Lombok Souvenir

“Alright, my friends, this time I will review a little about Lombok souvenir. According to the theme title this time. Actually the essence of our current discussion is if you are in Lombok with what purpose.

Then to fill the time before the scheduled departure of the flight to your hometown, so as not to be dumbfounded in waiting which sometimes makes it unreasonable because you don’t know what to do.

I will aim for tourists who have just finished a tour or tour in Lombok. This is like the habits of the tourist before heading to the ZAMIA airport (Zainudin Abdul Majid International Airport) or as usually called LIA (Lombok International Airport).

For free time or can also be according to the schedule or according to the itinerary that has been mentioned in the tour package.


  1. Jargon T-Shirt & Lombok Motif
  2. Lombok Traditional Woven Fabric
  3. The Typical Island Snacks of Lombok
  4. Lombok Typical Carving
  5. Ketak Woven Handy craft
  6. Lombok Pottery Handy craft
  7. Lombok South Sea Pearl


Of the 7 locations that we share the link for, of course, are several Km apart or apart in locations that we cannot describe via google map.

You can just consult us so we can make a directed run down and don’t let you lose control of the check-in time at the airport.

Especially when you are shopping for pearls or other Lombok souvenir, the consideration is usually very long. In our experience, we had to cancel buying pearls, when they arrived at the airport they changed their minds and asked to go back to the pearl shop again.

Time was very tight and tense, right, the car had to run fast with a feeling of anxiety. The atmosphere was really tense, before we traveled full of jokes.

Even though it was a little unpleasant, we just kept quiet, for the sake of service and had to return to the city of Mataram again with a sense of compulsion. We are just afraid if the check-in time is not caught up.

The atmosphere became tense, unlike before, we joked a lot and laughed cheerfully this time we could only smile.