Lombok Culinary

Knowing regional cuisine, the place you visit has its own meaning after a day on the vehicle enjoying the natural scenery of Lombok when you are hungry, there may be a desire to know Lombok’s special dishes.

You can ask the driver what are the typical foods in Lombok and where to get them but heart heart for those who do not like spicy cuisine because Lombok people really like spicy spices especially very fond of raw chilli spices like Pelecing Kangkung.

Bumppo and sambel colet these three elements of food are very inseparable from the daily menu when eating, especially beberok and sambel colet but there is no absolute thing that is certain there are also Lombok people who do not like spicy seasoning but in this case we speak generally that Lombok people like spicy cuisine.

There are several types of Lombok cuisine that you should try such as: Taliwang grilled chicken, Puyung rice, Rarang rice, Rembiga satay, Tanjung satay, Bulayak, Pelecing Kangkung and Sayur Ares.

Sambal Beberok

Raw eggplants, raw long beans and raw onions seasoned with raw tomato sauce

Is a mixture of raw chili (approximately 12 seeds), shrimp paste, tomatoes, onions, salt, flavoring dishes (Sasa or Aji no Moto) and additional raw eggplant and long bean vegetables.

For this portion, usually for 1 or 2 people who present it when coincidentally there are no other side dishes (there is no money to buy) even this chili is enough to spend one plate of rice but if there is extra, it is suitable to be eaten with fried tofu, fried Tempe, crackers culture, and others.

Even though Lombok people have cooked other dishes with spicy ingredients such as stir-fried kale, young jackfruit vegetables, mustard greens, winged beans and others, although the ingredients are spicy, they have to be as much as possible.

This does not apply to all Lombok in general like that I often encounter there are even some Lombok people who don’t like raw souce, there are also Lombok people who don’t like spicy ingredients like one of my siblings is very anti-sambal.

Sambal Colet

The word plug indicates the index tip reaches the chili, is a mixture of raw chili (about 12 seeds), shrimp paste, salt and flavoring dishes such as (sasa and aji no moto) as much as possible there is five chili sauce is simpler than just a few tomatoes just the difference can be served without other side dishes as well as for the portion of spending one plate of rice but most suitable served with fried salted fish, fresh fried fish, fried anchovies and fried chicken.

Served when the rice is still in warm condition Both of the chili sauce above is a very basic food accompaniment menu in Lombok but when it comes to typical Lombok food that cannot be found in other areas namely; Taliwang grilled chicken, Pelecing kangkung, satay Bulayak, satay Tanjung, satay Rembiga.

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