Lombok rafting

Lombok Rafting

Hello friend, this time we discuss the location of Lombok rafting. Good, if you are a fan of Rafting activities or with another designation, rafting.

In Lombok you can try it in the village of Batu Mekar, Lingsar sub-district, West Lombok Regency, which is about 15 km from the city of Mataram.

Lingsar District consists of 10 villages, namely: Batu Kumbung, Batu Mekar, Dasan Geria, Duman, Gegerung, Karang Bayan, Langko, Lingsar Village, Indah Peteluan and Segerongan.

Lombok Rafting the facilities:

  • 6.5 Km rafting trip
  • Drop to starting point
  • Professional guide
  • Standard equipment rafting
  • Mineral water
  • Snack + hot drink
  • Lunch
  • Insurance
  • Include photos and video documentations.
IDR 235.000 50 – 100 Peoples
IDR  250.000 20 – 49 Peoples
IDR  275.000 10 – 19 Peoples
IDR  300.000 3 – 9 Peoples
IDR  400.000 2 Peoples
IDR  700.000  1 Person

Extra price for pick you up from the hotel depend to the location.

Lombok Rafting

Cycling Adventure:

  • Mountain bike
  • Guide
  • Mineral water, sweet, snack & fruits Pocari
  • Photo & video documentation.
  • Duration 1.5 hour

Price IDR 250,000 / Person
# applicable 01 June 2024

Lingsar is a region rich with springs, under the thick and thick hillsides. It seems clear if we see it from the main road or around the city of Mataram when the weather is sunny.

Closer if seen from the city of Narmada, the city of water as Narmada city. There are even bottled mineral water companies that take water or distill water from Narmada region sources.

Until bottled water was labeled “Narmada” one day when visiting Lombok, Narmada bottled water was very dominant in small shops and large shops.

Until we can find in the mini market, Indomart or Alfamart, we can find Narmada bottled water.

Together with BNI 46 bank employees Mataram branches in Lombok Rafting

The exact location of the village of Batu Mekar can take the main route of the provincial road through 3-way junction in front of Narmada Park, driving north through a smooth asphalt road.

At the third intersection again (there is a small monument) if we go to the left will go to Lingsar Temple but we just pass to the north, then there will be the words “Karang Bayan street” until the road narrows.

The road has been given an additional shoulder with cast concrete construction, then you will find the Welcome Gate to BATU MEKAR Village, the road construction is still smooth with winding contours up and down.

In 3-way junction, there is a bridge, there is a river that has enough discharge, not too large, which is the same water flow as the Rafting location.

This river is called “Kokok Jangkuk” in Sasak or other words, Jangkuk river. Well around this location is the location where the sale of durians is quite famous for residents of the city of Mataram, during the durian season.

Karang Bayan street which has now been given a very good asphalt, only this road is still narrow, but this road has been given a road shoulder with cast concrete recently.

If we head east to the Batu Mekar village office, before arriving at the Batu Mekar village office there is 3-way junction if it passes to the Batu Mekar village office with poorer road construction and if it turns left the road will climb until it breaks up on the hill.

Lombok rafting
Off road vehicles carrying participants to the start point Kali Lingsar Lingsar

At the third intersection there is the LOMBOK RAFTING signboard here, there is a hallway to the place where the finishing pavement breaks through the mangosteen and rambutan plantations.

There is an open hall that is used for lunch locations and places to put all the needs for Rafting activities.

There are 2 cars to transport orange participants with an off road display. Around it are mangosteen, rambutan and dragon fruit gardens.

There is a ditch of irrigation water that is channeled to the nearest rice fields, not far from this location is the riverbank location finish or Lombok Rafting Base Camp.

So if you play Rafting you have to be taken upstream, by using a raft transport vehicle as far as 7 km along the rocky river, with a fairly strong current.

On the river side there are lush green fields. Other Rafting base camp locations “JONTLAK RAFTING” are also adjacent to “LOMBOK RAFTING”

Both of them have a mission to develop the Jangkuk river tourism echo, they are in line and synergism to support each other, lend to each other’s equipment if among them are short of boats or others.

Lombok rafting
Tibu Nyanyang Boom at Jangkuk rafting. village of Batu Mekar Lingsar

The surrounding atmosphere is very beautiful with the cool countryside and close to the hill line to the west of Mount Rinjani.

Fertile and spring sources scattered, so that in this place there are many maintenance ponds of tilapia, carp and carp, the atmosphere of the houses still looks simple construction of buildings.

Nearly 50% of villages are Balinese-style, when viewed from a house building there is a place to place offerings in front of many people’s homes like what we see on the island of Bali.

Even at times you can see Hindu religious rituals in the middle of the road, on the other hand you can also see Muslim residents with a characteristic of residents sitting in front of the house wearing a veil.

