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Snorkeling Gear Rental

If you want to snorkel only just rent snorkeling equipment on Gili Trawangan you can get it very easily, along the coast on Gili Trawangan especially the east coast you can see directly the equipment openly hanging on the top of a place that resembles a rag.

In the cart stomach is a storage place for snorkeling equipment after being washed or after being returned by the tenants, cleaned with Sun light or Mama Lemon soap. The rental price for a set consisting of Mask, snorkel and fin is around IDR 50,000 – IDR 75,000 depending on conditions.

snorkeling equipment rental condition

Snorkeling Equipment
Location of rental equipment for snorkeling on the beach side of Gili Trawangan

If the visiting season of any price on Gili Trawangan will increase very drastically, the including snorkeling equipment rental, the price is determined at will, meaning that the previous IDR 30,000 / set will be offered to IDR 50,000 / set.

It is already business law if the demand is more than the inventory, the price can change, how about the normal jacket lift or life jacket around Rp 20,000 – RpĀ  25,000 for one time use the rental price is not calculated based on how long we use it.

OK, before renting snorkeling equipment you should first ask the local people or people who know where the snorkeling locations are good because in Gili Trawangan not all beaches are good snorkeling places.

suggestion to use snorkeling equipment

As far as I know in front of the Villa Ombak hotel a little to the south is very good for snorkeling locations or on the north side of Gili Trawangan there are large coral reefs such as an average 1 cubic cubicle which is inhabited by a type of Gropper or a type of fish that is quite large but no ornamental corals appear here .

snorkeling equipment
The latest Snorkeling spot in the western part of Gili Meno

For that reason, if renting equipment must also be measured to what extent you have to carry from the location of the rent to the location of snorkeling if not so you have to rent a bicycle and rent snorkeling equipment like Caucasians.

If they feel that the snorkeling location is not good they can moving to a location farther away according to people’s recommendations and what is certain when parking a bicycle must be converged so that the comfort of the snorkel is not to think about what the bike will bring or not because it often happens on Gili Trawangan.

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