Senggigi and surround

Senggigi & Surrounding

If we want to talk about tourism Lombok, Senggigi and surround the beginning of Lombok tourism is known as, starting from Senggigi and surround, this beach was previously arranged for tourism purposes.

Rather than tourism places in other places, it can be said that Senggigi and surround was once the most visited by foreign tourists but after developing tourism places elsewhere in Lombok.

This Time Senggigi and surround

Currently Senggigi and surround is less competitive with other tourist attractions, especially Gili Trawangan, which is now the most inviting foreign tourists to come to Lombok, as evidenced by the number of fast boat agents or fast boats that come to spill passengers on the island consisting of 3 villas namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and gili Air located in North Lombok regency.

Gili Trawangan
Foreign tourists are waiting for the fast boat to dock on Gili Trawangan.

Maybe Senggigi beach is too close to Mataram city (15 km) so that many residents of Mataram city who easily come together enliven the Senggigi area which makes foreign visitors feel less comfortable to spend their vacation time in Senggigi and surround, talking about hotel accommodation Senggigi and surround offers a selection of classy resort choices consisting of five-star high budgets, private villas, three-star hotels, bungalows to jasmine-class accommodations in other words, the most classy lodging in Senggigi and surround compared to other tourism places in Lombok.

Until now the Senggigi and surround had changed a lot from the previous situation because many local visitors came to visit the Senggigi beach to lure village traders to open the beach stalls which made the beach view damaged by the roof – the tarpaulin roof of the traders but don’t be discouraged to visit the Senggigi and surround because it is not far from Senggigi area it still offers beautiful places, you can stay in Senggigi and surround, you can organize your tour to go to beautiful places on the island of Lombok including being able to visit 3 Gili, Kuta beach, traditional Sasak house, pink beach, Selong belanak beach and others.

Formerly Senggigi and surround

Border Senggigi surround
The path to Senggigi beach and the city limits of Mataram

Speaking of Senggigi and surround, it seems that we are talking too narrowly because we remember many things we need to know about the neighboring Senggigi beach.

It will provide more combinations than the objects talking about Senggigi beach, if we drive from the direction of Mataram to Senggigi and surround there are several points important point of your tour that you have to go through while traversing the asphalt road which is now smooth and slippery to be crushed by the wheels of tourism vehicles because indeed the district government of West Lombok is very much giving more priority to this road access.

At the intersection of sub-districts, the winner of North Lombok district, when you enter the city of Ampenan the road has started to be wide with views of buildings dominated by lined up shops and typical Lombok souvenir shops on the road to the Batu Layar sub-district. One-star hotels, bungalows, home stays and some restaurants join in to decorate this smooth and slippery path.

How way to Senggigi Area

Batulayar Close to Senggigi
Batu Screen Substation of 5 km before arriving at Senggigi beach area.

Before reaching the Senggigi and surround area there are several decent objects to make you have to stop, one of which is a view point located in the Batu Layar area just on a sharp bend but the road body is wide to be very safe to drive with a turn in this location.

At the position of the tip of the cliff exactly at the turn above which there is a tomb of an Islamic propagator who came to Lombok which became one with several graves of the surrounding community.

From this location you can get a view to take photos towards the cape that is on Senggigi beach and in the opposite direction you can take a photo of the beach that ends in the city of Ampenan.

This place is often used by motorcycle riders to take shelter because of heat or It’s raining because the location that has been given a roof and ceramic floor is enough to accommodate hundreds of people and not far from there is a place for traders of snacks and canned drinks for those who happen to want to relax while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

We tell you about Senggigi and surround 

Batu Bolong Timple
Batu Bolong Temple from the beach

Next we shift to Batu Bolong temple about 2 km before entering the Senggigi area for those who like history, please enter the temple area by paying an entrance fee of Rp 10,000 but for women who are having menstruation or menstruation it is strictly forbidden to enter the Batu temple area because there is a prohibited writing on the entrance to the entrance.

This temple is called Batu Bolong because it is located on the top of the cliff where there is a hollow rock which is eroded by waves until it is hollow and gives a uniqueness to those who like photography especially the atmosphere looks beautiful at dusk.

Next, it shifts 1 km right at the gate into the Senggigi and surround, there is an incline that is quite wide, but unfortunately for 4-wheeled vehicles, it is forbidden to stop here because the shoulder is very narrow except for those who use motorbikes.

