Rinjani Mountain

Rinjani Via Sembalun package is the best route if you want to conquer the summit of Mount Rinjani quickly. Most of the early climbers choose the Sembalun route to conquer the peak.

We will start the hike with a savanna atmosphere which is quite hot, but very beautiful to the eye

The Trekking package options via Sembalun are as follows:


Suggestion: Important Requirements that are Recommended to Bring During the Rinjani Mountain Trekking

Preparation for Package Rinjani Via Sembalun

If you are on Gili Trawangan, in Senggigi, in Mataram City. We can plan a direct trek without having to stay overnight in Senaru or Sembalun villages, we consider this the second day, of course the package price can be reduced.

It’s different if we have to pick up at Lombok airport of course because the flight arrives or arrives on the island of Lombok at 8:30 am at the earliest.

Your arrival or airport pick-up will not have a fixed time if you want to climb on the first day of climbing. The first day of our pick-up will count as the first day in the package we made, the price includes a stay at Senaru.

First Day Package Rinjani Via Sembalun

On the first day package Rinjani via Sembalun, pick up at Lombok Airport, drop to Senaru or Sembalun, have lunch and check in at the hotel.

After check in home stay free program. We suggest you to do exercises (soft Trekking) to visit 2 waterfalls in Senaru village. If you stay at Senaru, namely Sendang Gile Waterfall which is only 15 minutes down from Senaru village.

The second waterfall is Tiu Kelep waterfall, which is in the same direction as the Sendang Gile waterfall, taking a half hour drive through a hill gap.

If staying in Sembalun we recommend doing soft trekking to Bukit Selong to see the colorful stretch of rice fields from the top of Selong hill.


If you are a true climber, you will surely be familiar with Mount Rinjani, the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia, therefore don’t miss it, let’s get to know it more closely.

package via SembalunRinjani crater. Come visit Mount Rinjani, get the best and most beautiful experience in your climbing experience.

If you want to climb Mount Rinjani you can do it through several climbing accesses, including entrance access; Senaru Village, Torean Village, Sembalun Lawang Village, Sajang Village, Timbanuh Village and Aik Berik Village (North Batukliang)

In general, most climbers climb through access to Senaru village or Rinjani Via Sembalun Lawang village.

Especially for climbers who just want to conquer the peak of Rinjani which has a height of 3,726 m above sea level, the closest access is through Rinjani Via Sembalun Lawang.

This Beautiful Mountain Was Deadly



Via Aik Berik
Hiking route via Aik Berik district. central Lombok

In the near future, the Central Lombok district government has a discourse to take part, to be involved in organizing the climbing of Mount Rinjani through the Central Lombok district in a practical way.

Previously, it was already there but not as noisy as through the Senaru and Sembalun climbing routes which are geographically located in the North Lombok (Senaru) and East Lombok (Sembalun) districts.

It seems that Central Lombok Regency also doesn’t want to be a constant spectator, so this plan will be pursued with an innovative concept, by planning the construction of roads or the opening of new lanes.

So that climbers as far as possible can drive as close as possible to the mouth of the Segara Anak crater, because this is part of the alternative for those who are physically no longer strong enough to climb with terrain such as the Senaru route and the Rinjani via Sembalun route.

Via Aik Berik
Lake Segara Anak through Pelawangan Aik Berik (south side of the crater) district. central Lombok

Rinjani via Sembalun is the closest access to the journey to the summit. because it means you will start climbing from a height of 1,156 m above sea level.

While climbing through the village access “Senaru” starts from a height of 601 m above sea level.

Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcanic mountain in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci in Jambi (Sumatra) 3,805 m above sea level.

Mount Rinjani has erupted several times and volcano experts think that before it erupted, its height was estimated at about 5,000 meters in the shape of a cone, but after two major eruptions, this mountain formed a crater in the middle of its former eruption.

