Madu & Umar Maya

The existence of these two waterfalls is located at the same gate or one entrance to the location of the “Honey” waterfall and the “Umar Maya” waterfall is in Bilok Petung village Sembalun sub-district which is the north side of Sembalun sub-district with land contour at elevation the lowest is from all villages in Sembalun sub-district after Sajang village.

Previously, Bilok Petung was in the Kadus area of ​​Sajang village but after the division of Bilok Petung village became a separate village in Sembalun sub-district. The two locations of this waterfall are in the village of Bilok Petung which is a series of waterfalls originating from the overflow of the Segara Anak lake which is at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level in the crater of Mount Rinjani.

Nearest access from Mataram city to these two waterfall locations by taking the northern route or through West Lombok and North Lombok districts, namely: Gunung Sari District, Pemenang sub-district, Tanjung sub-district, Gangga sub-district, Kayangan sub-district and Bayan sub-district which borders the village Bilok Petung, I estimate it is exactly 100 km from the city of Mataram to a T-junction in the village of Bilok Petung.

Turn to the right with the same road conditions to a location of Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA) 2 km in from the main road that has been operating since the early 1900s that utilizes the Mayung Putek waterfall slide as a Waterwheel player connected to the generator coil engine electricity then the next slide is Honey Waterfall and Umar Maya Waterfall which is not too far from each other.

The location of the two Madu and Umar waterfalls under a series of Mayung Putek is often disturbed by the activities of moralization of hydroelectric activities which resulted in the two waterfalls being irrigated by mud and causing the locations of both waterfalls Honey and Umar Maya to become cloudy and unable to be bathed by visitors up to that time made the visitors disappointed even some visitors were annoyed.

visitors damaged by tearing down the waterfall sign (to the left of Honey and to the right of Umar Maya) which was made of finite which was on the edge of the river, because they were annoyed to come all the way by bringing dressing pants and walking to the location from the parking lot down the trail down to the river and along the river but can not take a bath especially if you have paid parking of Rp 5,000 for a motorcycle and Rp 15,000 for a 4 wheeled vehicle in addition to the entry fee of Rp 2,000 for each visitor.

tembilok village
Umar Maya waterfall in Bilok Petung village

When compared to other waterfalls that are on the island of Lombok, both of these waterfalls are not too superior, except Umar Maya, who seems a bit unique from the ordinary because it has a large pool under the slide which is not too high, only about 6 meters and for visitors who like to adrenaline can jump into a pool from the top of the lips of the Umar Maya waterfall but there is another interesting thing after visiting this location, you can visit Sembalun to see Mount Rinjani from a closer distance and be able to feel the charm of Sembalun.

With a variety of beauty that you can enjoy from the top of the hill surrounding it with a view of fertile rice fields with plots of rice fields that look like carpets lined with green, yellow and brown in addition you can visit stroubery and apple plantation with an entrance fee of Rp. 15,000 / people and can eat on the spot by picking it themselves, don’t worry if you are disappointed in the waterfall because there are many normalization in hydropower.