Lombok carving

Lombok Carving

Lombok wood carving has its own distinctive value and style, between the two regions.

Where Lombok wood carvings, although not so smooth, but there are distinctive patterns that make it striking or have a style that is worthy of glancing.

Lombok carving, in addition to having characters in the shape or value of sculpture, but there are sides that make it look different.

Lombok carving
You can find this collection in Rungkang, Jangkuk village

Where is the difference? The difference is in the Cukli ornament which is attached to the wood part, which is embedded in the engraving surface.

“Cukli is a piece of clam shell shaped; Triangle, square, diamond and rectangle.

For those with a round shape, I have never seen it, consisting of small pieces of less than 1 cm embedded in wood carvings or can also be used for wood materials for furniture.

“As; Tables, cabinets, chairs, tissue boxes, and so on, after being plugged into the wood surface, then finishing with varnish, plaque and PK, which are extinguished.

Wooden guest chairs with Cukli ornaments

Where to get it, or the place of production is in the village of “Sesela, in” Rungkang Jangkuk and in the village of Senanti, south Central Lombok.

But the close ones are in the villages of Sesela and Rungkang. Which is only 3 km from downtown Mataram.

In both places Sesela and Rungkang have their own Art markets, as places to sell their produce.

If you are lazy to look for it, you can get it at the Art Shop in the Senggigi area on the art market or in the art shop on the main road.

Of course this product can only be used as souvenirs not for souvenirs because of course the price is quite expensive, with the exception of a class of tissue boxes and ashtrays, okay.

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