Typical snack of Lombok

Typical Snack

UD. LESTARI, a typical Lombok souvenir shop

Typical snacks of Lombok or Lombok special cake. Actually the amount is not too much variation, but after the concept is packaged it becomes a typical souvenir of Lombok.

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In the era of the arrival of tourists who came to Lombok, the evolution and variety became varied and varied.

Likewise with the development of shops selling souvenirs more and more we can find on the main roads, especially on the road that is traversed by tourists.

Lestari souvenir store stock shelf at Jln. Adisucipto Ampenan Shooters

As for some souvenir shops that I know Typical snack of Lombok of, they are usually visited by tourists.

“Namely: Palm, Phonix, Amelia, Imam Mulia, Rinjani, Lestari and many others.

They sell products that are almost the same at the same price. Some of these products they take from the same place in the home industry that is not far from the city of Mataram.

There are also those Typical snack of Lombok that they produce themselves. The souvenirs they sell will not be found in traditional market markets or in supermarkets, Indomart, Alfamart and others.

AMELIA, a gift shop for snacks and typical Lombok food

The types of snacks available include: Jackfruit chips, spinach chips, ares chips, jackfruit dodol, various seaweed dodol, Lombok shrimp paste, Polen honey, Sumbawa forest honey, Kelanceng honey, Ground honey, Spice honey, Black garlic, black garlic single, black garlic peel, black garlic honey, various Lombok chili, aneka abon, Lombok milk pie, jajan Tarek, walnut cake, various chips, various nuts, various crackers, nutsafir, salted eggs, Sumbawa oil, Sumbawa wild horse milk , Taliwang chicken spices, grilled salted eggs, and others.

All of this you can visit the shop when checking out of the hotel to the airport, of course to be used as souvenirs to your hometown. Don’t forget to also control your check-in time.

All of this must be coordinated with the driver and guide in order to control your flight time.