Tiu Tejal Waterfall

Tiu Teja the twin fallsĀ is located right at the end of the hustle of Santong village, Kayangan sub-district, North Lombok district, which is 72 km from Mataram city. Tiu Teja waterfall has a unique glide with a height of approximately 42 meters below the hillside valley, the water flows very clearly with 2 twin glides with a fairly large discharge especially during the rainy season.

From the city of Mataram to The Location of Tiu Teja the twin falls, you can take the route to Gunungsari sub-district, West Lombok district goes to Pusuk Pass or the Pusuk forest border between West Lombok district and North Lombok district and there is a border gate at the top of the road.

Lombok utara
T-junction of the monument of the horse statue of the Kayangan sub-district

Wide asphalt road sections with road shoulders averaging 1 meter left and right with cast concrete construction, in this location there are many monkeys sitting relaxing on the side of the road. Next down the road as far as 13 km until arriving at the intersection of the sub-district of Pemenang and turn towards the city of Tanjung which is the capital city of North Lombok.

Until at the junction of the Horse statue monument in the Kayangan sub-district may at the vehicle speedo show you have walked for approximately 60 km towards the Santong village with 12 km of hiking conditions to the parking lot location.

tiu teja
My Friend Tigor Jeeva

The path to get to this location is still one-way with the path to Tiu Sekeper waterfall which is the highest waterfall on the island of Lombok but to get to the location of Tiu Sekeper the trip will take 3 hours walking through the dense forest.

The Contain surround Tiu Teja the twin falls

While we cross the path to Tiu Sekeper still we can see the Tiu Teja waterfall from the lush hillside with timber trees belonging to HTI (Industrial Plantation Forest). After arriving at the end of the asphalt road there is a welcome gate and there is a picture of a waterfall installed with pictures made from finite prints, not far from the gate we glance to the right 20 meters on a non-paved road lane with a slightly graveled dirt road.

There are people selling or coffee shops and having a yard wide enough to park 2 cars and a number of motorbike units. You can leave the vehicle here with parking services of Rp 10,000 for one car unit and for motorbikes, Rp 2,000 names for the stall owner, Mr. Badarudin who sells his son, Mr. Badaraudin, also included an organizer on trips to the Tiu Teja waterfall and Tiu Sekeper who could also ask for his services as a local guide to the 2 waterfalls.

Tiu teja waterfall
Tiu Teja’s gate before going down the stairs

You can also get away with a 2-wheel drive to the parking lot for 1 km through a road that is slightly gravel, slippery, wet dirt road, there are also some roads that have been rebate. On the right side of the trip there is a PDAM building seen on the left on the way to the land lane, he said to the direction there is a village settlement said Mr. Badaraudin.

Parking Lot in Tiu Teja the twin falls

After arriving at the location of Tiu Teja waterfall there is a parking lot at Rp 2,000 for a motorcycle unit this is a guard to check the entrance ticket because the entrance ticket must be purchased at the gate counter, the one who checks neatly in uniform with the badge identification card in his name pocket Mr. Rizal, he is very friendly in welcoming tourists to Tiu Teja waterfall.

Not far away from the parking location the location of the Tiu Teja waterfall is below the location of the parking lot by going down 230 stairs with an average height of stairs of about 30 cm means we will go to the location below 30 cm X 230 = 6,900 cm means we will go down as far as 69 meters with the width of the road an average of 1 meter along the cliff.

The road to the waterfall has been laid out with a hardening of the stone foundation rebate with the shape of a stepping footpath that is down to almost the waterfall slide which on its side consists of wet bushes, until you arrive at the location of the waterfall, you can enjoy the glacier.

At this location you can swim but the deepest water is only as shoulder-length as an adult. When there is luck usually after finishing the rain at the location often appear rainbow or angel belt said the people of Lombok adorn the slides of the two waterfalls very beautifully and it is an opportunity for you to immediately capture the event with a digital camera or with your smart phone camera.