Special Snorkeling

Special Snorkeling

Snorkeling with “special snorkeling” trip is intended for participants who are less happy with too many people on the boat and also at snorkeling spots.

There are snorkeling boats crowded with passengers meeting other groups in the same place at the same time so that the number of people who snorkel almost become thousands people, especially during high season or visiting season.

If you do not like this situation you can use alternative snorkeling with a small group with a smaller boat and the participants are limited in capacity to a maximum of 10 people and a minimum of 4 participants on a boat trip.

spesial snorkeling
There is the biggest Boat Lucky Trip with a capacity of hundreds of participants

Participants will be charged Rp 300,000 / person or the price will be Rp 200,000 / person if the participant of more than 15 people apart from the group is a little too.

The departure time is changed earlier at 08.30 am or the second trip you can do at 01.00 pm because in general the departure time.

To snorkel on Gili Trawangan from the north to the south end at 10.30 am you can imagine a boat with an average capacity of 40 participants and up to 60 participants even from one of the “Lucky Trip” snorkeling services having a basic boat with a capacity of up to 125 participants.

If multiplied by the number of boats departing from other snorkeling services, approximately 17 boats, almost thousands of people snorkeling from Gili Trawangan.

At the same time, it is divided into several spots, not including those who snorkel from Gili Meno and Gili Air, and those who snorkel on the beach without using a boat trip are sure that the peak season will be 2 thousands more people who will be snorkeling at the same time.

Inspired from Caucasians and Caucasians who complain, he said when they were snorkeling they saw more people than seeing fish.

“We are not seeing fish but every where we see people,” he said, because not all beaches are good for snorkeling.

The only place that innovates the departure schedule and the small number of participants that is where I recommend on the “Mr. Ulum” which is located in front of the art market or when the night will turn into a Food Market. Close to the beach.

There we give the name ” Special Snorkeling is more complete equipment include fin and bread to give fish eat.

spesial snorkeling
The Snorkeling Guide is showing the location of the turtle

In this case the boatman will control the boat and you will control the boatman, which means that all your requests will be heard more than the large number of participants.

You can ask to be moved aside or even down to go up to the other island if you want to walk around 15 minutes on Gili Meno or on Gili Air, also include being able to choose restaurant where to stop for lunch or just shop for snacks or soft drinks, the guide also more intentionally guides you but another thing if the participants have more than 15 people all that can carried out by mutual agreement.

Five Ways To Do Snorkeling In Gili Trawangan


For all use of snorkeling equipment must be accounted for if it occurs lost or released while snorkeling especially fin, mask and snorkel. If this happens, immediately report to the snorkel guide so that it can be taken, if it cannot be taken because it falls at a depth that is difficult to reach, then the participant must compensate for the falling instrument by 75% of the price in the shop.