Like a bowl, it accommodates rainwater in its crater which is in the middle of a rainwater lake called the ‘Segara Anak’ lake which is at an elevation of 2008 m above sea level which has an overflow in the north.

The overflowing water from Segara Anak lake forms a small river, the water is white so the local people gave the name this time as “kokok Putek.”

In the Sasak language which means Kali Putih, where the flow of water from the overflowing Lake Segara Anak raises many waterfalls in its flow. Among them, there are several popular ones to visit, namely: Mangku Sakti Waterfall and Mayung Putek Waterfall (white deer) and Umar Maya waterfall. Mount Rinjani National Park began to be developed into a tourism industry since 1999 and was followed by the formation of the RTMB (Rinjani Trekking Management Board) institution which trains and educates all components involved in organizing Mount Rinjani climbing.

package via Sembalun
The red line is the climbing route via Senaru

Mount Rinjani erupted for the umpteenth time in 2004, due to this eruption there was no effect caused only a small boom was heard as far as the city of Mataram and centered on a volcanic cone enclosed by high cliffs of the crater walls.

The last time it erupted was on November 3, 2015 for 2 weeks which resulted in disruption of flight traffic.

Especially at Ngurah Rai international airport in Bali and Lombok international airport (BIL) because of the effects of volcanic ash rain that was blown into the air to block visibility for flights.

Ironically, those who live around the slopes of Mount Rinjani do not get the effects of the dust rain at all, only those who can clearly hear every boom when an eruption occurs.

The impact of the eruption of Mount Rinjani had quite an effect on tourism actors who really felt the impact of the volcanic ash disaster of the eruption of Mount Baru Jari.

Many travel agent guests and hotel guests canceled their arrival because flights for the Ngurah Rai International Airport Denpasar (Bali) and Lombok International Airport (BIL) were temporarily closed.

Including the business people climbing Mount Rinjani, of course also the tourists who have already paid an advance for hotel accommodations located in Lombok.

rinjani from senaru
Mount Rinjani from Senaru village, seen the building of climbing organizers.

Mount Rinjani from Senaru village, you can see the trekking organizers’ buildings.
Mount Rinjani area is part of a national park which consists of 40 national parks in the archipelago which covers an area of 41,330 ha and is also incorporated in protected forests with an area of 66,000 ha.

The preservation of the forest and the animals contained in it is protected by the state, around the slopes of Mount Rinjani there are 20 traditional villages that surround it.

The crater of Mount Rinjani is so beautiful that many mountain lovers come to visit it, apart from seeing the stunning nature, climbers can also do fishing in Segara Anak lake.

These fish used to come from seeds sown by the second president of the Republic of Indonesia, President Suharto


Fishing in the Lake

Slightly different from the fish commonly found in freshwater below, these fish have a slightly larger head.

Maybe due to lack of food intake, the fish in the lake are very hungry. Anglers are very easy to get and certainly these fish when cooked or when served a little smell of sulfur.

This lake is called Lake Segara Anak by the Lombok people, it can be guessed from the naming of this lake that the local people (Lombok people) gave the name.

In ancient times the people of Lombok when they saw water that was inundated widely as when they saw the ocean they called it “segara” as well as the Segara Anak lake whose water resembled a small ocean.

Lombok people call it immediately, it could be that the Lombok people when they first saw the lake in the crater of Mount Rinjani resembled a child from the ocean so it was named the child of the ocean or “Segara Anak.”

Likewise with the volcanic cone whose peak is 2,351 m above sea level on the edge of the lake, which is named Mount Baru Jari or Mount Baru Jadi, because the Lombok people used to think that the volcanic cone was an incipient mountain or had just emerged without them knowing. that it is a geological effect.

Due to the pressure of magma that pushes the earth’s surface to form a cone, without ever knowing that the crater was a former eruption in a very powerful past, in general, 20 years ago Indonesians had known Mount Rinjani through pictures on banknotes worth Rp. 10,000.

package via Sembalun
Camping side POS III via Sembalun

Mount Rinjani climbing activities are well organized under the auspices of the RTMB (Rinjani Trekking Management Board).

