Tetebatu Ubud in Lombok

Tetebatu Village

Tetebatu Ubud in Lombok, the village is a remote village beneath the slopes of the southern part of Mount Rinjani which is a tourist attraction for those who want to find peace of mind after escaping from the busyness of the kingdom in the city so all the burden of your mind will become loose after seeing peasant fields overlapping but not like those on sharp slopes.

The farmland is wet with clear water scattered from all directions, farmers who are busy in the rice fields with simple lifestyles, the sound of the wind and the sound of birds chirping it’s make Tetebatu like Ubud in Lombok.

Tetebatu ubud in bali there are many bungalow

Here are bungalows with the concept of views of rice fields and peaks of Mount Rinjani when the sky is clear especially after the rain, the number of bungalows was not too many.

Tetebatu Ubud in Bali
Rice fields in Tetebatu, East Lombok

From this place you can visit 3 waterfalls if hiking around the village by walking through the rice fields to walk for hours while looking at natural landscapes.

Plantations and crossing several villages where the peasant farmers greet each other with a smile and even others will see with dumbfounded face and embarrassment to say goodbye not because they are arrogant or disrespectful towards you but they are reluctant to make you a city-style friend or a metropolis you will certainly be accompanied by silence at night.

This village is the end of the crowd because the houses of the majority of the residents are located in small groups and far apart in the middle of rice fields besides the vast expanse of rice fields are also coffee, clove gardens and vanilla adorns the corner of the village from a distance is a protected forest Rinjani mountain area.

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Which forest is very thick with trees, Tetebatu is a village located in the heart of the island of Lombok south of the slopes of Mount Rinjani which is included in the district of East Lombok district Sikur.

How to come to Tetebatu

If you want to come to this location, just take the main road to the provincial road to the east if you are in the city of Mataram then before reaching the Masbagik sub-district at the Paok Motong intersection you turn left along the asphalt road.

Not too wide so you will find a four-way intersection in Kuta raja village, if you turn to the right you will go to Lendang Nangka village and if to the left you will go to Loyok village and if you go to Tetebatu village, first the asphalt road will arrive at Wisma Sujono but now there is a road to the north again as continuation of the Tetebatu asphalt road to the next village.