It is still possible for an amount not more than 10 unit, here just below it is Alberto’s caffeine owned by an Italian who has been in this location for almost decades.

From here it is also pretty good for a place to relax and take pictures especially downward which appears on the beach, the guests of Alberto caffe adorn the scenery because the place has a fairly wide stretch of beach and often we see the guests – the restaurant guests relax on the table eat a meal while at dusk.

Senggigi and surround
Along the Senggigi area, the road is wide enough for tourism buses to pass.

Once you arrive in the Senggigi area, the touristic atmosphere has warmly welcomed your arrival, the place for exchange of money has greeted with the writings of money exchange rates in front of his shop.

Graha beach restaurant has lured the customers with pictures of snapper made of wood carvings and the right side the hotel and location of the receptionist, Marina bar to the right of the road and to the left there is a hotel on the beach, Bukit Senggigi hotel is on the right side of the road right on the hill, the mascot hotel is on the road to Senggigi main beach and one way to Kila The hotel is located on Senggigi cape.

There are information and ticketing counters besides the caffe-caffe lane along the way to end up in a cafe that is quite famous, “Happy Cafe”

The atmosphere of this place is a little wider than the other places besides this cafe presents life music with rhythm and western songs, Central in hotel on the left side of the road right on the main road, whose owners are of Chinese descent he is Mr. Akok.

Mr. Akok also has Blue Coral dive whose office is not far from the location of the Central hotel, Mr. Akok is also known as a motor cross lover and he is also known as a crosser Lombok athlete in the 80s era, across the street looks art-shop and lots of information counters lined up around him.

The Taman Restaurant building is a little more transparent because of its unique and multilevel architecture which is enough to decorate the atmosphere in the center of Senggigi area.

Furthermore, it appears a hotel resort “The Santosa” which was formerly called Intan Laguna is also a pioneer hotel located in the Senggigi area which has a large swimming pool behind the hotel which immediately closed to the beach.

Which the post office and several mini markets were seen. on the right, before the bend near the small bridge there is a BNI bank lined with small caffeine, art shop, and mini market, the left side is the agent property for the Lombok region.

Senggigi bay
Sheraton hotels and Puri Bunga hotels are faintly covered by tree leaves

On the right side of the restaurant is a German owner who is very fluent in Indonesian because he once married a local Lombok person “ASMARA restaurant” including long time in the Senggigi area, after that there is an art market location but only 50% sell goods art.

Apart from that, it has become a restaurant on the beach side and opposite is the “Puri Bunga” hotel whose concept is like a bungalow separate lined up the hillside to an altitude of 100 m, there is a swimming pool and restaurant below.

After that there is a police post exactly at corner of the art market and beside it there are five-star hotels namely Sheraton resort opposite the “Mana Kebun” hotel also five-star with the concept of the garden going inside from the highway and next to it is the TELKOM office which is the boundary of the Senggigi area.

Senggigi port
View point of Senggigi Beach from the top of the cliff not far from the Sheraton hotel

At the top of the cliff exactly below is the Sheraton resort hotel which is a view point to see Senggigi beach from a distance also often used as a zone of the taxi fleet to wait for passengers.

At night often used as a hangout by residents of Mataram city in addition to many roasted corn traders awaiting arrival the residents who want to relax at night but at noon this place must be empty from the elements of the bench, the table and the traders.

There has been an appeal from the management, only later with a hotel that has just been built on the slope area which ends on the beach from the place before the Pacific hotel also has the same merchants but rather sells young coconut which is sold for Rp 12,000 / piece and served in ready to drink, when the afternoon is very good for a place to wait for the sunset.

This location has entered the village area of ​​Kerandangan, there are also old hotels besides the Pacific hotel next to it, Puri Saron hotel opposite the cafe Bayan and beside it the Coconut hotel on the hill also has a swimming pool perched on the hill, not far from here Svarga hotel which is less than a year old operates with a more modern building concept.

Next toward senggigi to north side

Villa Hantu
View of the villa’s abandoned location “Ghost Villa”

Then heading north you will enter the Mangsit village area which has a hotel, Alang – alang, Puri Mas boutiqe, Key villa and Holiday Inn resort, then we will enter the Klui village area into North Lombok regency.