This organization empowers local residents to be involved in enjoying the beauty of Mount Rinjani National Park given by God Almighty who works as an organizer, tour guide and porter around the villages of Senaru and Sembalun.

They are trained (porters and guides) on how to treat tourists while climbing Mount Rinjani, especially how to cook and make European-style dishes. Most of the climbers are (foreign nationals) and the perpetrators of Mount Rinjani climbing tours are trained in ways of saving actions, preserving the environment and nature, especially keeping Mount Rinjani clean from garbage, especially plastic waste.

package via Sembalun

package via Sembalun

package via Sembalun

package via Sembalun

package via Sembalun

package via Sembalun

package via Sembalun

package via Sembalun

Trekking Rinjani 4H3M

Hari Pertama Paket Trekking Rinjani Melalui Sembalun

Penjemputan – Penginapan


Hari pertama paket trekking Rinjani Lombok pen-jemputan untuk di bawa ke desa Senaru. Karena 1 hari sebelum trekking puncak Rinjani sangat baik untuk bermalam di desa Senaru untuk persiapan.

Tiu Kelep
Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Desa Senaru selain start poin juga terdapat 2 lokasi Air Terjun cukup dikenal yaitu: Air terjun Sendang Gila dan air terjun Tiu Kelep yang merupakan air terjun yang paling indah di pulau Lombok.

Lokasi air terjun Sendang Gila yang lebih dekat dari pintu masuk menuju air terjun, lebih tinggi dari pada air terjun Tiu Kelep. Jadi bisa melakukan soft Trekking 1 hari sebelumnya ke lokasi kedua air terjun tersebut.

Pada kedua air terjun tersebut bisa mandi, airnya jernih berasal dari pegunungan yang sangat bersih. Bagus buat foto-fotoan. Air terjun Tiu Kelep merupakan air terjun yang terindah di pulau Lombok. Air terjun tersebut merupakan destinasi unggulan yang menjadi incaran para wisatawan lokal maupun mancanegara. Air terjun ini sering dijadikan objek untuk klip iklan di TV, mungkin anda pernah melihat iklan air minum kemasan botol merk Aqua, salah satunya berlokasi di air terjun Tiu Kelep yang berada di desa Senaru kabupaten Lombok Utara.

Hari ke dua Paket trekking Rinjani melalui Sembalun

Desa Senaru – Sembalun lawang – Rim Sembalun 


Paket trekking Rinjani kita awali dari tempat penginapan jam 08:00 am di desa Sembalun atau jam  07:00 am, jika hotel di Senaru. Setelah selesai sarapan, untuk target kita hingga sampai di Rim Sembalun waktu yang akan kita tempuh sekitar 6 jam perjalanan.

savanna Sembalun
Medan pendakian awal dari Sembalun

Akan melalui beberapa Post peristirahatan yang sudah disiapkan oleh pengelola Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani (TNGR). Sembalun merupakan dataran tinggi. Artinya posisi trekking puncak Rinjani sudah kita awali pada ketinggian yang cukup tinggi pada elevasi sekitar 1.100 m dpl.

Awal pemberhentian di Post 1. Kita akan menempuhnya dengan waktu 2,5 jam. Di sini bisa kita santai sejenak. Untuk mengambil nafas dan untuk berteduh. karena perjalanan kita pada hari pertama ini tidak terlalu berat.

Sebagian kondisi medan sangat datar, tapi sayang tidak ada pohon tempat kita gunakan untuk berteduh di trek ini.

Karena merupakan savanna yang sangat luas dan didominasi oleh rumput ilalang yang hijau bila musim hujan dan akan tampak kuning bila musim kemarau.

Selanjutnya kita lanjutkan perjalanan menuju Post 2, Kondisi jalan lebih sedikit menanjak. Ada beberapa alur bekas aliran sungai yang hanya akan ada air pada saat turun hujan.

