Sendang Gile Fall

Sendang Gile Fall

Sendang Gile fall is a pretty high waterfall in Lombok which is located in North Lombok in the village of Senaru which is also the gateway to climb Mount Rinjani, in this village it is very transparent, organizers offer services for climbing to Mount Rinjani.

Senaru waterfall
Sendang Gile Waterfall, in this location this time you can buy fried bananas

But actually the organizers have captured customers through the website, but the name display only shows the identity of each climbing organizer.

Because through the door of the Senaru village is the best access to the climb compared to other routes such as the Torean, Batu Keliang Utara and Sajang villages.

Except Sembalun access because the hiking trail leading to the summit of Rinjani climbing via Sembalun is the closest and most visible peak of Rinjani is very clear if the clear weather in the morning can be said to be bright.

Especially through climbing via Sembalun the terrain is not too steep to reach the summit of Rinjani relatively flat and there are only a few rather steep places before approaching Post 3 near the lip of the crater of Segara Anak lake.

Along the way from the beginning of entering the village Senaru looks up to the TNGR (Gunung Rinjani National Park) signboard with the banner sign offering you to join to climb Mount Rinjani with a package that has been packaged for a few days of climbing.

rinjani from senaru
Mount Rinjani from Senaru village, seen the building of climbing organizers.

In addition there are also a number of restaurants and inns around the Senaru area, although the Sendang Gile fall is a bit broken.

At a glance it looks connected if we take pictures from the camera Smart phone or other cameras this waterfall is very favorite for Lombok people to visit.

Besides because the infrastructure in the form of access roads that have been arranged well with stairs made of natural stone and recently have been given reeling safety or reeling just to hold on when passing down and up to the waterfall.

From the entrance gate to the waterfall a number of posts have been prepared to take a break whether it is resting due to rain or resting because fatigue will take about 10 minutes from the entrance window we will arrive at the waterfall location.

Here you can take a shower but unable to swim under the waterfall because the falling water is not accommodated by a pool of bulk water which slides from above.