like a rope, with a diameter range of 3 mm.

Then this material is dried to have a strong, decent texture like rattan in a very small form.

Craft materials made by Lombok people, processed or made with various forms of quality crafts.

“Such as bags, wicker jars or pottery, glassware, stalls for the kitchen and so on).

Almost all woven bags for women’s fashion

where to buy ketak woven

Wicker craftsman can you find in the district of central Lombok, the east. In the village of Beleke.

Take a look: Visit Lombok Carving Craft Village

The community here, making plaits together as a discussion, apart from farming. now residents of Beleke village in the era of Lombok tourist visits.

Almost all woven bags for women’s fashion

The more motivated to develop this type of ketak woven craft, the handicrafts are in great demand by art and craft shops to sell not only in Beleke village.

If you visit an art shop on the island of Bali, you will find Ketak craft materials too.

To get the ketak woven craft, “you can get souvenirs, souvenirs from your hometown in Mambalan village, Gunungsari sub-district not far from the northern city limits of Mataram.

These products appear to be juxtaposed with Gunungsari bamboo handicrafts in various forms.

Ketak woven in other village

You can also get it in the village of Lendang Re in Sayang-Sayang sub-district, in the village of Jangkuk, this product is compared with wood carving.

Because most of it is also a woven ornament, to beautify the carving artwork in Lombok.

Besides that, it can be obtained in Banyumulek village which is combined with pottery and pottery.

Ketak has a distinctive style in every combination of handicrafts, every craftsman in Lombok uses ketak as an additional ornament to beautify the appearance.

bamboo craft

Bamboo Crafts

Bamboo crafts in general may not be much different from those found in other places in the archipelago, but maybe there will be some models of models in each region. Then what about bamboo crafts in Gunungsari district?

Gunungsari sub-district is included in the district of West Lombok which is not far from the city of Mataram if it is estimated from the border gate of Mataram city to go to the location of the craftsmanship only about less than 2 km, exactly on the road leading to North Lombok regency.

bambo craft
Traffic conditions on the main road of Gunungsari Subdistrict, Mambalan village

Very transparent seen on the edge of the road to over with a variety of models and types of woven bamboo that can be bought directly or by ordering it in several craft shops ranging from beds, korsi, tables.

Types of types of household furniture baskets and very many kinds other types, but there is a more prominent one specifically that is the making of Berugak if in the Sasak language or the gazebo if called in English.

bamboo woven
Various kinds and types of bamboo and rattan crafts in Gunungsari

Gunungsari District has a wide area if we talk about the location of the craftsmen as we intended, so the location of the Gunungsari craftsmanship is only a small part of the area while Gunungsari covers almost all parts of the land below the hill which is clearly seen from the city of Mataram .

The atmosphere of the countryside still looks beautiful but lately a lot of property developers who developed their business into this area are understandable because the vast land has become increasingly narrow in the city of Mataram.

Gunungsari which was once known as the countryside but now has become an impromptu city especially in Sandik village, Classy housing loans are already high or have mushroomed, as well as the direction that leads to chaos, there are increasingly visible buildings for housing loans.

bamboo craft
Merchandise is displayed very transparent on the side of the road

Sorry, we left the topic of handicrafts in Gunungsari a little, I myself have already carried out inspections including asking the shop owner, the prices of handicrafts here are still quite affordable if you are interested in buying them because the items on display are still manufactured goods behind the house or still the production of the surrounding village.

As for my neighbors who now move to live in Gunungsari sub-district in the “village of craftsmen, they often say about the condition of their neighboring craftsmen who in their sense (craftsmen) are paid very cheaply to work on a product that is very obscure that means on a second party or boss who has a shop.

The craftsman will not be too expensive to sell but the story will be very different if the third hand displays the work in the art shop or in the shop for tourists especially if those who will buy from foreign tourists surely the price will be more fantastic.

bamboo woven art
Bamboo woven artshop in Gunungsari

So if you are interested or fond of bamboo and rattan handicrafts, you should ask the driver to take you to the village of Mambalan Gunungsari where I mean craftsmanship, I think it is very easy if the driver is born in Lombok.

Especially the people of West Lombok or North Lombok because of the location of the craftsmen or the shop is located on the main road of West Lombok and North Lombok districts.

Exactly on the left and right side of the road it seems very clearly lined up about 300 meters long, it’s just that the space for the parking lot is very narrow while this lane is a traffic congested lane or maybe if you are just on vacation from Gili Trawangan to Lombok International Airport (BIL) you will definitely cross this road 3 km before arriving in the center of Mataram city.

“Of course, if there is an intention to stop at Gunungsari to see or want to buy this craft you have to allocate an hour or more and have to leave from Gili Trawangan early.

lombok gazebo
Gazebo size 2 x 2 m is displayed in the work shop

Back again we discuss about Berugak or Paruga or Gazebo specifically on the side, if the Lombok people themselves have the term for this, that is, as fast as if they are four-legged and the same as six-legged. Maybe this type has not been called part of the craft because the shape is large.

I consider it part of the construction because this type can be found throughout Indonesia or even throughout the world with the characteristics of differences in the shape of the carvings if the poles are engraved.

lombok gazebo
Gazebo a size of 1.5 x 2 meters in Gunungsari

Regarding the Berugak or gazebo, there are many places to make it in Gunungsari, if you see it in the art shop on the side of the road it means just an example.

Specifically the making of this Gazebo is inside or the paths that go in the village in many places with prices friendly with very good quality, if there is a very cheap price you need to suspect what wood they use.

lombok gazebo architecture
Gazebo measures 2 X 2.5 meters which is set at Rp 6,500,000

If you come to this place, maybe you will be a little confused to find the location because the ones you know are the ones on the side of the road, because you might be from Central Lombok or East Lombok regency, please contact me later.

We can make an appointment to meet on the Udayana road and drive to the north for about 3 km, but don’t be suddenly, maybe I happen to have an event or something else, usually I am with tourists so tour guide but not too often, most of me home sometimes up to date this website.

gazebo lombok
There is a collection of gazebo with various sizes that are ready to be invited

So for the price of Berugak or Gazebo depends on the size and quality of the material or the type of material used, I just say it like the picture you see if the size of 2 x 2 meters will sell for Rp 5,000,000 and if the size is 2.5 x 3 The meter will sell for Rp. 6,500,000.

For other sizes you can expect it because there is a smaller size and there is even a bigger one than I have shown here, so this is a benchmark for analysis for other sizes because I did not have time to ask questions price for other sizes

small gazebo
In the work shop place is displayed all the place of purchase transactions

All Berugak or Gazebo prices are included with the roof and shipping costs in the city of Mataram and its surroundings if shipping is located far out of town there is a modest additional cost. There are two choices of roof that you can choose.

It can be with thatch roof or with tile roof depending on taste but if you use tile roofs you have to prepare sand and cement for installing roof tiles on the installation location, only this is not included. Well, if you don’t mind when installing for the artisan, you prepare coffee or tea.