Lihat Juga: Mendaki Puncak Rinjani 4H/3M (Puncak) dari Senaru

Lebih tepat kita sebut “mungkin bukan sungai. Tapi ini adalah aliran air hujan yang diteruskan ke kali yang berada di dataran rendah di desa Sembalun hanya dengan waktu 30 menit, untuk menempuhnya.

Kita tiba di Post 2 untuk beristirahat. Sekalian untuk memasak dan menyajikan makan siang. Kira-kira kita tiba di sini pada pukul 11:30 am dan kita alokasi-kan waktu 2 jam hingga selesai, beristirahat dan makan siang.

Selanjutnya kita akan menuju Post 3 dengan medan trek yang lebih curam, dengan kemiringan 30 derajat. Kita membutuhkan waktu 1 jam saja untuk tiba di Post 3.

mendaki Rinjani Lombok
Rim Rembalun atau pelawangan Sembalun. Tempat berkemah hari pertama

Setiba di sini kita bisa istirahat sejenak, sambil melihat ke arah belakang. Dari sini kita sudah bisa melihat view yang bagus. Melihat kecamatan Sembalun yang berada di bawah bukit Pergasingan.

Juga bisa melihat kolam penampungan air untuk keperluan penyiraman lahan proyek agrobisnis milik PT. S K E (Sembalun Kesuna Emas) yang diperoleh dari pengeboran air bawah tanah.

Kemudian kita akan lanjutkan perjalanan menuju Rim Sembalun dengan perkiraan menempuh waktu 1 jam ke post extra dan dari Post extra 2 jam hingga kita tiba di Rim Sembalun untuk bermalam.

Porter dan guide akan mempersiapkan untuk makan malam dan setelah makan malam selanjutnya harus mempersiapkan diri lagi untuk bangun tengah malam, karena harus mecapai puncak sebelum jam 6 pagi agar bisa melihat sunrise atau mata hari terbit dari atas puncak Rinjani.

Hari ke Tiga Paket trekking Rinjani melalui Sembalun

Rim Sembalun – Puncak – Danau


“Pada tengah malam, pukul 02:30 am. Setelah selesai sarapan kita melakukan perjalanan paket trekking Rinjani dengan ketinggian 3.726 m dpl. Perjalanan yang cukup berat.

pelawangan Sembalun
Puncak Rinjani dari Rim Sembalun

Karena medan berpasir, hingga kita akan menempuh menuju puncak akan menghabiskan waktu 3 jam perjalanan. Artinya kita akan tiba di puncak Rinjani, sekitar jam 06:00 am, untuk menyaksikan matahari terbit.

Sering sekali kita akan ter kendala, harus antre menunggu orang yang turun dari puncak Rinjani. Pada jarak 30 meter. Karena luas puncak sangat kecil saja.

Hanya bisa menampung orang berdiri sekitar 7 saja. Selanjutnya kita turun lebih cepat dengan waktu normal hanya 2 jam saja.

Setelah sarapan pada hari ke 2 ini, kita lebih santai. Karena target sampai di danau “Segara Anak, bisa telat-telat sedikit ya paling lamban jam 1 kita harus tiba di danau.

Yang pasti begitu sampai di danau makan siang sudah siap, karena bagaimanapun porter biasanya sudah lebih dulu sampai dan mempersiapkan untuk hidangan makan siang.

Setelah selesai makan siang acara bebas. Anda bisa mengunjungi Aik Kalak atau tempat “pemandian air panas, sepuasnya. Lokasi bisa dicapai dengan lama waktu 15 menit dari danau.

Pemandian Air Panas
Lokasi berendam di Aik Kalak atau air panas.

Bisa juga Anda isi dengan acara memancing di danau. Karena di danau Segara Anak terdapat banyak ikan Mujair.

