Lombok t-shit

Lombok T-Shirt

SASAKU Super market on the Ampenan – Senggigi highway on Batulayar

Souvenirs for Lombok t-shit or Lombok island patterns. Many places you can get.

Not only in the shops selling Lombok T-shirts, but you can also get on the streets or on the hawkers in Lombok.

You can find the hawkers “anywhere. In the location of the tourist area, it could be outside the hotel where you stay, on the beaches of tourist destinations.

Except for Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air, and other Gili in the Sekotong area. Because the existence of traders of hawkers is strongly opposed at that location.

Lombok t-shirt Vendor disturb tourist

Because frequency tends to be considered disturbing tourists who are relaxing.

Lombok T-Shirt
PRADJE Super market on Ampenan highway – Senggigi Batulayar district

“If you buy a Lombok T-shirt. In the hawker the price is very cheap, you can get it for Rp. 100,000 for 3 T-shirts.

Price can never lie, maybe it’s the right word if you want to measure the quality of an item.

Whether it’s any item, but it’s not as expensive as it is, I think you can study it yourself. From the taste, the quality and color you can specify.

As far as I know, this Asongan T-shirt consists of only one quality, there is no choice if you want to search with the production of certain materials, even if you have one but there is little chance to get it.

But if there are hawkers who offer, buy it maybe this way you can help the small people make a living for their families.

Lombok T-Shirt
Super market EXOTIC LOMBOK T-Shirt souvenirs

As for other options you can get elsewhere, with quality prices that are suitable and very varied.

Lombok t-shit shop

You can get it in a special shop that sells typical Lombok T-shirts and souvenirs, but there are stores that specifically sell only Lombok T-shirts.

“Such as:” Lombok Exotic, “Kelambi Lombok and” Arif. In addition there are also large shops such as “My Sasaku and” Peraje, also selling typical Lombok T-shirts for the most part but there are still other displays.

“Such as: Carving, painting and pearls. There is also the quality of Sapujagat, the price is cheap at a price of Rp. 20,000 for one shirt, very suitable for souvenirs for one village that you can get at the Supermarket Gift” SASAKU. “

Lombok Exotic T-Shirt shop
Bagian dalam supermarket Lombok Exotic

In all the places that I call are places to get a collection of t-shirts with various sizes and variations.

The store is located on a very large area for parking and is spacious for display collections, various choices of t-shirts.

“Especially, the 3 shops including those that are shopping for supermarkets are: Sasaku, Exotic and Peraje, of course in these 3 supermarkets, you can get a very varied collection choice.

Each store has its own brand, which they produce themselves, without buying natural ingredients from other wholesalers.