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Rinjani Mountain

“Here is a quote I got from Facebook media … !!! About mountain Rinjani atrocities in the past …

The bodies …

scattered in a pig pen, mixed in dirt and mud puddles. Some have swollen and rot. I see what was written by Mathew Paris, author of St Albans in his report. About mountain Rinjani

“Formerly deadly.” Some were buried properly, but most were buried en mass, because no fewer than 15 – 20 thousand people died at that time. The mass graves are now right in the center of London in England.

All tombstones show that sad event in 1258. Known for that year, it was anomalous in weather and climate. The summer turns cold, accompanied by rainstorms that flush continuously, causing floods that fail the harvest season. As a result, rampant hunger is accompanied by the emergence of endemic diseases. Worse, chaotic weather like that continued, until at least 1261. So that sorrow was increasingly rampant.

The fact is that the disaster was not only in the UK, but spread across Europe. From Italy in the south to Iceland in the north. Not enough there, even across continents. No less than China, Korea and Japan, Vietnam, etc., also affected. As written by Azuma Kagami in the Mirror of the East Chronicle, that year the harvest failed miserably because of the cold weather and relentless heavy rain. The report also mentions a total dark moon during an eclipse.

Well …

The massacre took place at that time, and it was a necessity for the defendant to find the cause. The easiest logic is, if there is an anomaly in the weather, then the cause is not smooth sunlight to the surface of the earth.

UK Trekker

In another sense, there must be a barrier that is large enough, so that it covers the entire surface of the earth. The shape is obviously not solid or liquid, and the most reasonable is gas. The next logic is, what are the quite a lot of gas contained in the earth? The answer is also easy, namely sulfur, aka sulfur. Which is easily sprayed when a volcano erupts.

So if so, the mysterious mass murderer must have a mountain. But right, there are thousands of volcanoes that are on the face of the earth, it’s really not easy to determine who the real culprit is.

Use logic again, because of disasters in the northern hemisphere, then the mountain should be in the northern hemisphere of the earth. That’s the logic of the experts, then the next study was made. Excavations were made at the North Pole. The eternal layer of ice that exists there applies like a recording device of all the events that have occurred in the past.

Right in the ice column which points to 1257, the evidence is obtained. In that year sulfur gas inundated the earth’s atmosphere. Even with the intensity of 2 times the burst of sulfur in Tambora in 1815. Which is also known as the year without summer. A cold and dark year grips, while giving birth to the scary writing of Frankenstein’s novel. Also paralyzing Napoleon’s forces who were trapped by a deadly winter.

The findings in the 1257 ice column, recorded 2 times greater than Mr. Tambora. A massive eruption recorded in modern times, which is included in the Volcano Eruption Index (VEI) on a scale of 7, or spouting solid material at least 100 cubic km. Krakatau massive eruption “only” spewed about 18-25 cubic km. While Tambora is estimated to be 150 cubic km, aka 6x more powerful than Krakatoa. Now this mysterious mountain is even 2x bigger than Tambora, or 12 Krakatoa erupted together … bluuarrr !!! , … opo or eaidhaan to rek!

Sumit Rinjani
Rim Sembalun

Calculate the count, the gas burst reaches 158,000,000 (158 million) tons of sulfur into the air. Reducing global temperatures by 2 degrees C. Along with that, coupled with 227 million tons of chlorine gas bursts, and 1.3 million tons of bromine which is very dangerous. Both of these gases make the ozone layer in the atmosphere badly injured and damaged. Holes in the ozone will make cosmic rays go forward without obstructions. Bombardment of ultra violet rays to x-rays, which can injure living creatures at the microcellular level.



One other thing that is not less important is that the earth entered the age of small ice (lit ice ice) which either coincidentally or not began in the cycle of the 1250s, for 600 years, and ended in the 1850s. In other words, is this mountain killer also triggered the beginning of this small ice age. What is certainly added by a number of other variables, both in the form of a series of great volcanoes of other mountains, such as Tambora in 1815. In addition to the cycle of the number of sunspots on the sun, which also experienced a drastic decrease in intensity (Wolf minimum).

In short, mountain Rinjani in the Northern Hemisphere are lined up as suspects. One by one examined, incriminating evidence sought, to be immediately made a defendant, and submitted to the court table. One of them is to use “fingerprints”. An evidence found the depth of the ice sheet at the north pole, in column 1257. Where the chemical composition (geo-chemical) must be exactly the same.

Tofua Mountain in Tonga, El Chichon in Mexico, Quilotoa in Ecuador, Okataina in New Zealand, even Al Harrat in Arabia etc., soon became a suspect, linked to the magnitude of the eruptions that might have been caused. The world geologists immediately contacted the suspect, while looking for evidence of the “fingerprint” referred directly to the field.

But the evidence was not found, they were all just suspects but could not be convicted. Clive Oppenheimer, a leading geoloogist from Cambridge Univ, revealed that this eruption was so powerful, the greatest in the last 7000 years. Must leave the rest of the eruption caldera with a diameter of at least 6 km.

All scratching your head or not itch. The frustration of the scientists was revealed by Thomas Crowley, a geologist from Edinburgh University, he said: … But where did the eruption happen ?, Not being able to find the volcano mountain Rinjani can be discomforting “. Then goes on: “If the sulfur isn’t released by a volcano, it means something very interesting that we don’t know about.”

But the breakthrough came soon.

Initiated by Franc Lavigne of the Pantheon – Sorbonne of the French University, who again tried to unite all the information available.

The excavation at the south pole is done, and right in the ice column in 1257, it turns out that the fingerprints at the north pole are exactly the same at the south pole … ahaaa !!!.

Rinjani Lake
The lake of Segara Anak

The meaning is, if the bursts point to your northern and southern hemisphere together, then the origin of the burst must be from a location around the equator, aka the middle of the earth. The number of suspects immediately dropped dramatically, and in 2012, aka only 6 years ago, the defendant was just decided. He is named Rinjani !!!

Yes, ampiuuunnn … The beautiful Rinjani from Lombok was once a scary monster. Geo-chemical fingerprints found in the north and south caves of the earth are exactly the same as the relics of the Rinjani eruption in the past. Further research in local history, found in streaks of palm leaves “babad lombok”, which confirms, that at that time there was an extremely erupting. In palm leaves written … houses were destroyed and drifted towards the sea, many people died …

The kingdom of Lombok, with its capital Parmatan destroyed and buried in dust. It is quite possible that the ruins of the ruins are still there and buried tens of meters in the ground. A very common thing in such disasters, Clive Oppenheimer said. The disaster that destroyed Lombok, and spread to the island of Bali. Evidently when in the 1280s, king Kertanegara of Singasari attacked Bali, they soon surrendered with insignificant resistance.

Also from the Lombok chronicle, it turns out that the Jelita Rinjani was once named Samalas. Very high mountain. The peak of Rinjani that we know today and has an altitude of 3726 m above sea level, we know from the point of view that the peak was once a higher mountain slope. The current peak of Rinjani is the slope, the rest of the eruption from Mt. Samalas in 1257, which made the caldera about 6 km in diameter. With the sagara lake that is 200 meters deep inside. From the caldera it rises barujari as high as 325 m from the bottom of the caldera.

Before that, in the same location, stood Gn Samalas, whose height was 4200 m above sea level. Or 500 meters higher than Mr. Rinjani (see illustration)

Time has change

From the beast Samalas

then converted into

The beauty of Rinjani

“Yat Lessie”