Dengan memakai umpan sembarangan saja kadang bisa dapat ikan. Apalagi jika Anda persiapkan umpan yang lebih bagus.

Malam ke 3 kita camping di tepi danau Segara Anak, seperti biasa setelah makan malam acara bebas atau santai, tergantung cuaca di luar tenda, atau segera tidur.

Karena besok pagi perjalanan akan kita lanjutkan ke Rim Senaru hanya 3 jam saja, setelah makan siang. Hari ke empat ini trip yang paling santai dibandingkan trip “paket trekking Rinjani” dengan hari-hari yang lainnya, selama pendakian gunung Rinjani ini.

Dari danau perjalanan menuju Rim Senaru atau kawah senaru hanya membutuhkan waktu 3 jam saja, jadi anda bisa memulainya setelah makan siang atau jam 3 sore hingga perkiraan jam 6 sudah tiba di kawah senaru.

Hari ke empat paket trekking Melalui Semabalun

Danau – Rim Senaru


Setelah sarapan harus memancing lagi untuk tambahan menu makan siang. Anda cukup tukang memancing saja. Untuk urusan yang membersihkan ikan sampai dihidangkan kita serahkan ke porter dan guide, yang akan menyelesaikannya.

mendaki Rinjani Lombok

Tentu untuk urusan memancing sebelum mendaki Anda harus mengkoordinir dulu dengan kami agar kami persiapkan alat pancingnya ya.

Selanjutnya setelah makan siang kita lanjutkan perjalanan menuju Rim Senaru dengan perkiraan waktu 3 atau 3,5 jam sudah harus sampai di Rim Senaru.

Malam ke 4 kita akan berkemah atau menginap di Rim Senaru. Sambil menikmati keindahan danau Segara Anak dan gunung baru Jari dari ketinggian 2.641 m dpl. 

Setelah selesai makan malam, rombongan bisa menikmati suasana di luar tenda, tergantung cuaca. Jika memungkinkan atau bisa juga langsung tidur karena suhu udara biasanya sangat dingin di luar tenda.

Kami sarankan bangun jam 6 pagi agar bisa menikmati suasana pagi sambil menikmati matahari terbit.

Hari ke lima trekking Rinjani Lewat Sembalun Lombok Timur

Senaru – Transfer


Setelah bangun pagi kami siapkan sarapan dan minuman teh hangat, kopi atau susu hangat. Hari terakhir ini tantangan lebih ringan ketimbang trekking ke puncak Rinjani, jam 7 pagi atau jam 8 pagi perjalanan kita lanjutkan kembali menuju desa Se.

Jalur Senaru
Medan pendakian Senaru

Target jam 2 kita sudah harus tiba di desa Senaru tapi sebelumnya makan siang akan kami sajikan di pos 2 pada ketinggian 1.500 m dpl dengan suasana hutan lebat seperti pada gambar.

Setelah selesai makan siang perjalanan kita lanjutkan menuju kantor perwakilan kami di desa Senaru.

“Setelah sampai, Anda bisa santai sejenak di Cafe sambil membersihkan anggota badan dari debu, di Cafe Anda bisa memesan makanan dan minuman untuk memanjakan diri dengan makanan yang Anda inginkan. “Tentu bayar ya. Ini tidak termasuk dalam paket.

Selanjutnya kami akan membawa ke tujuan Anda berikutnya. “ke Gili Trawangan, Senggigi atau ke bandara. Trip trekking Puncak Rinjani 5h/4m selesai.

Jika pengalaman pendakian anda cukup menyenangkan bersama Gerbang Wisata, jangan lupa rekomendasikan kami kepada teman, kerabat dan keluarga agar jika datang ke Lombok gunakanlah kami “Gerbang Wisata” sebagai sahabat wisata anda di Lombok.

Kepuasan anda adalah target kami, anda puas kami untung itulah dambaan yang menjadi tujuan kami.



