highest waterfall in Lombok

Tiu Sekeper

Highest waterfall in Lombok is Tiu Sekeper located in North side the island of Lombok. Lombok has many waterfalls whose source pivots on Mount Rinjani until it is estimated that there are still some who do not know the exact whereabouts.

The terrain is still a dense forest that is still difficult to reach as well as the Tiu Sekeper waterfall which is the highest waterfall on the island Lombok has a height of up to 102 meters.

Another opinion also stated that the height was estimated at 80 – 90 meters and said it was included in the top 10 highest waterfalls in Indonesia, which was only known for 2 years. The highest waterfall in Lombok Tiu Sekepaer the terrain to get to the location had to break through dense forests to take 3 hours to get to the location on foot.

tiu sekeper waterfall did’t know well

This did not surprise me because when I talked with one of the young people living not far from the entrance to the Tiu Sekeper highest waterfall in Lombok, waterfall location before I got a local guide to guide us to the location of Tiu Sekeper waterfall and when this young man asked where are i going

I said I would go hiking to Tiu Sekeper The highest waterfall in Lombok and then he would look a little frown while saying “I think I want to go to Tiu Teja waterfall, he said! The location of Tiu Teja waterfall is only 500 meters from here but if I go to Tiu Sekeper I have never there the young man said.

Mr. Badarudin
With Mr. Badarudin (local guide)

Not long after there was a man who was not big enough to come to where I was standing near the shop, it turned out he was the parent of the owner of the shop where we bought drinking water, after getting acquainted with his name Mr. Badarudin, after conversing he also said he often sent people who want to visit Tiu Sekeper waterfall.

Now it happened that we also offered him to be a guide to deliver us to the location of the highest waterfall in Lombok, after agreeing to be able to afford it for a short time later we packed it while preparing food, drinks, fruit, we also bought bananas then we put them in small backpacks and the road to the location of Tiu Sekeper waterfall.

Before leaving, we take a photo first, then we post on Facebook, this is indirectly if something happens and something else, at least at that time we are known to be in the village of Santong, heading to the location of Tiu Sekeper waterfall.

At the beginning of the journey the trail was still wide to the parking location of the Tiu Teja waterfall with the atmosphere of lush and cool dense forest, the more into the tracks the more uphill and on the right we could still see the Tiu Teja waterfall below the valley.

highest waterfall in Lombok terrain

highest waterfall in Lombok
Road conditions are wet and continue to climb

On the way to break through the jungle with the condition of the trail with many branches that made me think if not using a local guide, there would certainly be many problems with misguided paths, the more we entered the jungle the more uphill we drank and the water ran out but don’t worry before we departed.

Mr. Badarudin had told us about the length of the trip would spend a normal 3 hour walk and if we ran out of drinking water there were still many sources of springs scattering along the way.

In this dense forest, we feel the smell of fresh air which is very different from what we breathe every day in the city of Mataram. Occasionally when our drinking water runs out there are some springs which are crushed from plastic pipes where we fill bottled water it runs out, while walking there are things we must avoid, Mr. Badarudin said, that if he saw a tree like this, said Mr. Badarudin, pointing to one of the leaves with a tree that was not too big, if we call it the tree “Jelateng”.

dangerous think
Jelateng trees to avoid

If we touch or scratch with the thorns on the Jelateng leaves this will cause the skin that is pierced by the jengkeng leaves to become swollen and feel like being stung by a bee for 2 or 3 days, so we have to recognize these trees and leaves. said Mr. Badarudin.

While we continued the journey there were still some trees that had been cut down either by whom and who we also found uninhabited huts in the forest seemed to belong to the people who planted coffee and bananas that appeared in this forest after we walked our 1.5 hours sometimes it stops to rest because it’s tired too.

While sitting on a fallen tree trunk with my friend Mas Helmi Subhan happened to be just the two of us while observing that there were several types of insects that we had never seen before so too Mr. Badarudin was seen scavenging for plastic garbage scattered around while placing in a bag of scrap used food that we brought, “it seems that Mr. Badarudin is already environmentally conscious.

Mr. Badarudin was cleaning plastic waste and then took it home after putting it in a plastic bag

Throughout the trip we also found the flow of the river and several waterfalls but not only as high as 5 meters and the river is not wide and there is already a small bridge for us to use and even has a roof like this for shelter if it rains.

In my mind actually this road will not be far if the terrain is straight because this pathway feels very meandering while climbing, after a trip of more than 2 hours we feel really really in a dense forest because the soil we step on feels wet and trees trees are increasingly shady, bushy and bushy.

Approximately almost near the location of the increasingly difficult terrain waterfall, we crossed the cliff wall and beneath it was a very deep valley but the spooky side was covered in thick shrubs and trees under the valley but at this location there were long tree roots where we hold even ladders made of wood to descend to connect paths that are cut off by fields formed by nature.

highest waterfall in Lombok
the trail that is circling, actually what we’re going to go to looks close

Not far from this location, there was a distinctive sound of a waterfall falling from a height and the roar of water falling from the shower of a waterfall. We decided to take a few minutes of rest while enjoying the view of the waterfall while taking pictures from the Smart phone camera because if you look at the location we are going to go again it is still very low location with a slightly slippery terrain.

This waterfall in my opinion has a slide that is not beautiful but attractive because it has a high enough height and has an exciting trekking field for people who like trekking tours with a dense jungle atmosphere, until now I still miss the atmosphere towards Tiu Sekeper waterfall .

Even though it felt ready to go down then we proceeded to traverse the terrain with solid and wet soil conditions but many stems of bushes where to hold while feeling threatening terrain, finally after arriving 50 meters below the glide the atmosphere is beautiful can not be described with words said.

What is certain is that our soul feels flew down by a cold slide which cannot be intact if we try to take a close picture, for those who want to take a bath, please do not go to the slides because there was a victim who died after being blown away by a slid dead body rolled into base for the launch for that don’t try playing the champ here !!!

Before walk down to The highest waterfall in Lombok

highest waterfall in Lombok
Celebrate before going down to the bottom of Tiu Sekeper waterfall

After an hour at this location, the body already feels quite cold, please change your wet shorts, don’t get wet again to the location of the car park because my personal experience is only to bring 1 pair of shorts while we replace the trousers in the parking lot and resulting in my groin blister because wet pants rub against the skin.

The thing that I remember the most when I returned to the parking lot I felt it was really not memorized by the terrain we had been through.

When I tried walking ahead Pak Badarudin always instructed me from behind that I turned by taking the wrong path, could imagine if we go to this location without using a local guide, “Can you stray into the wild next time?

Lokal guide to the highest waterfall in Lombok

Tiu Teja
My Friend Helmi Subhan and Mr. Badarudin

Finally, we almost arrived at the parking lot, the foot had felt like we were going to get an uproar. The plan was to stop at the Tiu Teja waterfall when we returned it was not interesting anymore.

Finally we arrived at the parking lot, thank you, Mr. Badarudin, hoping that we would meet again. Badarudin with the promise I will sell tour packages to Tiu Sekeper waterfall.

Of course, in the future, if all of Mr. Badarudin’s smooth plans can be coordinated by a local guide to Tiu Sekeper waterfall, from here we must turn to Mataram by traveling 72 km and I expect to be able to reach home around less than 07:00 pm our journey took place when the sun had sunk.