Here there is one star hotel namely Jeva Klui who recently expanded its occupancy to the north side of the hotel and after that there was rarely a building just a coconut garden under which overgrown with green grass.

Looks the beach is not far from that place, then after a few bends uphill and there are hotel buildings that are in the process of being under the cliffs among them Ghost Villa is a building that has not been finished yet but this place is

Often visited by people for a photo self y place to the top of the building because it is recognized that this place has a very good view because from here you can see a very charming coastline decorated with thousands of coconut trees.

Malimbu just next to Senggigi area

Malimbu beach
Now the highway is constructed and has relling in every cliff

After that we shift northward 300 m with a slightly uphill road here we will see a blue iron reeling with a fairly wide road and there is an amazing view that is often mentioned as Malimbu beach from here Gili Trawangan island looks beautiful decorate the sea while 2 other Gili still not visible because it is still blocked by the headland that protrudes on a hotel “Puri Malimbu.”

Not far from this view point on the side of the road that descends below, there are quite steep cliffs here, there are resting booths, but the merchants of the culinary delights of sea fish, the condition of the road around it has a contour of the road which is downhill and sharp but wide road very supportive for traffic comfort.

Culinary area
Grilled fish culinary on Nipah beach

Then we continue to the north just above the incline which immediately corners there is Puri Malimbu hotel and underneath there is a view of the Nipah bay adorned with cliffs of hills which are surrounded by coconut trees or also called Malimbu hill.

We descend from the gate of the Malimbu Puri hotel to the Nipah bay we will be welcomed with the culinary atmosphere of grilled fish lined up on the left side of the road, but if visitors want to enjoy the culinary with the atmosphere of the beach, notice there is a dirt track to the Nipah bay.

The car can go towards the beach, here you can serve the location of culinary grilled fish with a standard price, not expensive around Rp 45,000 for a large enough fish and served on gazebo while enjoying the beach atmosphere, right?

If after lunch at this location you can rent canoes to play children on the beach, which is barely choppy, but it is different if the wind season only has waves on the beach.

Malaka Hill and the own beautiful bay

Malaka Beac hill
Looks at Nipah bay under Malimbu hill

Next point next we see the edge of the cliff on the right above we will go there namely the view point of Malacca beach about 400 meters drive motorbike.

From this location we will see three Gili lined up to decorate the ocean and the most crowded is Gili Trawangan besides the biggest also only Gili Trawangan that has a hill, then in the middle of and the smallest one is Gili Meno and then the most edge close to the mainland, Gili Air, from Malacca beach.

You can be satisfied to direct the camera shots in all directions and don’t forget down there is a small alley above the cliff to descend towards the beach but you will not find a beach, but what you will find is a good view towards the Nipah bay and towards Agung mountain in Bali if the weather is sunny both afternoon, morning and evening.

Close to Malaka
Down from the Malacca hill a little you will find this one object

Furthermore, from the hill of Malacca, it only goes down a few hundred meters, there will still be nice objects to take photos with clear sea water and the construction of a pretty good road winding around the beautiful and full coastline.

Don’t be lazy to stop because Lombok is far away and it’s a pity to miss the beauty spots so even if you just got in a car then you have to park again.

It’s been hot again and it seems like if you continue to drive it will be cool but unfortunately after arriving in the city where you live you will sorry if you don’t want to go down to take pictures, while your partner who has been to Lombok shows you where you passed, but unfortunately you were lazy to go down

Malimbu cape
It appears Malimbu hill from Setangi hamlet during the Dry season.

Still not far from here, we will go to the Mentigi beach, the shape is not the same but the beauty is not much different, the coastline around this path will never seem to make eyes closed unless you happen to be asleep from before.

This crystal clear beach always spreading the charm in front of you when you are in a car or motorcycle as long as you always focus on seeing the road, in this location it is quite quiet for vehicles to pass but if you are not focused, still your motorcycle will look for a ditch.

On the hillside there is a resort hotel where the rooms line upwards there is also a Spa service in this hotel, I forgot the name of the hotel but if I remember I will update again.

After this the view of the beach will be covered by trees we will across the Setangi village and we can still see Teluq Nara harbor, it is clear that boats and boats are scattered, not to mention the various types of speed boats parked at this location.