Bermalam Di: Home Stay & Rim Sembalun

2 – 4 Peserta Rp 2.550.000 / Orang

5 Peserta Lebih Rp 2.400.000 / Orang






mendaki Rinjani Lombok
Ilustrasi menu masakan dan makanan selama Pendakian
  • SARAPAN; Pancake, Martabak tepung, Pisang goreng dan fruit salad
  • MAKAN SIANG; Me rebus dengan sayuran, Ayam, Kentang goreng, Ayam goreng dan nasi putih.
  • MAKAN MALAM; Nasi goreng spesial, Telur dadar, Ayam goreng dan nasi putih.
  • MINUMAN; Air mineral kemasan botol, Teh, Kopi, jeruk panas, Susu kaleng (pilihan sehabis makan)


  1. TRANSPORT: Pen-jemputan dari semua tempat di pulau Lombok dan transport hantar balik di semua tempat di pulau Lombok.
  2. MAKAN: Sarapan pagi, Makan siang dan makan malam (setiap saat minum kopi atau teh kami juga menghidangkan makanan sekelas biskuit atau roti)
  3. MINUM: Air minum sangat utama selama pendakian, saat memulai pendakian kami menyediakan air minum kemasan 1 botol 1,5 liter namun setelah habis air minum kita perolehi dari sumber mata air karena untuk suplai air tidak mungkin membawanya dari awal pendakian.
  4. TENDA: Untuk satu tenda untuk 2 orang (perlengkapan ini dibawa oleh porter)
  5. SLEEPING BAG: Sangat penting saat tidur di gunung karena cuaca sangat dingin.
  6. PORTER: Porter sangat berperan penting dalam pendakian, untuk 2 orang pendaki akan dibantu 1 orang porter dan sudah merangkap guide.
  7. TIKET MASUK: Setiap pendaki diwajibkan membayar tiket masuk demi kepentingan administrasi dan registrasi.
  8. PENGINAPAN DI SENARU: Sebelum melakukan pendakian peserta harus mempersiapkan diri di desa Senaru 1 hari sebelumnya untuk mempersiapkan segala sesuatu termasuk bertemu dengan Master trek agar bisa melakukan komunikasi dan tanya jawab mengenai medan pendakian di gunung Rinjani.
  9. ASURANSI: Setiap peserta dijamin asuransi


  • Tiket masuk wisata paket trekking Rinjani bukan WNI Rp 150.000/ Hari (Hari libur dan hari Minggu bayar dobel)
  • Keperluan pribadi lainnya
  • untuk keperluan barang pribadi lainnya yang ingin dibawa mendaki harus menggunakan jasa porter tambahan.



Rinjani Geopark




Karena alasan cuaca tidak bagus pada tanggal 01 Januari – 28 Maret segala program pendakian gunung Rinjani ditutup oleh TNGR dan mulai dibuka kembali pada tanggal 1 April

Rinjani via Senaru

Trekking from Senaru or trekking Rinjani Senaru rim is the most popular for climbing Mount Rinjani, because it is the most recognized starting point for climbing. Generally climbers go through Senaru village and then get off at Sembalun village if the climbing program is more than 3 days on Mount Rinjani.

The First Day Rinjani Trekking Via Senaru

Pick Up – Senaru Village

The first day trekking Rinjani Senaru Rim of pick-up to be taken to the village of Senaru. Because 1 day before climbing is very good to spend the night in the village of Senaru for preparation.

Need to know: Rinjani Geopark

Senaru village starting points, there are also 2 well-known waterfall locations: Sendang Gila Waterfall and Tiu Kelep Waterfall which is the most beautiful waterfall on the island of Lombok.

The location of the Sendang Gila waterfall, which is closer to the entrance to the waterfall, is higher than the Tiu Kelep waterfall. So you can do soft trekking 1 day before to the location of the two waterfalls.

