Private Snorkeling

private boat
Boat Charter for capacity above 12 participants

Private boat are another alternative if you come to Gili with a group or just want to snorkeling privately but for this reason you have to book the most late one day before.

To considering the existence of a boat trip like this is very limited in Gili Trawangan when measured by the number of tourists coming visiting Gili Trawangan, boat charter includes boat, guide, snorkeling equipment and most definitely the most must have jacket lift because this is an appeal from the relevant apparatus for each boat to be facilitated with jacket lifts or life jackets for safety.

private boat capacity

The boats that appear on the side that we usually use for charter if more than 10 participants because the upper deck can also be used for passengers sitting on it and it seems more fun.

Enjoy the open atmosphere while self y or take pictures with your friends, if you want less than 10 of us prepared another boat of the same size but no upper deck as shown in the picture

private boat
The fun is snorkeling with beautiful fish on Gili Air

The duration for a 4 hour snorkeling boat charter can also be reduced in duration but the price can be reduced by just a little and also the duration can increase how much negotiable price must be added but for a 4 hour duration in my opinion is enough.

There are 2 types of charter boats namely: Glass bottom boat (the glass is below to see fish from the boat) and the normal boat is the normal boat with no glass underneath. Please choose according to taste but what is normal is that the boat is cheaper, less than 15% of the glass price. bottom boat.

Publik snorkeling
Gili Bahari boat has a capacity of 60 participants

For some people using glass bottom boats is considered not too important, especially for Caucasians, Caucasians who are generally good at swimming.

It is far better and more cool to dive into the water than looking from a boat through a glass, it is only possible if there is a small child in groups or maybe there are mothers who are lazy to take off their robe dresses or there are participants who cannot swim even though a life jacket has been prepared.

There may be participants who do not have changing clothes or there are lazy participants who are wet, who are sure to go down using snorkeling equipment far better sensation because you can directly blend with fish in the water.

private boat
The departure port of the Snorkeling Trip is generally not far from this pier.

The boats in Gili Trawangan mostly use wood and there are some who use Fiber material.

The price of the boat charter is very flexible depending on the season of visit and certainly depends on the number of participants who participate because separately snorkeling equipment is rented elsewhere if the supply is insufficient.

Private boat charge

The rental price is analyzed at Rp 900,000 / 2 people and for each additional number of participants Rp 150,000 / person and has been prepared on board equipment: Mask, Snorkel, Fin, Lift jacket and guide will lead this trip.

For the visiting season we will increase the price by 10% given the many requests except for public snorkeling prices of 100,000 / person but the service conditions cannot be maximized.

The participants are too many and a little difficult to control and at risk of not being able to take the trip because during the visit season it cannot be accommodated and must be aggressive on board the boat before it is declared full.

Five Ways To Do Snorkeling In Gili Trawangan


For all use of snorkeling equipment must be accounted for if it occurs lost or released while snorkeling especially fin, mask and snorkel. If this happens, immediately report to the snorkel guide so that it can be taken, if it cannot be taken because it falls at a depth that is difficult to reach, then the participant must compensate for the falling instrument by 75% of the price in the shop.