This atmosphere can be proven when you ride an off road vehicle carrying Rafting participants to the upstream direction, by crossing the terrain that will make your heart beat fast.

While riding a vehicle, with a standing position and at any time will pass the dirt road with sloping conditions. Until female participants must be screaming hysterically with the condition of this field.

Don’t forget when standing on a vehicle carrying a Rafting participant to pay attention to tree branches, so as not to get hit by your cute face huh.

Before arriving at the Lombok Rafting start location, many road segments are empty, there are no buildings on this side of the road.

Still in the form of a garden planted with a variety of plants and plants and the sound of insects and birds sounds very serene.

Lombok rafting
Bidadari rafting is the last rapids near the base camp of Jangkuk Rafting

The length of the river that we will go through in the field of Rafting in Batu Mekar village is approximately 6.5 km with a distance of 2 hours or 1.5 hours if the river flow is large, especially if during the rainy season.

The depth of the river ranges from 1 meter to 1.5 meters and there are even locations that make the Rafting run aground. At this location there are 5 rapids: The first one we named Welcome Boom.

Because this is what we are going to go through for the first time, with a narrow form of stone walls with a very strong and wavy flow.

Then the second rapids we named Nyanyang Boom, this name was taken from the sound of bees, it was said that the parents of the predecessors in this village used to have many bees.

This is one of the most extreme rapids, this is the location of one of the rapids that seldom participates who want to try it because it will likely bounce or the rubber boat will be reversed, who dares to try it?

I have tried it 3 times, the rubber boat has never been turned upside down but it really feels horrible, hehehehe …

Therefore, participants who are afraid to try it must walk across the rice fields for about 50 meters while heading to the jumping spot.

If anyone likes the challenge of jumping, try it at this location, with varying heights of 3 meters, 4 meters and 5 meters.

Next you will go through the Candles because the rapids are long like candles, then the next rapids are called rapids.

Because on the south or left edge of the rapids there are cow cages, here are also quite extreme because there are many large stones, the flow of water flows through the cracks of the rock.

The last one we named the Angels rafting because in this location many villagers bathed in the style of “Open air” aka bathing in the open air.

For gentleman participants, just focus ahead, don’t the lyrics of sin know. Well, not far from this location, our rafting is finished, aka finish.

Off road transport
Off road vehicles carrying participants

Before the Trip starts the instructor will provide technical explanations and field descriptions that will be taken including also will provide pass codes for Rafting or for this white water rafting trip.

Especially the most popular term BOOM which means preparation for facing rapids.

Participants must be prepared to hold the rope on the raft to hold it so that it is not easily detached from the raft.

The position of the paddle must be one grip with the rope next to the raft, while the other hand holds the rope in the middle of your front.

Enough guides who work with paddles, without having to hold on to ropes, because they are familiar and professional.

Nyangnyang Bom
Tibu Nyanyang Boom at Jangkuk river rafting village of Batu Mekar Lingsar

The raft can be filled by 4 participants and a maximum of 6 participants if the 4 people behind and behind will be filled by the Rafting crew team.

In addition, in every field that is considered dangerous, the rescue team is ready for the rescue action. Keep in mind that if you are thrown from the raft you will be immediately chased to be saved.

What is certain is that the float will make you comfortable if you are released from the raft. This rescue theory will not lift your body, but it will pull the elevator jacket in the neck position.

Lift jackets or buoys have been designed with the ability to lift weights with the power to be able to lift loads weighing 180 kg.

If your weight is still an average of 70 kg, this float will never tear or break when you are saved.

Don’t worry, the organizer also doesn’t want to take the risk of paying for your insurance because this trip is insured.

Lombok rafting
Lombok Rafting at Batu Mekar, Lingsar

After finishing at the finish location all equipment is collected: paddles, lifts Jackets and helmets are hung.

You can replace your wet clothes with a dry one in the dressing room, which you have prepared.

There is also a toilet available at the location, then the meal-eating program has been prepared with a menu that is definitely right for the garden atmosphere in the open hall.

After the meal is finished, you can relax for a while drinking coffee or drinking tea and enjoying makeshift snacks while looking at photos of your Rafting activities on the Lap Top.

The Trans 7 team with the host Ms Rani was shooting for the Jejak Petualang event

Trans7 TV
The Trans 7 TV team with the host Ms. Rani shooting for the Jejak Petualang event

The latest information on the location of Rafting in Batu Mekar village has already received a visit from the Trans7 TV “Jejak Petualang” on February 18, 2017

With a beautiful host, Ms. Rani and her partner, MBA Odit, have covered the white water rafting location on the Jangkuk river location.