The Second Day Trekking Rinjani Senaru Rim

Senaru Village – Rim Senaru

The climb begins the day after tomorrow morning at 7:00 am from Senaru village 601 m above sea level to Crater Rim by taking a 7 hour hiking trip through 70% of tropical forest and 30% of savanna.

trekking Rinjani via Senaru
hiking trail through Senaru

Along the way there have been several posts for resting places, stopping at Post 2 at an altitude of 1,500 m above sea level, resting cooking for lunch and drinking tea or coffee for a moment.

Afterwards before continuing the journey to Rim or Senaru caldera, we will arrive in the afternoon at around 6:00 pm the climbers can rest while enjoying the sunset behind Mount Agung which is located on the island of Bali and can see the silhouette of the cone of the summit of Mount Agung very beautiful.

Stayed one night at Rim Senaru at an altitude of 2,641 m above sea level and in the morning the group of climbers could enjoy the sunrise, illuminating the scenery that was so amazing to the eye.

And enjoy the crater which is fortified by the walls of the crater cliffs of the very high Segara Anak lake and the view towards the volcano cone of Baru Baru mountain.

Certainly without a hand command will aim the camera to all directions to capture the surrounding beauty.

Third Day Trekking Rinjani Senaru Rim

Rim Senaru – Senaru Village – Transfer to the Next Destination

Senaru Village
Mount Rinjani from Senaru village, seen the building of climbing organizers.

After breakfast the group will be invited to return to the village of Senaru via the same road which is expected to arrive at around 2 pm at the representative office in the village of Senaru.

Take all your back pack items to continue your trip to the next destination to 3 Gili (Trawangan, Meno and Air), Senggigi, Mataram or other places but there must be another transport price agreement if the next destination is very far from the agreed location.

If your trekking experience was quite enjoyable with “Gerbang Wisata”, don’t forget to recommend us to friends, relatives and family so that if you come to Lombok, use us as your travel companion in Lombok.

Your satisfaction is our target. If you are satisfied, we are lucky wit own our profit, that is the dream that is our the goal.



Stay In: Home Stay & Senaru Rim

2 – 4 Participant IDR 1.600.000/ Person

5 Participant more IDR 1.500.000/ Person






  • BREAKFAST; Pancakes, flour Martabak, fried banana and fruit salad
  • LUNCH; Boiled noodles with vegetables, chicken, fried potatoes, fried chicken and white rice.
  • DINNER; Special fried rice, omelet, fried chicken and white rice.
  • DRINK; Bottled mineral water, Tea, Coffee, hot oranges, Canned milk (choice after meals)


  1. TRANSPORT: Pickups from all places on the island of Lombok and transport back and forth in all places on the island of Lombok.
  2. MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner (at any time drinking coffee or tea we also serve food as a class of biscuits or bread)
  3. DRINKING: Drinking water is very important during the climb, when we start the climb we provide bottled water 1 bottle 1.5 liters but after we run out of drinking water we get it from the source of water because it is not possible to supply water from the beginning of the climb.
  4. TENT: For one tent for 2 people (this equipment is carried by the porter)
  5. SLEEPING BAG: Very important when sleeping on a mountain because the weather is very cold.
  6. PORTER: Porters play an important role in climbing, for 2 climbers will be assisted by 1 porter and already a guide.
  7. ONE NIGHT HOMESTAY: Before climbing, participants must prepare themselves in the village of Senaru 1 day in advance to prepare everything including meeting the Master of the track in order to communicate and ask questions about the terrain of climbing on Mount Rinjani.
  8. INSURANCE: Each participant is insured


  • ENTRY TICKETS: Each climber is required to pay an entrance ticket IDR 150.000 / day for administrative and registration purposes (Holidays and Sundays pay double)
  • Other personal needs
  • For other personal items, you must use porters or extra charge.



Rinjani Geopark




Due to bad weather on January 1 – March 28, all Mount Rinjani trekking programs were closed by National Park Administration and reopened on April 1