Surfing Course

Lombok Surf courses or surfing on a very beautiful beach in south Lombok, to be precise at Selong Belanak beach. Selong Belanak Beach from Mataram city is approximately 50 Km closer to this beach if we drive to Kuta Mandalika beach as far as 55 Km from Mataram city.

Learning to surf doesn’t just improve your personal skills in terms of playing with the waves, surfing is really fun for us to try.

The dangers of surfing for beginners apart from making their skin black, it’s just addictive, it’s different for professionals, the danger is that they get battered if they get hit by rocks, but for beginners, it’s not like that, right.

Learning to surf at Selong Belanak beach is not just for adults, we can accept even small children aged 10 years, especially adults, except for people who are old, it’s better to just sit back and enjoy this beautiful beach.

OK, for the terms of learning or surfing lessons, you can see the offer below, if interested you can contact us so that we can prepare everything about your arrival at Selong Belanak beach in advance.

Lombok Surf coursesĀ at Selong Belanak beach


  • Learn to surf for beginners
  • Surfing Trip to 3 beach locations
  • Surf board rental
  • Surf Packages

Lombok Surf coursesĀ For Beginners IDR 300,000 / Person

  • Explanation and basic theory given by the instructor for 20 minutes
  • Surf start
  • Rest
  • Second surf

Surfing Course Steps:

  • Explanation of the basics of surfing 30 minutes
  • First surf 60 minutes
  • Break time and lunch 30 minutes
  • Second surf 30 minutes

Surfing Trip to 3 Locations IDR 750.000 / Person

  • Selong Belanak Beach (first level)
  • Attack Beach (second level)
  • Mawi Beach (level three)

The price includes lunch and bottled water

Surfboard Rental

  • IDR 75,000 / Pax (2 Hours duration)
  • IDR 150,000 / Pax (1 day duration)

Surfing Instructor

Lombok Surf courses

Lombok Surf courses

Surfing Guest

Where to surf or surf on the island of Lombok, of course, is not only on Selong Belanak beach, there are many beaches not far from tourist attractions, including the 3 Gili beaches in North Lombok. if here yes for beginners yes.

Well, for professionals or surfing experts, the place is on the south Lombok beach. There are several beaches that are intended for experts or experts, including Gerupuk beach, which is located on the east coast of Mandalika.

In addition, there is also Mawi beach, which is located east of Selong Belanak beach, which I mentioned includes rather high waves. Of course, there are many other locations along the southern coast of the island of Lombok.