For those who are interested in watching this program, you can watch it on Trans7 TV after about 3 weeks of taking the video in the program “Follow in our footsteps. EXPERIENCE.”

You can watch MBA Rani rafting through the most extreme rapids, the Nyanyang Boom and at the end of the boat show, Rani turns upside down to cause a slight cut on her sweet lips.

Possibly exposed to the edge of the paddle, then MBA Rani looked for fish on the Jangkuk river with a Rafting team and after getting a few fish, the fish was cleaned on the riverbank near the Angel’s rapids.

After the caught fish are given spices then baked after being wrapped in banana leaves and eating it together with the Rafting crew.

Then what about you, curious ??? Let’s visit our location in Batu Mekar village, Lingsar district, West Lombok district.

Stokel Rafting
Stokel Rafting base camp from the asphalt road

In other locations you can also try our newest Rafting place located in Batu Keliang sub-district, North Central Lombok district.

About 29 km from the city of Mataram, there is still one lane with a road leading to the Benang Kelambu waterfall and the Benang Stokel waterfall.

About 6 km before arriving at the Benang Kelambu waterfall, at the base camp location there are 6 units of bungalows that are concept of Rumah Sawah with a rental price / night of Rp 350,000 including breakfast.

On the asphalt road on the left side of the road, in the middle of the rice fields. It looks very transparent, because there are still no buildings on the left and right side.

Looks like chairs and chairs like a restaurant and there are some rubber boats, this is our Base Camp “STOKEL RAFTING.”

Its name is inspired by the name of the waterfall that is not far from the base camp location where everything is ready before leaving and after the Rafting activity is complete.

Stokel Rafting
Nameplate Rafting on the roadside

In principle, it is the same as the regulation operated in Lingsar sub-district, Batu Mekar village.

If you are a tourist from outside the island of Lombok and live in a hotel, located in Senggigi or Mataram, it is very suitable to be packaged into a tour package.

As a package to visit the Benang Kelambu waterfall that is not too far from this base camp location.

From the base camp to the location of our start point it only takes 10 minutes to head up the river, across villages, rice fields and off road terrain.

If in the summer we need to admit that the water debit is very small, we do not operate Rafting activities here.

If the water is enough volume, we operate this trip provided that our boat is filled with only two participants so that the load is not heavy to avoid running aground.

So what if the water discharge is large? What is certain is that I recommend this place with a stretch of 6 km with a travel time of 2 hours if the water discharge is small, 1.5 hours if the water discharge is moderate and 1 hour of rafting if the water discharge is large.

Umbrella rapids in Stokel Rafting

At the Stokel Rafting location there are many rapids, but not too extreme.

If we make the names of rapids in the “Round of crows” or “River of the Round” this seems like most.

It’s not important either, but there are only 2 locations that are worthy of being given the title of rapids, namely the Umbrella rapids and Jeppy rapids.

Why is it given the name of Umbrella’s rapids, which is more or less like an umbrella and why is it given the name Jeppy because it’s 7 meters high, right?

Well because it’s high that’s why it’s given the name Jeppy rapids or other words from the Giraffe. On struggel there are many places for taking a photo break.

All you have to do is ask the Guide where you want to stop taking pictures, until you reach the finish location, you can see the pickup car on a large unpaved bridge waiting.

This bridge is intended to support irrigation access. After that we returned to the base camp across fertile and green rice fields, taking about 7 minutes.

In addition, this location is open to the public, if anyone wants to stop by for lunch, especially those who like the menu of processed freshwater fish.

Next to this location is a fish-raising pond that is intentionally prepared for visitors who want to take a break at this location.

I guarantee cool, but not just because the fish menu, of course because at this location makes us feel at home to relax while enjoying the breeze, making it sleepy.

In addition, this location is good for self y or photos around it, because this location seems to have many types of colorful flowers, and there are several gazebo.

At the most corner location there is a mosque, close to the dressing room or the rinsing room after Rafting is finished, now let’s go here?

Lombok rafting
I am Supardani with the Team Explore “Gerbang Wisata”

Besides Rafting, there are other matters too. Uh, I mean there is another trip at this location, there is an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) motorbike or a four-wheeled motorbike.

This type of vehicle is controlled by handlebars like a motorcycle in general, you can try it here, later there will be a local guide who invites to the rice fields while looking at the natural scenery of rice fields to the Janggut waterfall.

Besides that, there is another option by using a Jeep vehicle that we can prepare to go along the off road terrain which is not far around the base camp location.

Also available are MTB bikes with the same terrain. Regarding the package price, we will consult with colleagues at the location.

OK! We are waiting for the reservation and we should contact you in advance.

Lombok rafting
ATV Stokel Rafting Batukeliang Utara district, Central Lombok

Lombok ATV