Kampung tradisional Lombok

Segenter Traditional Houses

The Traditional village of Segenter, house has only recently been promoted to become a tourism destination area located in North Lombok district, precisely in the Bayan sub-district, which is a village below the slopes of Mount Rinjani which has land-based curls that are dry grasslands in the summer.

traditional village
At the Begawe or their wedding party they cook in the courtyard and also see a large gazebo or “Sekenem” which means six-legged Saung

Certainly these features have rocky soil and rock beneath them and this is what happened when I visited this traditional house the air temperature was very hot and there were no parking spaces.

There were trees that shaded so I wanted to take shelter where, there were only a few shadows the name survived come that’s where I waited while I was called the local Guide who would invite us into the village.

Traditional village Segenter Situation

Shortly thereafter came a young man from Segenter village and invited us to go inside while looking at the village situation which impressed the life of the past due to the walls of all the houses constructed of wood and woven bamboo walls and thatched grass roofs.

In Segenter, there are also several houses that have been converted into walls and roof tiles also have buildings that are constructed of stone and cement which is a pool of community water reservoirs built by the government for Segenter villagers.

In the corner of this village with a rather broad collective cow stable belongs to the community of Segenter village.

Almost every house has a Saung or gazebo if it’s English but the Sasak people often call it as fast as (pole 4) Sekenem (pole 6) which is used by families to relax or a place to welcome guests.

Appears at that time in the middle of several pages Kendi, Kentong, The pan and others said they had just held a party for the wedding so they cooked for the party in the middle of the open courtyard without a roof that housed the cooks.

Segenter Traditional village community

traditional village
Hospitality in Segenter village traditional house

Whenever we see grandmothers who chew betel nut sitting on the ground in front of their doorstep while sifting rice for cooking.

We are invited by the local Guide to enter one of the houses while explaining the situation and situation in the house, there is something unique to be listened to in the house.

There is a kind of house on stilts measuring only 2 x 2 meters, he said, the place for new brides means if there is one child from a newly married family, this is the place while others sleep around the place using a simple couch on the ground and not far from the corner this house has a family kitchen.

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traditional village
The place in the left hand of the Guide is a room for the bride during her honeymoon. The place in the Guide’s left hand is a room for the bride during her honeymoon

All of the tourists consisting of 4 foreigners I brought, each from different countries, France, England and 2 people from Denmark, really felt something different here, he said because they had previously visited traditional homes in other places. including in Malaysia, he said, but not like their experience here.

In traditional houses in other places they have visited, traditional houses appear, but many other modern things that appear to have been modern, he said, including in the house there are televisions and the residents wear Jean’s pants, he said.

They seemed satisfied with their visit to this place from time to time while they were cool while walking comparing the stories of each of their experiences elsewhere and after completion visitors were invited to fill in the visit book and each was welcome to pay a donation and pay a local guide for Rp. 20,000 for all.