Lombok Surf Course, Maybe you need to know this before arriving in Lombok. You come to Lombok suddenly and immediately want to find a place to study, it’s a bit of a hassle and will waste time.

There are many surfing spots, especially on the south coast of the island of lombok. As I know, surfing locations in Lombok can be done at Gerupuk beach, Kuta beach, Mawi beach, Mawun beach, Selong Beanak beach and Bangko-bangko beach.

What I mentioned above is classified as a place for masters, not for beginners, if you want to learn to surf you can also try the 3 Gilis in North Lombok. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.
So, let’s focus on our current topic.

Where is it if you want a surfing course in Lombok? There may be several places but unfortunately what I know is only one place to learn to surf on the island of Lombok which is well organized. There are instructors from local people and there are also Caucasians.

A well-organized surfing course in Lombok on Selong Belanak beach “Eva Surf”, I have attached the price for the package below. Aside from being a provider of surfing or surfing lessons, this place also provides a menu for lunch, such as a beach side restaurant.

OK, no need to elaborate. If you want a surf course, just contact us, I suggest well in advance so that we can prepare for your arrival, especially those who have already deposited so that we don’t hesitate.

Surf Course

– Surf lesson
-Surf beginner lesson
-Surf trip
-Rent board
-Surf package

Lombok Surf School

Surf Lesson
– 2 hour duration
– Twice down
– Break 15 minutes

Surf Lesson Beginner
– Explain or theory The instructor is given for 20 minutes
– Surf lesson beginner
– Rest
– Surf Lesson Beginner🙏🙏🙏

Price IDR 300,000 / Pax

Surf Trip 
– Selong belanak beach (First level)
– Serangan Beach (Second level)
– Mawi beach (Third Level)
Prince: 750,000 / pax (Include lunch and water)

Rent Board Charge:

  • 75,000 / pax (2 hours duration)
  • Prince’s rent board: 150,000 / Pax (Full day)


  • Explanation of the basics of surfing surfing》》》》 20 minutes
  • Surfing 1st》》》》》 60 minutes
  • Break time and lunch》》》》》 30 minutes
  • Surf 2nd》》》》》 30 minutes

Lombok Surf School

Lombok Surf School

Lombok Surf School

Lombok Surf School

Lombok Surf School

pantai terindah di lombok

Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach is a line of beaches lined up very beautifully adjacent to the other beaches, lined up from the east from Kuta beach to the west in a row namely Areguling Beach, Mawun beach, Tepar beach, Semeti beach, Mawi Beach then Selong beach Belanak, speaking of the beauty of this beach, is a little better in my opinion compared to Kuta beach because Selong Belanak beach is a very beautiful bay decorated with cliffs and green hills along the eyes.

selong belanak
Selong Belanak beach

Selong Belanak is decorated with a number of green hilly islands in the middle of far from the beach which adorn this location, Selong Belanak beach is not supported by many accommodation facilities, only the only hotel that operates there, Sempiak hotel which can also use the hotel parking lot to park the vehicle because the hotel hopes from every visitor to eat at the hotel restaurant. This time there is already a hotel and several restaurants around the bay of Selong Belanak and on the hill far from the beach like the Selong Selo hotel

Selong belanak beach
Selong Belanak south beach taken from Sempiak hotel

Previously the Selong Belanak beach was only popular for tourists who like surfing because the waves of Selong Belanak have high and long scrolls but it is a pity that the local community is less concerned about the cleanliness of the beach (first) even though we enter the area with a Rp 5,000 entrance ticket motorbikes, but individual guards only take money without giving away tickets at that time, meaning that the entrance fee is only for personal use not to be used to repair public facilities.
Currently the beach of Selong Belanak has changed a lot, it seems that there has been some land belonging to private resorts, because we cannot see the Selong Belanak beach from afar, now we have to enter the hallway to the beach with a fairly high wall with concrete fences, enter through the aisle by crossing the parking lot, not far from the beach there are paid public toilets with construction such as emergency buildings in the city by utilizing used containers as construction materials.

est beach in lombok
A common sight on the beach of Selong Belanak

In the coastal area besides we can relax around there are stalls where order coffee, ice coconut, snacks and others here also you can get a surf guide if you want to be escorted when surfing as well as can be taught his theories and tell the situation of the region the surrounding concerns the affairs of the waves but very rarely do people need their services.

I once talked with local residents who claimed to be surf guides, while looking at the ocean by narrowing their eyes, he complained about the lack of tourists visiting Selong Belanak beach (at that time) just tired of wishing from year to year like this there was no change he said, that back when I asked a few years ago but now visitors who come to the Selong Belanak beach seem to have risen and the beach is already clean, it seems that it has been coordinated by the area manager.

best beach in lombok
The stretch of white sand of Selong Belanak beach is very wide and flat

Besides not far from Selong Belanak beach, there is Semeti beach, which only needs to walk or drive 3 km to the east, Semeti beach is very popular with backpackers because I often monitor through Instagram media among young people who like to walk on posts his self-styled style at the edge of a steep rock on Semeti beach.
It is undeniable that Semeti beach has a very fantastic form for taking photographs because this beach consists of chunks of rock which are hit by waves and are unique to the rocks that soar around the coast so that the waves coming from the sea will enter and be confined by the steep rocks on Semeti beach.

selong selo hotel
Selong Belanak Bay from Selong Selo hotel

Then how do we get to Selong Belanak beach? if from the direction of the city of Mataram it seems very easy, just follow the path to the direction of Lombok International airport, at the intersection of Penujuak village there is a large mosque on the corner of the highway then turn right by turning a little far away, then you will find the traditional Penujak market turning the first asphalt road towards the Pengga dam, then after passing the market there is a bridge with Australian steel construction after turning right and continuing straight to the south, don’t turn, the road is relatively quiet, dominated by agricultural crops, usually corn, rice or tobacco.

sempiak beach
Selong Belanak Beach from the Sempiak hotel parking lot

Before approaching the direction of the beach location of Selong Belanak the road will feel uphill and winding until later the beach of Selong Belanak will appear from above the height with its beautiful charm, there is a point of view on the right side of the road which is clearly visible to the vehicle, never there is a parking fee here, between 5 and 10 minutes here we go down as far as 4 km with the longest derivative road conditions and and if turned around it will be the highest climb on Lombok. If you have reached the bottom at the fork in the road you turn right 500 meters to the beach.