Trawangan banana boat

Banana Boat

Trawangan banana boat, Talking about the activity of water in Gili Trawangan might be less than other places, of course what I mean here in Bali is because the only rival to national standards for Bali tourism affairs is a competitor who is still not displaced.

Because Bali first introduced Indonesian tourism to foreign countries even the number of domestic tourists also counterbalance contributes to Bali tourism, lately Lombok seems to emerge as a new challenger to tourism affairs only that Lombok has not been fully supported by infrastructure when compared to Bali but as time goes by it seems Lombok will become Bali as it is now this.

Villa Ombak beach front
The beach in front of the Vila Ombak hotel

We talk again to the focus of the initial discussion, namely the problem of water tourism activities, of course the two camps have their own reasons why water sports in Bali are more stretched than in Lombok?

Maybe the reason is because the location in Bali (Tanjung Benoa) is more feasible because judging from the carrying capacity of the location it is very supportive because at that location (Tanjung Benoa) is flanked by land (headland) so as to block the flow of water that is directly oceanic to efec from the wave making the location it does not wave or calm until it allows to play Jet sky, flying fish, banana boats and so on.

Then what about the water sports in Gili Trawangan? of course it’s different because water traffic is less supportive because there are too many boat activities that go by and narrow the zone to do activities like this.

Vila Ombak Jetty
Vila Ombak Pier

But it doesn’t mean that the water activity in Gili Trawangan is only a little problematic with other water activities that have been sustained in Gili Trawangan, for example diving and snorkeling activities.

Can already be imagined if this location is mixed with the activities. We mentioned before then: If someone is cool buzzing around and then there is a jet sky passing fast?

Please explain yourself about what will happen as well as diving activities that at times dive masters instruct their students to float on the surface of the water then there is a jet sky crossing.

Of course the worry is very haunting if caught by jet sky or banana boat, but for banana boat indeed there is a separate zone for this activity and there is indeed a Gili Trawangan.

Trawangan banana boat
You can do a Banana boat trip here in front of the Vila Ombak hotel

In Gili Trawangan, the only place where banana boat rentals are temporarily in the Ombak villa is right in front of the beach side hotel, there is a reservation counter, we will see banana boat displayed there generally,

This game will look fun if the participants are complete in a banana boat consisting of 6 participants who already have a handle or hold on a rubber boat that resembles a banana to be called banana boat so that it is easier to understand the meaning, you can imagine if only one participant who participated in this game might look funny?

Usually this game is in demand by domestic tourists who are teenagers but that does not mean that it is not in demand by Caucasians, banana boats with a speed boat.

Participants are given the safety of using a life jacket so that when it falls or is separated from the banana boat it will float and not tired to pedal This leg applies to anyone even if you are good at swimming.

Trawangan banana boat
Banana boat is displayed in front of the Vila Ombak Hotel

Pulled by a speed boat quite tight so as to make the sensation of the riders shouting when the waves were shaken caused by the effect of the speed boat engine itself it could also be because the sea was in bumpy conditions.

The duration was about 20 minutes for more details come to Gili Trawangan and ask where is the villa hotel waves, people who are only 3 working days in Gili Trawangan will surely know where the hotel villa Ombak is because this hotel besides the pioneers is also famous for being one of the biggest hotels.

Regarding the rental price please ask directly or maybe if I had time I would ask for information about the rental price but the last time I heard information that banana boat can only be booked by the hotel guests of Villa Ombak only.

Not rented out to the public so if it really really intends to come to Gili Trawangan to try banana boat activities must book a hotel in Villa Ombak.