Traditional Woven
Lombok weaving village

Traditional Woven fabric. Aside from being a clothing material, it can also be used as souvenirs.

However, besides being used as fabric for clothing, choosing a traditional woven fabric will also remember someone about the area he has visited.

Besides that, it is closer to the style of culture, local wisdom and philosophy that is very meaningful.

The creativity of crafts that contain elements of local culture will be upheld by the local government as a manifestation of elevating community creativity.

Provide opportunities for craftsmen to earn income, with the meaning of words to open jobs.

Various woven fabrics from the village of Sukarara

In Lombok, there are 2 villages that are craftsmen in Lombok-style woven fabrics that you can visit.

Among them are: “Sukarara village weaving craft located in Jonggat sub-district, Central Lombok district and in Pringgasela village, Masbagik district, East Lombok district.

Due to measuring the closest time and distance from the airport, Sukarara weaving is the closest, if you go to Lombok International airport.

Because it is still one-way too, 10 minutes drive or approximately 10 km from Lombok International Airport (BIL) or Zamia airport (Zainudin Abdul Majid International Airport)

The action of tourists who are wearing traditional style of Sasak Lombok

If you have enough time in the village of Sukarara you can explore the places of local craftsmen who are in the activity.

To know more about the production process. Before becoming a cloth that is ready for sale. In Sukarara village it consists of many work shops.

All the places to sell, woven fabric that has been made. The habit of tourists or visitors in work shops is welcome to try to demonstrate how to weave.

You can also ask the waiter to dress up in the style of a Lombok person or can be dressed in a bridal style.

Especially if your arrival as a tourist who is honeymooning is very appropriate to try here.